silience, this image was almost impossible.
Even Revenna and Kimaris, who had lost their appearance due to severe torture, recovered their original appearance just within two or three days.

‘Besides, Lord Lerazier is the 14th demon, so why?’

The first to react was Commander Agares.
She spread out her huge wings and slowly patted Julia’s cheek.

“It’s nothing big, so just be quiet, little key.”

Then, she looked at Revenna for a moment.
With a gentle nod from her head, Agares then flew out from the terrace at once.

Julia had suddenly lost her appetite.
It wasn’t even because she saw the blood or someone who had been with her just left.

‘Do continue, Master.
I am just a mere spectator after all.’

‘I can instinctively feel where lust and pleasure abound.’

After such a long night then, when she opened her eyes for the first time, Bael was just looking at her in extreme anger for some reason.
His hand had gripped her chin with such great strength and his eyes were horribly dark.
There had been men who never liked women who cried, so there must have been enough demons who didn’t like humans crying as well.

‘Lord Lerazier must have saved me then.’

He must have taken the risk and met with Bael’s wrath instead.

When she froze all of a sudden, Revenna leaned closer next to her and tilted her head.

“Why? Even if it’s just the two of us, we can simply call Bottis… No, I hate that baldhead.”

“Doesn’t Lord Lerazier have the ability to heal his wounds?”

“No? He’s the one who has been the most aggressive among us, so if he gets hurt even just a little bit, the whole castle will roll around.”

Revenna recalled the past in joy and closed her mouth in an instant.
It would have meant that it was not normal for Lerazier to return to the castle in such a miserable state since he could not really recover at all, so she easily gave out a hint that the situation had been strange as well.

In the end, Julia stomped her feet and silently looked into Revenna’s eyes.
It was because her habit of being imprisoned in Vestra was still embedded there.
Knowing that, Revenna let out a deep sigh and rose to her feet first.

“Would you like to go there together?”

“Would that be okay……”

“Did I ever get orders from the Master to lock you up?”

Upon hearing Revenna’s words, Julia’s eyes instantly lit up.
Julia left the room without any further delay and Revenna, who used her magic to clean the table up, eventually followed her straight ahead.

* * *

The huge central hall of the Demon King’s Castle was in such a mess.
To be precise, the curses and screams that Lerazier had spat out echoed before they sharply pierced the eardrums.

“Damn, who was that person? How dare—to this me!”

“What happened, Lerazier.”

“You should have seen it in person! That damn human, ahhh!!”

The skin from the bottom of his neck had been completely burned and Lerazier, who already had a ghastly face, could not bear it any longer as he let out a scream that was mixed with pain.

Barbatos gave his brother some magic to heal him, but a blue wave that felt somewhat different from magic resistance was preventing Lerazier from being healed.
Barbatos looked downwards on it with his forehead wrinkled slightly.

Meanwhile, Julia, who had crossed the wide castle within Revenna’s arms, finally reached the hall.
However, the atmosphere was rather unusual.
Although there had not been that many, some highest-ranking demons, including Agares and Barbatos, were all gathered around.
And all of them had such serious faces.

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