Story progression 20%]

[The first monarch to unify the Demon Realm, the Great Evil Bael]

It had been 3% when she looked at it before, so there was an exact 17% addition now.
In order to reach the ending branch, she had to reach 80% of the story’s overall progress.

But if things were to continue like this, she had no guarantee that she would be alive until then.
Moreover, no matter how she reached the ending, there was no way of knowing what would happen afterwards as well.
It was due to the fact that she did not have such time to think properly since she had already been overwhelmed in the situation.

But one thing was absolutely certain.
The penalty for failure was death and she didn’t want to die.
In order to do that, she had no other choice but to cooperate with all the system’s demands and proceed with the story for now—whatever it was.

‘I was barely conscious, but last night……’

Her consciousness then shifted to her throbbing legs.
Julia instantly shook her head at the thoughts that gradually followed.

There was no way to check the favorability level of a target within the game.
When the final chapter had eventually been reached, the types of endings were then divided by the combination of stats and favorability that got accumulated during the playing process.

If it had been in the real world, she could have already run a cheat program, but in this kind of situation, it was obviously impossible.
She then had no choice but to wait until the ending that depended on the game system itself.

It was better not to worry too much about things that couldn’t be done after all.
She left her regret behind and selected SKILL up next.
A huge golden tree eventually bloomed right in front of her.

‘What is this? Have the roots been all unlocked now?’

When she looked at it yesterday, the skill tree was all inactive still.
But now, the roots were shining brightly.
In addition, a total of three leaf-shaped skill points had appeared.

She slowly zoomed in on the screen.
Each branch had a different ability to specialize and there were types that could raise her basic stats too, but the ‘Magic Stone’s key’ skills which had been related to magic resistance was the one that stood out as the main story of the game.

It was actually possible to check all the preceding skills that determined the characteristics of a specific character.
However, the final ability that was right at the top of the tree was still locked and could not be viewed under these current circumstances.

She wanted to take a closer look, but she didn’t have much time.
She then moved to the previous window once more and this time, she clicked on ITEM instead.
An item had been set alone on the screen that was originally blank.
Julia pressed the description of it.

[▷Magic Dagger

A dagger that contains the powerful magic of Grand Duke Agares.
Consumption: 1]


Julia’s face was filled with doubts before it suddenly hardened.
A surprisingly caring voice of Agares had crossed her mind then.

‘This is a sword that has been loaded with my magic.
Use this to stab straight into Berith’s heart.
Then, I’ll take care of the rest.’

In her sparsely interrupted memory, she could see that her hand was directly piercing Berith’s heart.
Blood had splattered everywhere and his body slowly turned black just like ashes.

‘Was I the one who killed him? Really?’

Julia looked down at her hand all of a sudden.
Her hands were white and dry—with absolutely no scars.
But without her realizing it, she was already rubbing them against her thigh.
A murmur began to permeate through the silent bedroom.

She knew that she had to kill him.
Otherwise, she would have been torn to pieces by the angry Bael as well as demons by now and she would have already died without a trace.

Still, it was terrifying and scary.
It was just not enough that she had fallen into the world in a game, she was also thrown into the Devil’s castle and on top of that, she was afraid that she would eventually lose all of ‘herself’ as she eventually became a mere part of this unrealistic world.

No, she had already passed the blame to Kimaris on the pretext that she was all too weak.
Wasn’t that what happened when she stabbed into Berith’s heart?

“What should I do……”

Tears began filling up Julia’s big eyes.
She shook her head while she was still wiping off her hands.
Droplets of water slowly dripped onto the white sheet.

Between the guilt of her own first murder and the subsequent fear of being disqualified as a human being, the latter felt even much heavier and she was indescribably afraid.

She then buried her head close to her body while crouching slightly before her chin was suddenly tugged upon.
As soon as he entered inside, Bael had looked down at her face and appeared unpleasant.
Right behind him were Barbatos and Lerazier who came to her view.

“Where are you looking?”


Julia, who was unaware of the situation, blinked her eyes and the tears which were trickling down her cheeks eventually reached his fingers that held her chin.
Bael’s eyes that saw it all sunk down with a chill.
A sense of danger instantly ran up her spine.

Even though they had spent the night together, it felt like they became further apart than before instead of getting even closer.
She still had no idea why he was that angry……

At the moment Bael grabbed Julia, who was trying to avoid his rather burdensome gaze, Lerazier had suddenly slumped himself right at the foot of the bed.
He crossed his long legs gracefully and squinted his eyes before he started staring at Bael in return.


“Do continue, Master.
I am just a mere spectator after all.”


“I can instinctively feel where lust and pleasure abound.”

Lerazier recounted the area he was in charge of and rested his chin.
But even with that kind of explanation, Lerazier already knew that Bael wouldn’t pay any attention to it at all.

His twinkling eyes looked at Bael and Julia alternately.
No matter what had transpired, he felt a strong will to stay in that place right until the end.

“It’s not even funny at all…”

Bael took his hand off Julia’s face without hiding his displeasure at all.
Then, he just turned around and stormed out of the bedroom.
Barbatos hurriedly followed after him, but Lerazier simply remained and stared at Julia instead.

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