The shape of the male shaft that plunged deep into Julia’s trembling abdomen was clearly revealed in an instant.
Bael slid his palm that was teasing her nipples right to her lower abdomen before he pressed down on the protruding part.

“Ah, huht!”

While her body was writhing about, she also struggled with all her limbs, which couldn’t really be reached by her own strength.
She then fumbled upwards little by little in order to get away from the sudden intruder.

He looked down at her as well as the place where his penis was halfway gone before grabbing her by the waist once again and slamming her down—hard.


Bael and Julia immediately had their breathing stopped amidst the heavy pleasure that seemed to bash the back of their heads.
The electrifying sense that spread from their connected parts quietly penetrated their whole bodies before it escaped in the end.
Each of their nerves that comprised all the edges was scorched and burned by the hot blaze.
It was so pleasurable to die for.

All their reasoning was cut off right there and then.
Without another second thought, Bael just started pounding his hips to his own pleasure right away.
A gush of clear fluids instantly splashed all over her stomach and thighs.

Her small hand, which had been half-lifted from her lower body while trembling frantically, clasped upon Bael’s arm that was holding onto her waist heedlessly in entirety.
Then, the thing that had filled up her insides grew bigger and bigger before it eventually put pressure upon her organs.

She could clearly feel the thick weapon that was savagely scraping her inner walls.
Something warm then seeped out from inside of her and at the same time, the splash of fluids grew even louder.

“Ahng! Ah, ah! Hng!”


Julia was actually quite quick to learn herself.
She remembered the pleasure when Kimaris rolled her clitoris earlier.
This time, her fingers had settled in straight towards the right place.
Bael’s voice lowered coldly as he pressed down on it with both of his hands in response.

“Are you now using what you have learned from another guy?”


Then, Bael held her hands up over her head before he used his other hand to rub hard against the plump, warm bud.
A high-pitched scream straight away erupted from Julia’s mouth, which was already sobbing at the pleasure, and quite a satisfactory light flashed across Bael’s face at that same time.

“Yes, just like this.”

“Ha-ugh, ahng!”

“Very good.”

Bael’s tongue proceeded to lick his dry lips slowly.
However, unlike her upper body, her lower part was throbbing as she was being shoved upon.
As the thick glans scraped her inner walls, Julia’s scream eventually grew louder and higher.

How many times did she achieve climax? Finally, Bael’s thrusting began to move even faster and harder.
The sound of the flesh slapping against one another and the creaking of the bed instantly filled the ruined nest.

“Hua, please, ah! Too, fast, ah…!”

Bubbling foam rose from the place where she was being pierced and rubbed upon quickly.
In the end, Julia could no longer overcome the intense surge of pleasure and lost her mind at that instant.

Her body, which was now droopy and weak, had eased up the movement for Bael’s gigantic thing.
As he held on to her quivering waist, even amidst her fainting, he accelerated his final spurt.

His cock twitched like a living creature.
As if it was to dig even further into the deepest as well as the purest of the wet and damp hole.


Eventually, his groaning came to a stop.
The splashing of fluids all over the skin that had been clinging on to each other was also cut off in an instant.

The seeds that he spouted had gradually filled up Julia’s narrow inner walls.
Right until there was no more room left to pour into and the fluids seeped out of the hole.

It was a terrifyingly pleasurable thrill that he had never even felt before.
Bael’s red eyes were all dyed black just like that of the inner core of hell.


Tears started trickling back from the corners of Julia’s eyes, which had already been blurry since.
A shade of light pink blood could be seen in full bloom right on the pure white sheet.

* * *

Julia opened her eyes while feeling an indescribable burning sensation between her own legs.
Her vision, which had become all hazy and dried up initially, gradually became clearer as time passed.

“Unng, where am I…?”

Her voice that had been screaming all night sounded cracked.
As she struggled to stand up from the bedside, she fell on her back once again.
It felt like her whole body was being ripped apart by the dull pain throbbing in her back.
Julia, who had been struggling in agony, then stopped all of a sudden.

‘I went to Berith’s room last night, so why am I back here again?’

Her memory was all shattered in pieces like a broken film.
She had drunk the wine which he gave her, but there was a drug inside and while she was trying to run away, she suddenly found a dagger.
However, an unexpected explosion had broken out in the tower……


Julia eventually stopped thinking.
It seemed like in her own vision, her hands got dyed in red.
It was clinging tightly and wouldn’t even disappear no matter how hard she wiped it off.
Her head instantly felt like it was going to break apart.

And that was the end of all her memories.
Red eyes that gleamed within a pitch-black cage.

Her thoughts did not last long either.
She saw the icon at the top of the flashing status window.
When she selected it, she saw that every option was stamped with a red dot which indicated a new notification.

[Julia Vestra]






It was obviously clear that last night’s events had a major impact on the story’s progression.
Julia looked around once again before she soon checked out the icon.

Within the spacious bedroom, she had been the only one, who was currently lying on her back.
However, since Bael was rather lazy, he did not leave the nest that far wherever he had gone away.
In addition, Barbatos also came in and out more often than expected, so she could not be completely relieved after all.

Julia then pressed the progress button first.
Before she lost her consciousness yesterday, the first chapter in Bael as a target had come up.
So, what was the actual result?

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