Bael’s eyes slowly widened.
At that moment, Kimaris’s arms and legs, which had been held tightly by magic, were being cut off one by one.
Even when his last arm was the only limb he had left, his body that had been protecting Julia right until the very end still suppressed the pain before he eventually fell on to the floor, albeit forcefully.

“Ugh, kuhk…!”

“Just take a look around there.
It’s a place that suits you really well.”

Bael stared at him right till the end and instantly grabbed upon Julia’s soft hair.
He lifted the back of her little head before he swallowed Julia’s lips in an instant.

Bael tore her cumbersome top off and mounted Julia’s naked body that was already on the bed.
Then, he kissed Julia as he ran his fingers roughly between her legs.

The loose flesh convulsed like it was rejecting the sudden intruder.
Nevertheless, Bael’s long, thick fingers pricked hard against the cramped inner walls while widening the gap.
The seal that had been engraved on her heart eventually exuded a faint red glow.

“Ahng, huht! It hurts!”


Kimaris, who was furious at her pain, immediately screamed out.

Bael became displeased with Kimaris’s own desire for what was truly his.
The long hair that fluttered down from his back and those huge wings had completely blocked the milky-white woman from Kimaris’s view.
The only thing that Kimaris had been allowed to do was only to see those little toes that were scratching against the bed sheets in agony.

In that of a perfect cage made from those gigantic wings, Julia’s sky blue eyes looked up at the one who had imprisoned her.
She didn’t know who the other person really was.
Just like a young bird that followed its own mother, she spread her arms wide and slowly caressed the nape of Bael’s neck.

“Please do more…”


“Scrape it.”

Julia, who had no initial concept of sexual act, took his gesture of shoving his fingers between her legs to arouse her own pleasure.
As if it was to scratch an itch, she tried scratching her throb and her hot inner walls just to relieve this anguish.

“If my key really wants to.”

Bael slowly parted his lips together in disappointment before he shoved one more finger into her inside.

As his hand movements came to be faster and faster, the squeaky sounds grew as well and her toes, which were still scratching against the sheet, also began to twitch faintly.
Every time he pushed his finger all the way in, the beautifully swollen clitoris instantly clung to his palm.
The pleasure that was from both sides at the same time had caused her to get distracted while tossing her back to and fro.

Bael squeezed her lower belly tightly.

“You can’t come without my permission.”

“Scrape it.
Just scrape it…”

She cried in a moistened voice that was asking for more.
At that delicate plea, Bael’s shaft raised a tent in his pants from that firm erection in response.

When he threw away the loin cloth that was wrapped around his waist, the ferocious pillar immediately sprang up.
His thick, bulging genitals were already glistening with fluids that spilled from its tip.

Julia looked down at the lump of flesh that was constantly prodding against her secret place beyond her agonized vision.
An object that was really the size of a man’s forearm had been tucked in between her crotch.
Even as she lost her reason, her expression was still stained with utter fear.

“It’s—it’s not going in.”

“You were the one who asked me to do it.”

“Ha, hand, hng!”

Julia’s neck stiffened back as Bael pulled his fingers out from her.
As if she had reached a light climax, her movements as well as her breathing paused for a while and that small chest puffed up.

He spread Julia’s thighs wide and pointed his tip right at her entrance.
The little hole was twitching around as if it was looking for something that had just left and he eventually considered if he could actually get even half of himself in.

Bael grabbed Julia’s waist, which was sliding upwards while being frightened, and pulled her back down right away.
She gripped the sheet as if she was resisting, but her secret place, which had been hauled helplessly, came into direct contact with Bael’s thing at an instant.

Unlike herself, who was still shrieking, the space between her legs had already been wet with anticipation and she was leaking out with that transparent fluid.

“N, no… ah!!”


Bael moved his back hard as soon as the thick glans could fit inside.
His huge penis slammed straight into her tiny hole.
Julia’s lips were all wide open, but she was unable to even moan.
Her insides were filled too much and she couldn’t even breathe, let alone open her eyes.

Her walls that were already wet and damp opened themselves to the fullest in order to accept Bael’s flesh.
Bael glanced at the place where they were joined together, which was very tight, with a distorted brow.
There was no shortage of fluids at all, so it was really just a matter of size.

“Don’t tense up.”

“Take it, take it out…!”

Bael forcefully suppressed the shuddering naked body.
He had only gone in halfway, but it felt like his shaft would break at any minute.
Her inner walls tightened and shrank up again as if it had been pushing out something that was trying to break in.
Bael instantly clenched his teeth hard.

“It would be better if you were cooperative.”

The influence of the seal that had been engraved on her heart was not only limited to Julia.
Bael, the caster of the magic, was also engulfed in the pleasure that seemed to crush his own brain.
His offer to cooperate was truly the last consideration from him before he shoved it all through the way in.

As she realized it as a threat to her, Julia took a deep breath amidst all her confusion.
Under the pressure of her body being torn in half, she began to raise her head ever so slightly.
Perhaps trying to bring out an excitement, Bael also slid his entire palm all across Julia’s delicate, callow breasts.

Small mounds rolled around under his rough palms.
The heat that spread from his tip slowly pierced her stomach.
A woeful moan leaked out from Julia’s mouth yet again.

As her inner walls tightened, Bael’s mouth could no longer hold it in as a moan escaped from it too.

Her inner walls were all soggy, hot and damp as they clung closely to him.
Wouldn’t it be just great if this had covered his whole cock as well.
Bael instinctively pulled back a little and shoved it in once again.
The fluids that had already coated his own object slid deep into her crevice within that secret place of hers.

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