At a first glance, the top of the tower where the magic stone was left sleeping looked like an open hall.
The dome-shaped ceiling had been supported by the heavy arched columns and the history of the Demon World was majestically inscribed on the corridors as well as the stairs which people had to go through in order to get up there.

As soon as they ascended to the top, what they could eventually see was a vast magic circle that had been spread all over the floor just to suppress the power of the magic stone itself.

With the aim of quelling the power of the Demon God, a large formula had to be placed.
The hall of the tower was built to fit its size, but every time the magic stone flickered, the defenses had glimmered rapidly as well along with all kinds of colors—as if it was struggling while barely holding on.

“Ku-ugh, kuhk!”

Bael’s body, which had bounced off the magic stone, was thrown violently onto the floor.
His gigantic jet-black wings were torn in pieces while his blood dripped from his nose and mouth just like his internal organs had been terribly ruptured.

“Ho-ohk, ugh…”

His eyes that appeared redder than blood glared with such great momentum at the magic stone that was emitting light right from the center.

In the aftermath of the collision between the two huge magical powers, sharp waves like lightning began striking all over the hall.
Even as the pillars were broken and a strong gust of wind blew, the magic stone was still floating in the center as it stood upright.

When Bael stood up, more and more blood started gushing out while forming a puddle underneath him.
Nevertheless, his momentum did not fade away, but ran even more wildly instead.

“No wonder I thought that it was rather easy today.”

Amidst the hall where the magic stone had been resting, shields of spheres were already hanging from above and even below.
Only Bael would be able to break through it and charge directly into the air.

Perhaps it was because he had been with the key just until before, the shield broke helplessly right in front of his own strong magic.
It felt like he was merely tearing open a curtain instead.
Bael, who had gained much momentum, immediately fired the most powerful magic ball at the magic stone.

A huge red storm eventually engulfed the whole vast space.
It seemed to have worked, but……

“I didn’t know that there was such a trick.”

The magic stone had repelled Bael’s power as it was.
It was the first ability that he had ever seen after fighting the Demon God for hundreds of years.
In the end, Bael had no other choice but to be helpless when his own magic was returned intact.

The lightning that was emitted by the magic stone struck the place where Bael had been standing.
He leaped to avoid it, but as if it had already grasped Bael’s path in advance, a trailing attack swept over there as well.

The purple sphere glowed horribly.
He then felt a strong will not to let go of the tenacious usurper this time.
The vast hall that used to protect the Demon God’s magic stone was now becoming a perfect cage to entrap Bael.

“Yeah, let’s just try it somewhere else.”

High-purity red magic slowly began to rise from Bael’s body.
It enveloped his body like a storm before spreading even widely.
As if it was also preparing for an upcoming attack, the magic stone started to expand its area by emitting a purple wavelength as well.

Uunng, wooonng!

The formula that was engraved on the floor fizzled like crazy as if it had already been on the verge of destruction.
After a while, Bael, who flew through the air, then leaped towards the magic stone.


In an instant, the surroundings were enveloped in silence.
And after a moment, an intense blinding light along with a huge blast of explosion covered the entire sky of the Demon Realm.

Bael’s eyes gleamed with an intense joy while still being amidst the pain of his limbs having been torn apart.

* * *




1st Episode.
The First Death]

As soon as Julia dropped the wine glass, the system window also disappeared.
Right via her esophagus, where the wine had passed, a hot sensation began to rise.
Then, her body eventually curled up in surprise.

‘Poison? But Berith didn’t want me to die……’

Of course she was worried that he might have put something strange inside.
However, once she had given Berith’s thoughts a read, she knew that he did nothing to the wine.
He was just trying to soften the mood with this act.

As if he was reading her surprise, Berith slowly walked over to her with his own drink.
He then pushed her shoulder gently and laid her on the bed while stroking her flushed cheek softly.

“Don’t worry.
It’s not poison.”


“I just added a little bit of something to help loosen up the mood—to make you feel much better.”

He gracefully unknotted the cravat that was tucked against his neck.
As he put down the helplessly draped cloth nearby, he flashed along a dazzling, dark smile too.


Alright, we can now slowly give a start.]

Julia realized only later that the ‘soft atmosphere’ that she had expected was completely different from his own thoughts.
He took off his gloves as he revealed his long, pure white fingers.
He then doffed Julia’s shoes one by one along with them.

She let out a hot breath while gasping in her chest.
Even with only her shoes and a few accessories being taken away from her, a strange and eerie sensation—like bugs crawling all over her body—began to take over her entire mind.

She bit her lips unknowingly, which made Berith raise the corners of his lips with a worried gaze at a first glance.

“Are you afraid?”


“Don’t compare me to your Master.
He’s only going to be rough, but I’m very different.
You can expect the ultimate pleasure with me.”

Berith’s muffled voice did not reach her ears.
Instead, she was just clenching her teeth while trying to correct her increasingly blurred vision.

Then, a dagger suddenly appeared in her eyes.
A well-forged dagger with a blue luster was resting loosely on the bedside table.

Why was the dagger laying out from its own sheath and placed right within her very reach? It was as if it had been telling her to use it.

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