h Revenna and Kimaris as well.

As he noticed that she had already been gripped by fear, a thick and sticky desire flashed across Berith’s beautiful face.

‘I’ll be waiting.
We’ll see each other again very soon.’

Her eyes eventually darkened.
As she bit down her lips, Julia had no other choice but to be simply held in Bael’s arms while waiting helplessly for him to leave post-haste.

* * *

The meeting in the hall ended as soon as it started due to Bael’s sudden appearance and Julia’s condition that started deteriorating rapidly.
Nevertheless, in terms of results, Barbatos’s plan was still a great success.

Although Bael didn’t exactly roll up his arms and cooperated—considering the fact that Julia moved away which made his magical powers become unsettled and soon woke him up—he still came down directly to the hall in search of her.
And just as if he was protecting her when she was found to be in a rather poor condition, he had even released a surge of powerful magic.

Each of the 72 demons was once a great figure who had ruled over various parts of the Demon Realm.
But now, they were merely servants that gathered under the wing of Bael.

As a result, they knew for a fact that even the great demons who had laid a touch on the King’s woman, ‘Estelle Vestra’, would definitely disappear.

“Hey, why are you like this?”

“I’m just a little nervous…”

“Didn’t I already forgive you for leaving the bedroom with such a generous heart?”

Julia was very embarrassed at that particular moment.

As she walked out of the hall, she was already just about to discuss the case with Revenna and Kimaris right away when the suddenly intervening Bael had hugged her tightly before returning with her back to the bedroom.
It had been an added bonus that she was eventually rolled up in an oversized blanket as her skin emitted such strange sensations right when he touched her directly.

The blanket was black while Julia’s face had already turned all white, so she was just like a small kimbab at that moment.

“Could you put your hand a little to the other side…”


“No, please continue sleeping…”

Bael’s hands had kept on rubbing against her waist and hips, which ultimately caused her to panic.

But of course, that wouldn’t be his intention at all.
He possessed no such regard in sexual intercourse and he only had a huge interest over a quality time sleep.
On top of that, her body was, sadly, not as sensual or sexy as the demons themselves.
Therefore, she was literally just a pillow to Bael.

‘Besides, he already allowed me to go out at some point anyway.’

Although he was already asleep, he nodded his head as if he was still annoyed by Barbatos nagging.
Barbatos said that he had been dealing with Bael’s approval in this manner even till now.

‘Then, should I just try it?’

Before Berith could speak of it elsewhere, she had to meet up with Revenna and Kimaris first.
However, to get out of the arms of the Demon King himself was a tad bit difficult.

At that moment, Bael’s breathing sounds could be heard blending around with such heavy drowsiness.
She then strengthened her resolve and began to open her mouth.

“May I please go out for a while?”


“I know that you’ve already given me permission…”

“Lie down.”


Julia, who was just trying to unfold the blanket, instantly returned to her previous kimbab posture.
A small crease that was filled with utter sadness could already be seen engraved on her chin.

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