“Master, what’s the matter?”

Barbatos really excelled at his calculations.
Therefore, he must have already understood her true intentions just by listening to Julia’s words briefly.
Nevertheless, he still asked Bael to confirm his own intention as well.

For the stability of the Demon World, Julia’s proposal was in fact, not too bad at all.
The question now was whether or not Bael would accept it.
Since only Bael, himself, could truly summon all the demons of the underworld.

As she gained back her courage, Julia eventually knelt once again at his feet.

“Please think about it just once.
Then, I will definitely adhere to the commands of the Demon King from now onwards.”

“So, the point is…”

The corners of his lips while he faced them were twisting ominously.
A warning bell suddenly rang in Julia’s mind to alert her of thedanger.

“Isn’t it enough to just let them know that you are all mine?”


“No one can touch you as you’re only mine, right?”

Bael then stared at Barbatos’s hand that was still holding on to Julia’s shoulder.
Only a step later did he withdraw his hand and prostrate himself.
The King eventually ordered:

“Everyone, leave.”


“Except for the key.”

Julia, who was just about to go out along with those two demons, immediately stopped.
Bael met with her gaze and simply shrugged his shoulders in return.

“I’m the one who’ll be deciding on the method.
Don’t even tell me if you don’t like this or that.
Still, you’re not really going to complain, are you?”


“As you’ve said, this is my kingdom.”

The King’s face as he reclined against the soft sofa, appeared to be looking absolutely generous.
However, there was a deep intention that he would never allow any kind of rejection at all.

Barbatos then dragged away Kimaris, who was still protesting violently.
Within that brief silence, numerous whispers could be heard which hinted the fact that he should heed while the King was still showing a shred of mercy.

Thump—the door was eventually closed and Julia’s small shoulders immediately fluttered in surprise.
The Demon King and herself were the only two who got left behind in that completely sealed off room.
The pressure was definitely greater than expected, but she quickly comforted herself in return.

‘It’s okay, don’t be afraid.
It has already worked out the way I wanted it to anyway.’

She didn’t really know which method that Bael would eventually use, but having her alone in the bedroom had meant that he was willing to accept the offer.
She wondered what would have happened earlier if he didn’t even blink in response to the provocation since only a human could actually die, but it was truly fortunate.

She then waited for Bael’s next move while thinking that Bael had his own train of thoughts as well.

There was a sound of soft cloth fluttered down to the floor.
It had been the black robe which Bael was wearing before.
Bael was moving his steps slowly while she just stared blankly at him—not knowing the meaning of his actions.
Then, a dangerous creak could be heard eventually.

“What are you doing there—standing all stupidly?”


Bael, who was already leaning against the bed, immediately entered Julia’s field of vision as she raised her head.
There was no longer a single thread on his broad shoulders as well as that torso of those muscles that could seemingly burst, but a loincloth that had been wrapped tightly around his waist as it covered his lower body was there instead.
Through that thin piece of fabric, the firm curves of his thighs were all exposed.

It was embarrassing enough for Julia, who possessed no such immunity towards men at all.
Nevertheless, Bael only gestured his chin at the bed that he had reclined against and did not even bother to explain anything else.

‘You mean—lie down over there?’

No way at all.
Julia immediately shook her head.

She eventually recalled what had happened during her first meeting with Bael.
He was truly angry with Lerazier for suggesting a mere affair.
He said that it was such a trivial thing which only low-level demons like those incubi would ever do.

Although it was not that comparable to Bael, who possessed a significantly longer lifespan than a mere human being, Julia had also lived for about 24 years in the human world.
Therefore, she roughly knew what an affair was about and what meaning it brought along.


Bael’s eyes became sharper as she faltered on the spot.
She was already on the verge of losing the barely-obtained opportunity just then.

Julia finally lifted her body up.
She felt that every step that she took to approach him was in utter jeopardy.
She also felt like she was stepping into a ferocious tiger’s lair that had opened its mouth all by herself.

‘I don’t really know.’

Her mind instantly went blank.
Each minute and every second felt like a billion eons instead.

Did she stop walking without even her realizing it? Tsk—Bael clicked his tongue as he staggered closer and grabbed her arm.
Then, he shoved her like he was just tossing her on the bed.


The bed was big and soft, so it didn’t hurt at all.
However, the soft bedding that brushed against her skin and the soft, bouncing mattress had stimulated her anxiety in response.

As soon as Bael got onto the bed, she scooted her hips back.
The size of the bed was generous enough that Bael had enough room to lie down while Julia could still sit on the other side of it without falling off.

Bael, who was already lying on the large bed ever so greedily, slowly closed his eyes.
His red eyes then steadily began to disappear under his eyelids.

‘Are you going to sleep just like this? I guess I must have been worried for nothing then.’

It was the moment when Julia, who was softly relieved, was about to carefully step her foot out of the bed.

“Lie down.”


“When have I ever allowed you to leave?”

Julia, who stopped herself, began to curl up quietly at the edge of the bed before taking a seat.
She had become very anxious and was already on her nerves, but Bael never responded ever since.

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