“But, it’s not really going to work now, is it? It’s a tower where the ancient Demon God is sleeping anyway and if I, a mere human being were to enter without any sort of permission, it would definitely be rendered blasphemous…”

“Little key, you’re cute and lovable, so I think even that Demon God will understand.
Nevertheless, thank you for thinking like that.”


I’ve heard that humans have a different conception of God than us, but is it really true though? Anyway, I’m just glad.]


Still, I don’t even know if I should tell the truth now, do I? Maybe that’ll be much better?]

Revenna bit her lips as if she wanted to say something, but Agares was just glaring at her on the other hand.

As the atmosphere shifted sharply, Julia smiled brightly just like she knew nothing at all.
She didn’t wish the two demons to go against each other just because of her.

“I—I would like to learn about the Demon God.
Are there any scriptures or laws that I can follow over here as well?”

“I don’t think there’s much of a difference from what humans actually know? He’s the one who created darkness in the world.
He’s also the father of our own Demon Tribe.
After he had finally completed the role of creation, he then fell asleep in the inner core of the earth.
And thus, the remaining magic eventually gathered inside the tower’s crystal.”

In conclusion, the Demon God was worshiped only because he was strong—just like King Bael.
On top of that, they had no special feelings other than pure reverence towards such strong beings.

Julia nodded her head and slowly comprehended Revenna’s explanation.
But on the other hand, she had other thoughts as well.
For the sake of those demons who had been struggling to protect her, she would do the least that she could as a mere human being like herself.

* * *

Later that night, when most of the demons were already asleep, Julia opened the closet and donned a black cloak right till the top of her head.
As she thought about what she was going to do once again, her heart immediately felt like it would burst open with fear.

‘It’s okay.
you can do it.’

She eventually terminated the SIGHT function, which was only obstructing her vision that in fact, was going to be completely useless towards the target whom she wished to meet, before she had confirmed that her magic resistance was still filled to its infinity.

Then, a large, dark shadow was slowly approaching her vision as she opened the door ever so carefully.
As if he had already been standing all the time in front of the bedroom, Kimaris came closer and prostrated himself.

“Why did you come out here? It’s very dangerous.”

“Mister Kimaris.”

“If you need anything, just order me instead.”

“Please stand up.”

Julia began to pull him up.
In spite of the slightest force, the tall man only raised his head.
While she had been lying down on the bed, she eventually managed to get Kimaris consented to abstain from calling her ‘Master’.
However, his attitude towards Julia still appeared to be dealing with a savior whom he could not even dare to touch at all.

Julia had asked him to be more comfortable with her, but it was absolutely impossible to negotiate.
So in the end, she had no other choice but to accept his rather burdensome respect.

“It’s something that I have to do by myself.
Can’t you pretend that you never saw me here?”


Kimaris hardened his lips as if he was in refusal.
Still, it was difficult for Julia to tell him the actual truth.
It had been all because of the fact that she was going to meet the one and only monarch in the entire Demon Realm, the Demon King Bael.

She was going to meet him and explain the whole situation before imploring some help.
If the Demon King were to directly summon all of the demons to the front of that tower, even those with such strong dogmatic tendencies would never be able to refuse.
And ultimately, the goal of this plan was to stand in front of the magic stone while showing everyone of her entirely intact self.

If that didn’t work out, she was still going to get his help—even by tricking him into thinking that she had been the real key after all.
If the key were to die and disappear, the most difficult situation would definitely fall onto the one who wished to become the Demon God himself.

“Tell me where you’re actually going.”

“Actually, to the Demon King…”


As soon as she opened her mouth, his refusal was retorted back.
Kimaris’s eyes instantly hardened as if he had already seen something dangerous.
When Julia appeared to be nervous, he began to relax himself quickly, but his wary expression was still lingering over.
He was already full of will to put his hands over her body before placing her back into the bedroom.

However, Julia’s determination was not that simple either.
At first, she already expected that someone would be guarding her room.
If it had been Revenna, things would at least be much easier, but she knew that Kimaris would definitely be this resolute for herself.

She calmed her frustrated heart and continued with her explanation step by step.

“If I can just show the demons that I’m fine in front of the magic stone, then Mister Kimaris will no longer have to work hard in protecting me all night long.”

“It’s not hard at all.”

“But still, I’m sure that I’ll be much safer.
I’ve already been imprisoned in the Vestra Imperial Castle all the time and I don’t want that to be done here as well.”

There was no answer in return, but she could feel that Kimaris’s momentum was softening a little.
What she had experienced in the human world seemed to be such a shock from his point of view after all.

With all sincerity, Julia then carefully placed her hands on his forearm.
Kimaris, who was looking downwards at those slender, pair of white hands, rose himself immediately.

“Then, I’ll go with you.”

“Will you be alright? I’m insensitive to magic, but Mister Kimaris…”

“It’s okay.”

The reason Julia had waited until night fell was to sneak out, but it was also due to the fact that the whole castle had been throbbing all day long.
That pulse—terribly similar to Bael’s own heartbeat—had been proof that he was already running rampant.
It was only late at night that the sound had gradually subsided, albeit a little.

“Thank you.”

And this would serve to be his compromise.
Julia nodded her head and proceeded with her steps first.
Kimaris then followed her quietly.

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