“I’m sorry, little key.
I never knew that humans, unlike us, have to absorb some power every day.”

I’m fine……”

“It’s just because you’re so stupid.
You should have told me to let me know.
Or did you really want to die?”

Suddenly, a thorny voice interrupted their conversation.
It was Lerazier.
He was already glaring at Julia with a slightly nervous gaze that appeared to have lost his usual ease as well.

“It was just a little sleep though.”

“You had slept for three days, so I had to make excuses as much as possible.”

“Three days…”

Her eyes widened in surprise.

She was surprised that she had lost consciousness for so long, but what astonished her even more was the fact that when she opened her eyes, Agares and Lerazier were all right there.
Even though they never knew when exactly the patient would wake up, it ultimately meant that they had watched over her for that long of a time without any sort of guarantee at all.

Nevertheless, Lerazier did not come close to the already awakened Julia, only that he seemed sharply nervous somehow.
And only then did Julia finally realize that there had been two other demons standing behind him as well.
They were Revenna and Kimaris themselves.

Back in the prison, their flesh had been mangled so much that even their shape could not be recognized fully, but now, they were already neatly restored to their own original form.
Julia again became aware of the fact that they were really demons.

“You have protected me.
Thank you for that.”

“You are the key to the Magic Stone.
It’s only a must.”

“Nevertheless, you even got me some water…”

Although water was available in the Demon Realm, if humans were to consume it for a long period of time, symptoms of poisoning would then appear.
If not because of the deadly poison, it was apparently clear that it would have an adverse effect on the body.
This was especially true for Julia, who had always been physically weak.

After she stopped coughing, she eventually emptied the glass of water.
Agares took the empty glass back and this time, she offered an easy-to-eat suitable food such as bread and fruit.
Agares’s expression hardened as she began to watch Julia stuffing them into her tiny mouth.
It had been a face that was blaming herself for not paying attention to Julia properly.

“It was Revenna who went to the Human Realm.
It won’t be like this time again, but I’ll send Kimaris later as well.”


“From now on, you can treat them just like slaves.
I already took hold of their hearts.”


Her eyes widened in shock.
Still, Agares just shrugged her shoulders as if she found no problem with it all.

“They should be grateful for the rest of their petty lives just for you who had saved them.”

“I didn’t expect that kind of payment at all.”

“Then, do you truly want to starve again? If you want to die, just tell me in advance.
This time, I will make you into my doll and love you for a long time.”

Lerazier stared at the two who were the cause of her kidnapping until the end before taking a seat on the bed that was right opposite of Agares, which Julia was lying on.
Then, as if he couldn’t bear it any longer, he began to stroke Julia’s cheek gently.

“It looks really delicious.
It makes me want to eat it right away.”

“Shut up, you filthy bastard.”

“I know you’re drooling on the inside too.
How are you pretending to be so polite?”

“Barbatos is going to stab you for coveting the key, though?”

“Does he even have time to worry about this human? Brother is a little too busy these days!”

As the two demons clashed with each other as Julia stuck in between them, she struggled to raise her upper body while she endured the still dizzying vertigo.
Kimaris’s eyes met with hers and he proceeded to lower his head softly.
Revenna, on the other hand, flinched as she quickly avoided her gaze in return.

Julia’s shoulder then slumped inwardly.
She never meant to be condescending, but nonetheless, the feelings she had for Revenna were ultimately sincere, so she wanted to be friends with Revenna as much as possible.

However, Revenna had now lost her heart because of her.
Was Kimaris not deprived of his own heart as well? It was only natural that they would hate her then.

“Little key, what’s wrong? Do you feel weak all of a sudden?”

“No, it’s just…”

“I’ll listen to anything, so just tell me.
As you thought about it again makes you want me to burst their heart? Do you really want me to?”

“Isn’t it better to do it yourself? It feels really good.”

“Oh, no! No!”

Julia, who became dismayed, quickly waved her hand.
Agares and Lerazier might be thinking about it all in their own way, but it was just disastrous for Julia herself.
Nevertheless, as the two demons continued to speak, Julia cautiously opened her mouth in reluctance.

“If it’s okay, can I talk to the two of them separately?”

“With those two?”


Agares gestured her chin without saying a word as if she was asking the actual meaning of the particular ‘two’.
It was rather obvious, but Julia gently nodded her head to signify that it had been true all along.

Agares looked at her in surprise, which seemed to say something like, ‘little key, have you gone crazy?’

She was clearly asserting that.
However, Julia’s thoughts did not change at all.
She continued to face Agares with her big, sharp eyes.

In the end, Agares and Lerazier, who were defeated by the eye attack in the end, left the room.
Still, they did not forget to threaten Revenna and Kimaris to the end that if they were to lay a single touch on Julia, they would definitely die.


Tak—the door then closed while leaving only the three of them to remain within the spacious room.
No one was moving and no one had opened their mouths, so there was only an awkward atmosphere permeating in the room.

In the end, Julia was the one who moved first.
Her body was drooping like a wet towel as she carefully stepped on the ground right at her feet.

But as soon as she tried to get up, she became dizzy once again.
Julia staggered as she leaned against the pillar of the bed.

“I’ve been fine…”

In the end, the two of them who just couldn’t bear to look at it any longer eventually walked a few steps closer.
Unable to actually see it, Julia ultimately collapsed onto the bed.

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