Within the basement of the Castle where the surroundings were all engulfed in darkness, the slashes of whips and those slight piercing cries reverberated through the humid air as if there was someone who had been enduring the whole pain.

Agares, who now possessed such bloody eyes, eventually flung the flesh-stained whip.
A trail of black blood then slithered right next to where it had fallen.
Just from the outside, it had become so horribly distorted that it was ultimately impossible to tell who the person truly was.
However, her identity could be identified from those laces and jewels that had fallen off all around her.

“You’re strong.”

“…was I even better than you?”

Agares grumbled while Revenna was just laughing weakly.
Next to those two were Kimaris, whose skin had already become like rags, as well as Lerazier—who was the one that tortured him.

Along with a shallow smile, Lerazier proceeded to lower his body slowly.
The slightly lowered corners of his eyes had curved in such a charming way, but his hands were still clutching onto Kimaris’s hair relentlessly.

“It truly was so much fun, huh?”

“I’m sure you would finally be satisfied with this.
Kill me then.”

“Who would want that?”


“If you didn’t like slavery extremely so, you shouldn’t have touched the key and on the contrary, you should have asked for it.
I might have even listened to it then.”

At a first glance, Lerazier, who was entirely covered in blood with his eyes all curled, seemed to have a rather erotic atmosphere.
But as much as he was, his eyes were simply gleaming with a thick murderous energy instead.

Kimaris closed his eyes as if he had already resigned himself.
After all, high-level demons could be injured amply from having their entire body crushed yet still would not die from all the bleeding.
Someone who had more magical power might even have their heart exploded completely.
It was quite similar to how Revenna had stolen Kimaris’s heart and turned him into a slave in the first place.

Lerazier, who eventually felt that Kimaris was just ignoring him, put in more strength to his grasp.
However, Kimaris only uttered a low moan without any signs of pain at all.

At that moment, the continuous sounds of footsteps from a pair of two people echoed throughout the stairway that was leading down straight to the prison.


Bael’s eyes, which had been watching the whole process as if he was merely bored, eventually gleamed in a glare.
As he beckoned, a huge snake that was slithering near the Demon King—which was also the 17th ranked demon, Bottis—stood up.
It was to welcome those guests who suddenly turned up without any notice.

On the other hand, Julia, who had been following Barbatos along that long flight of stairs, was surprised to sense the humid air and stench that immediately hit her the moment she entered the basement.
And above all else, a huge snake with a hideous appearance was all the while holding its own head upright.

It wasn’t just that at all.
Amidst that entirely dark surroundings where she could not even tell what it was right in front of her, she was met with dozens of pairs of eyes that were all gleaming towards her.


Her whole body became frozen just like a rat that was hurled before a predator and she was no longer able to move.
Barbatos’s cold gaze was simply pressing upon herself.
It was just like if she were to run away now, it would ultimately be the end forever.

Eventually, Julia began to lift her feet off slowly before stepping into the prison.

Splish, splash.

Something invisible was apparently clinging onto her pure white bare feet.
The disgust was ultimately intense, but Julia simply bit her lips as she endured it.

In fact, Barbatos had already proposed to Julia the option of not seeing it at all while ignoring the details.
It was herself who turned down the offer.
She chose to be right here out of her own free will.
And since she wanted to live, she no longer wished to live a life being swayed by other people’s circumstances anymore.

Revenna who had hated her and Kimaris who approached her only as Revenna’s slave.

‘The choice is all mine.
I’m going to see it with my very own eyes……’

Even she, herself, could not help but to be astonished when she saw the whole misery that was unfolding right before her eyes.

The two demons, who could now be considered practically like chunks of meat, were all entangled in chains while reeling against the dirty floor.
Even Agares and Lerazier, who would always show such amicable faces to her, had the eyes of a ferocious beast that seemed able to tear them apart right away.

As she heaved a deep breath, Julia quickly moved her steps and proceeded to approach them.
Agares raised her arm as if she was blocking her path, but Julia shook her head softly instead.

“Please tell me the whole truth.
I don’t want to judge someone based on what others have to say.”


“Did you really do that? Miss Revenna, Mister Kimaris.”

After a moment of endless silence, a pair of eyes appeared amidst the blood.
Even though the appearance was completely different from when they had first met, Julia immediately knew that it was, in fact, Revenna herself.

“You were such a kind person.”

“That’s funny…”

The high, hoarse voice cracked harshly just like metal.
Her unique tone of voice, which usually had cheerful raised endings before, had turned rather cold and harsh as well.

With only that one statement, Revenna closed her mouth once again, but Julia still waited.
Even though she didn’t know what to do as she always made some trouble around her, she was confident that she could wait.
She could then do anything.

And again, it was Revenna’s part who eventually ran out of patience first.
She proceeded to laugh at Julia with a sharp tone in her voice.

“I can control the human mind.
If I just lift this hand of mine, I can make anyone like me.”

“That’s right.
I really liked Miss Revenna.”

“And that’s all you have for me.
It was actually made by force since I had poured out a tremendous amount of magical power just to attract you.”

The curious gazes of those demons were eventually focused on just the two of them.
She had been imprisoned and tortured all the time here, so the both of them didn’t know that her magic never worked on Julia at all.
It was a fact known to everyone within the nest—except for Revenna and Kimaris themselves.

They then expected to see Julia burst out laughing at Revenna.
The petite and fragile human, who could not even exert any physical powers, but still, she was never able to leave Revenna alone despite the fact that she was the very person who had led Julia to her own death.

It was always fun to watch the weak squirm with all their might.
And it would be even more enjoyable to see the humiliation of the strong—dealt by the weak.

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