A blood-red crescent moon hung in the night.

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A white negligee laid on the floor, torn.
A slender, naked figure was bathed in the red moonlight pouring through the large windows. 

Yulia struggled in front of the window, pushing with all her might.
But no matter how hard she pushed, it wouldn’t open, and a black shadow was slowly approaching her.

“No… Please….no…”

Hearing her pleas, red eyes swept across Yulia’s exposed body.

From her smooth, round shoulders, full breasts, and pink nipples to her narrow waist and the hidden area between her legs, already damp with her arousal.
The demon’s gaze flitted across her body like a soft touch.

Only then did Yulia realize it was hopeless.
It didn’t matter how much she begged.
The shadow that closed in was Bael, the merciless king of demons.
Tears fell down her cheeks in despair.

“When will you realize?”

The demon approached her as she sat on the floor, his wings spread.
Yulia was caught in fear and faltered, but there was no place left to retreat.
A strong force tightly gripped her hair. 

“You will never escape my clutches.
Even if you died.”

She couldn’t help it as a soft sob escaped her lips.

“This finger, this hair– everything is mine.”

Bael’s long, thick fingers went straight between her legs.
Her entrance was wet and easily welcomed the sudden intruder.
Lewd squelching sounds rang through the night.

“Ah, ah!”

“You love this.”

Yulia’s body shook in time to the rhythm of his fingers.
The thrusts seem to hint at what was to come later.
Whenever his thick fingers rubbed against her inner wall, her stomach would throb with heat.
She bit her lips desperately to stifle her cries.

“Ah, nngh!”

“Hnn, you’re so wet.
I think I can fit a couple more.”

Before she knew it, she was being stretched wide by four thick fingers.
Bael’s fingers were drenched with her clear fluids that were also dripping down her thighs.
What an enticing sight.

Bael pulled his hand away and rubbed her juices on his swollen member.
It was thick as a forearm with heavy veins running along the length. 

His penis probed along her slit, seeking entrance.
Yulia struggled fearfully. 

“If you obey me, I will give you pleasure you’ve never experienced before.”

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“No, no, no! Don’t! “

“It’s too late.”

Bael’s mouth twisted at her response.
He gripped her knees tightly, one in each hand, and spread her legs apart.
Her thighs fell wide open without a chance to resist.
Her glistening vagina twitched obscenely, as if in search of something to swallow.

Bael’s brow knit as the head of his cock got caught in the crevice he had been searching for.
He adjusted himself briefly before plunging straight in.

“Ah, ah, ah!

Her breath caught in her throat with each thrust.
Yulia was engulfed in pleasure.
She could barely breathe.
She cried out as she tightened around him.
Bael tilted his head back, savoring the warmth that surrounded his shaft.
Pure, high-quality mana filled his body.

The Devil’s Night was just beginning.

* * *

The war against the humans was in full swing.
Footsteps echoed in the grand but desolate hall.
Piercing eyes slowly moved toward the source of the sound.

The person who broke the silence of the hall was Grand Duke Agares.
He calmly ascended the stairs of the throne and knelt down on one knee, not paying any mind to the numerous gazes on him.

“My Lord, I’ve finally found it.”

The air, which had been growing indolent, suddenly changed from the words of the Grand Duke.
A number of eyes stopped blinking and stared at him.
Agares raised his head and eloquently said,

“Esther Vesdra, the noblest human and also the princess of the humans.
She is the key to turn the Lord into the Devil.”


“If you allow me, I’ll bring the key right away.”

Agares conveniently omitted the part, “And turn Abeldissim, the capital of humans, into ruins.” Barbatos, the chancellor, noticed it, and stepped in on the king’s behalf.

“Do you think that will work? Not long ago, a new swordmaster blossomed on the human side.”

“If we kill them all, there will be no issue.”

“Think about the future.”

“I don’t know what that is.”

Agares gazed at Barbatos with obvious hostility.
He was commissioned by the Demon King to command the military and lead the troops on the front line.
Barbatos’ attitude, which seemed to favor the enemy, was unacceptable.

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Barbatos, on the other hand, was frustrated with Agares’ way of thinking.
The long war between the demons and humans had devastated the human race.
Of course, these hardships could not so easily produce an important human being who would later become the emperor.

Although human beings were weaker than the lowest of beasts, their numbers far exceeded that of the demon race.
Barbatos judged that it was time to end this useless war.
He spoke bluntly to the king,

“My Lord, since the tides of war are starting to turn against us, why don’t you show mercy to our kin?”


“Berid is good at human relations, so send him into the lion’s den.
If you just request the princess from Vesdra, they will see our sincerity and agree to end the war.

On the throne sat a man with his chin resting in his hand, his posture a bit languid.
He opened his eyes slowly.
Red eyes glowed through his long black hair.

Even though it was a simple act, a powerful mana wave traveled through the grand hall.
Agares and Barbatos realized the king was not in a good mood and hurriedly turned away.
At the same time, the demon rose from the throne.
Robes of the finest fabric draped his sculpted figure.

“So the key was born to the royal family of Vesdra.

Snake-like pupils slowly swept through the wide hall.
The demons who received the king’s gaze all raised their heads in unison.
A heavy pressure dominated them.
The inevitable instinctive fear crushed down on their shoulders.

This was the power of the demon king Bael..
With his unprecedentedly powerful mana, he unified the underworld and now ruled from his throne.

With each step he took, the absolute power of the king became more and more evident.
It was so pure and overwhelming that nothing could compare.
In the end, 720 people were unable to withstand the pressure and passed out.

“By all means, bring me the Spirit Stone key.
That woman is mine.”

Bael spread his impressive wings, not caring for the other demons’ response.
In the end, he only had eyes for the spirit stone, the power of the devil.
His mana flashed dangerously purple, as if responding to high-quality mana.

“It had better be real this time.
If you let me down again…”

“I’ll keep that in mind, my Lord.”

Agares and Barbatos answered without delay, and the corners of the king’s mouth twisted upward upon hearing it.
Standing on the vast terrace, Bael leapt into the air and flew away.

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