th great difficulty, was almost sent back by a meat pie.
Oh, he himself couldn’t accept this result.

        The moment Lou Muge released his power, the young man who was sleeping soundly in the house suddenly opened his eyes and got out of bed, all in one go.
He walked out of the room, only wearing a single thin piece of clothing, but before he could take a step, he saw the fuming Lou Muge, sitting in the courtyard.

        There was also a pie that had fallen to the ground at his feet.

        Ning Shaosi stopped in his tracks and examined Lou Muge’s ugly face.
The large patches of red on his face had yet to fade, so he asked in bewilderment, “What’s wrong with you?”

        Lou Muge was not about to admit that he stole his pie and almost ascended to heaven because of its spiciness.
So, he stubbornly shook his head and replied, “Nothing.
Quickly put on your clothes if you’re awake.
Let’s go to the spring.”

        Ning Shaosi looked down and found that he didn’t even wear shoes.
He ran out barefoot.
He blushed.
He returned to his room and put on his clothes, and soon, a delicate white porcelain young man emerged.

        Lou Muge also relaxed.
He acted as if nothing had happened, stood up, and patted the dust on his body: “Let’s go.”

        In fact, he almost broke his glutinous rice teeth from gnashing.
He wished he could beat Wen Changchu right away.

        Ning Shaosi nodded.
He did not wear his jade crown today, and only a black silk ribbon tied up his long hair.
His black fur robes set off the tall and straight figure of a young man, and the golden pattern on his lapels added a sense of nobility to his figure.

        Lou Muge felt that he especially embodied a noble Prince in the Human Realm.
He exuded brightly colored fireworks of the mundane world.
He had less evil aura compared with Wen Changchu, and was more like a pure mortal young man. 

        They were both obviously demons.

        Lou Muge was tightly wrapped with three layers inside and three layers outside, but he still felt cold.
On the contrary, Ning Shaosi didn’t even put on an overcoat, but his face remained normal in the cold wind.

        After leaving the door, there were food stalls on both sides of the street.
Once Lou Muge saw those hot snacks, his throat got a little hot.
He glanced at Ning Shaosi and asked, “Are you hungry?”

        His question took Ning Shaosi aback, so he answered, “I can eat or not.”

        “Have some,” Lou Muge said, “Do as the locals do.”

        When they stood in front of a wonton stall, the aroma of scallion drifted in.
Lou Muge ordered, “Give me two bowls.”

        The couple selling the wontons was an older couple.
When the old man saw Lou Muge, his eyes glazed over, and he hurriedly covered the pot, “It’s sold out…”

        Barely had his words left when he received a beating from his wife beside him: “Wicked old man, you’re telling lies with eyes wide open.
There’s still  a lot left!”

        She then smiled gently at Lou Muge: “Go and take a seat, Miss.
I will bring it to you later.”

        Lou Muge was happy.
It was the first time he was not rejected by someone from Shan’an City.
He nodded obediently and turned around to call Ning Shaosi.

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