Feast for Hundred Ghosts for Peace 6

       Countless divine weapons that had been passed down from ancient times were buried deep in the thick earth of the years.
Some were dug up to shine, while some remained unheard of.

       Few people knew of the existence of the Divine Ghost Bell.
It resembled a tiny bell, but it couldn’t make a sound.
However, it was an extremely powerful soul-gathering artifact.

        Rumor had it that when the Divine Ghost Bell rings, a thousand souls would be collected, and mountains and rivers would be overturned.

        The Divine Ghost Bell could refine souls.
Hence even an immortal ghost would take a detour once encountering it.
Nonetheless, the Divine Ghost Bell had no spiritual consciousness.
It was a divine weapon when used on the righteous path, but when used in evil ways, it turned into an evil weapon.
Therefore, despite the disappearance of the Divine Ghost Bell for many years, those who knew its existence were still searching for it.

        In fact, the Divine Ghost Bell had always been in Lou Muge – at least until his death.

        Wen Changchu raised his eyebrows, looked at the bell tied to the tip of Lou Muge’s hair and asked, “Don’t you know how to use it?”

        Lou Muge stood up and replied, “I know how to use it a bit, but I don’t have it.”

        Ning Shaosi followed suit and got on his feet, pulling out a black brocade handkerchief from his body and handing it to Lou Muge in silence.

        Wen Changchu cried in surprise, “I thought the one in your hair was.”

        Lou Muge curled his lips for a moment and said, “This is a fake.
At most, it can store some things, and is no different from the Qiankun Bag[1].”

        Inwardly, Lou Muge quipped sarcastically: Had I possessed the Divine Ghost Bell, I would have long ascended to heaven and leapt to the ground.
Why would I still have to dress like a little girl like now with my tails between my legs?

        After his return to the world, there were people everywhere, wanting to kill him.
Some of them were old enemies; some were for the so-called righteous path; and others just wanted to make a name for themselves with his head.
Whichever the reason, their purpose was the same.

        Lou Muge wiped his hands with the black brocade handkerchief, stuffed it into his sleeves, and turned around again.
He found that the nearby stone tablets were the same, as if they were leaking blood, but the surroundings were as clean as Shan’an City.
He couldn’t feel anything.
Lou Muge wanted to dig a grave and have a look, but thinking how inconvenient it was in the dark, he dismissed the idea.

        It just so happened that when they returned, the performance was almost over, and the crowd couldn’t wait to take off their black blindfolds.
Seeing Lou Muge and Ning Shaosi still honestly standing in their places and seemingly hadn’t left, they couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

        If they knew that Lou Muge not only talked during the performance, but also went around the graveyard and almost plowed a grave, they definitely would have collapsed to the ground in anger and wailed.

        After the play ended, Lou Muge carried a half-empty basket back to the city aboard the carriage.
Ning Shaosi sat quietly beside him, silent and breathing long.
When Lou Muge looked sideways, he met Ning Shaosi’s big eyes.

        Before he could speak, Wen Changchu beat him to it, bristling with annoyance, “712, why are you always passionately staring at my Boss?”

        Ning Shaosi glanced at him and blinked innocently.

        Lou Muge laughed at that: “When did I say I accept you as my Little Brother?”

        “My soul recognized you.” Wen Changchu nodded to himself with an inexplicable solemnity: “You are my Boss.”

        “What did your soul recognize me for? My pretty skin?”

        Lou Muge intended it as a joke, but Wen Changchu shook his head seriously and said bafflingly, “The time is not yet right for me to tell.”

        Lou Muge didn’t pursue details and shifted the topic to something else.
After the carriage arrived, everyone got off the carriage.
The people in the city gathered at the gates to greet them as they did last night.
After seeing Lou Muge, half of their questions were swallowed back.

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