“Ze Chen is there guarding.
Lou Muge will definitely fall here this time, just wait and see!”

    No matter what everyone guessed, at least one thing was right, Lou Muge really couldn’t withstand it anymore, and the skin he kept pinching was now almost swollen.
His body was already weak, and now that it has overdrawn everything, his strength, coupled with the noise made his eyes dim.
He was afraid that his eyes would roll the next second, and he would pass out.

    After all, Wen Changchu was no match for eight people alone and would eventually be beaten.
What was more, Ze Chen was lending support behind.
He was completely suppressed by the immortal net, and the weight fell on his shoulders.
Lou Muge couldn’t resist it.
He bent his left knee and knelt on the ground, unable to hold his head up.

    Wen Changchu knelt beside him, leaned close to his ear and shouted, “Don’t worry, I can definitely take you out!”

    Lou Muge looked up at him, and seeing that he was also crushed in a state of embarrassment, he couldn’t help laughing.
He said, “It’s okay.
I can’t die, if worse comes to worst, I can just give up this body.”

    His soul has not yet been able to fully integrate with the body.
Even if the body was destroyed, he could still escape, albeit with a bit of injury, so these people couldn’t capture him.

    The problem now was Wen Changchu.
He could only hope that people in the Immortal Realm would take his identity into consideration and dared not do anything to him.

    Wen Changchu moved his lips.

    Lou Muge wondered, “What is it?”

    He replied, “I can’t hear you.”

    Lou Muge: “Oh.”

    The invisible’s net pressed lower and lower, and both of them were tortured.
Lou Muge handed him his sword and the Divine Ghost Bell, and gave him a look of entrustment.
Against all expectations, Wen Changchu rejected them and shouted, ” Break the net!”

    Lou Muge didn’t understand what he meant, and thought he was scolding this divine net, so he followed suit, “A lousy net indeed, very disgusting!”

    He handed his stuff to him again.

    Wen Changchu didn’t answer ,and still pushed his hand away.
All of a sudden, he bit his thumb, causing blood to gush out in an instant.
He pressed the blood on his forehead, adding a demonic streak on his handsome face.
Afterward, he saw him press the tips of his four fingers against each other and bellowed, “Unseal!”

    Dark purple light burst out instantly, and gales rose, rolling his long hair and clothes.
In the blink of an eye, Wen Changchu’s body changed drastically, and amidst the radiance, he transformed into a long white blade with a sword hilt.
Cumbersome textures formed around the hilt, while the sharp blade kept spinning.
After the light dissipated, a snow-white sword appeared in front of Lou Muge.

    There were two ancient fonts on the hilt facing him, and Lou Muge understood their meaning: Changchu[1].

    Wen Changchu, the wolf cub? A sword?

    Lou Muge was a little stunned, and suddenly registered Wen Changchu’s resounding words.

    Break the net.

    The Immortal Lords pressed down once more, and all eight above showed joy at the same time.
Since they successfully pressed down to this extent, they could close the net.
Once the net was closed, Lou Muge could never escape.

    “Bah!” Qi Yue spat, feeling ecstatically relieved.
He had already started thinking about how to humiliate Lou Muge later, and he said proudly, “Let me see how you can turn the table!”

    Unexpectedly, he just opened his mouth, and before he could end his speech, just when everyone thought Lou Muge was about to collapse, they saw a sudden flash of white light.
The divine net was split in half, and because of the powerful impact, the eight mirrors exploded simultaneously with a bang.
The eight Immortal Lords were also knocked into the air, spewing blood and freefalling.
With a single blow, the Octagonal Devilslayer Array was shattered.

    Lou Muge stood up from the ground, holding a frosty snow-white sword in his hand.

    It brought to mind back in those years, when he stood alone on top of ten thousand demons, when raising his hand and raising his eyebrows were enough to silence everyone.

    Everyone stared at him, all in awe.
Only Lou Muge knew his own condition.
His right hand that was holding the sword was strembling imperceptibly.

    The sword was quite heavy.

    Only with the tip of the sword against the ground could he still pretend.

    He turned his head slightly, and turned his eyes to the river east of the Yin Peak, thinking about what speed he should use to ditch Ze Chen’s wings.

    With a smile, Ze Chen tilted her head, stared at the sword in his hand, and asked, “Is that Changchu?”


    Lou Muge couldn’t hear her voice, so he gestured: “Can you shut these birds up?”

    If the noise went on like this, he would be pinching himself again.

    Before Ze Chen could respond, a turn of events struck out of the blue.
The bells located in four corners suddenly clanged with a forked jingle, as if smashed, and then the bells stopped ringing all at the same time.

    A gust rolled up from the ground, swept across the wilderness and brought up layers of grass waves.
It slammed towards the crowd, and swept the flock of birds gathered in the air into the wind.
Ze Chen’s expression drastically changed.
With a wave of her hand, the flock of birds scattered everywhere at the same time.
A few were killed by the power that caught them in the wind and fell to the ground.

    The entire sky finally cleared up.

    Lou Muge patted himself, the one who nearly got pinched again.
He sighed, it was really difficult for him, and he was almost killed by noise.

    Once all the sounds disappeared, a laughter tinged with doubt sounded out of thin air.
“Bells are ringing, while birds are chirping.
Is there a happy event in the Immortal Realm? I caught a glimpse of the brilliant light here from afar.”

 Everyone turned their heads in unison, looking for the source of the sound, and saw a red light flashing in the air.
A handsome man in a dark blue robe appeared in the light, his face white without a trace of blemish, but his eyes were red, and his long hair cascaded down.
He was holding a palm-length horn, and his sharp fangs were exposed when he smiled.
His eyes narrowed, and he said to Lou Muge, “Are you Ning Shaosi’s master?”

    Lou Muge had never met this person, but he recognized the pair of horns.
Still, he skipped asking any further questions and just replied, “Do you know me?”

    “Lu Yuan.” He appeared as if he didn’t take Ze Chen seriously at all, and proceeded to chat with Lou Muge, “Ning Shaosi’s old friend.”

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