The flames set off huge waves, rushing and rolling down toward Lou Muge, emitting a gorgeous radiance.
The people still at the bottom of the mountain peak felt the blazing temperature and retreated to resist it.

    Lou Muge was drowned in almost an instant, so fast that Wen Changchu had no chance to step forward to take him away.
He stepped back quickly when the flames touched the tip of his shoes, and his eyes fixed on the billowing fire.
Deep inside he expressed admiration.
It was only right that Ze Chen was revered as the Goddess of War.

    In fact, Lou Muge was also scared.

    His body was still that of a water demon, and when facing Ze Chen’s oppression, he was shaking unpromisingly.
However, since he decided to proclaim his return, he naturally used his own face, so the power of fusion in his body was all used to maintain his gorgeous face.
How could he stop the flames from devouring him?

    When he faced the flames, he instinctively wanted to hide.
Unfortunately, he forgot that his body was useless.
His legs were as soft as cotton soaked in water, weak and heavy, and so he watched the fire engulf him.

    Even Ze Chen was momentarily stunned.
She didn’t expect Lou Muge to fail dodging it.

    When the scorching temperature licked his face, he couldn’t help but utter a cry.
At this moment of life and death, a force suddenly isolated the blazing heat and produced a coolness that wrapped his entire body.

    Lou Muge was very surprised.
When he touched his arms, he found the fan he had been carrying all this time.
The bone fan was as white as jade, and the tentacles were pleasantly cool.

    He had already realized that this fan was a treasure, but he didn’t expect such a powerful treasure to be able to block the real fire of a phoenix.

    The fire crackled and scorched the ground, while the flames soared to the sky.
After the flames dissipated, Lou Muge stood in the middle intact.

    Seeing the fan in his hand, Ze Chen narrowed her eyes slightly.
“Have you met Ning Shaosi?”

    The bells were ringing in four directions, drowning most of her voice, but Lou Muge still heard Ning Shaosi’s name.
He raised his head blankly.

    The Immortal Realm warning bell continued, not allowing the two to chat.
But after just one exchange, the earth shook on the far side of the earth.
Clouds rolled up, and squads of immortal soldiers rushed into the mountain.

    At the head was a pretty woman, with a red veil wrapped around her body, her skirt shimmering with radiance.
Her long, shapely eyebrows and almond eyes were filled with monstrous murderous intent, and she wielded a slender sword to stab Lou Muge.

    Lou Muge tilted his head, and the blade grazed past his face, missing him by an inch.

    “You ungrateful evil dog, how dare you come back!” The woman’s beautiful eyes rounded, and she blurted out a fuming curse.

    Lou Muge’s smile gradually faded.
Frost covered his handsome face, and he turned his attention to the woman rather recklessly.
“Why won’t I dare to come back?”

    A bunch of immortals who followed behind the woman came around one after the other.
After a while, a crowd of people stood opposite Lou Muge.
He glanced at them and saw many familiar faces.

    So many of the others had no idea about Lou Muge and their past.

    “Lou Muge, if you really have a conscience, you should die at the remotest ends of the world, far away from the Immortal Realm.
You shouldn’t have come back to pollute the grass and trees here,” a plain-clad man said coldly to him.

    Lou Muge sneered.
“There are still people I miss in the Immortal Realm, so I naturally want to come back.”

    “Stop talking nonsense with this person.
Don’t you and I know this creature’s nature?!” One of the men in yellow came forward and pulled the woman who had drawn the sword earlier.
“Juantong, don’t get too close to him.
Beware of what underhanded tricks he may use again.”

    “What kind of tricks can I do?” Lou Muge smiled with the corners of his mouth raised.
His eyes looked Zhang Juantong up and down and said, “If I really like someone, all I had to do was nod, nothing more.
I’m unlike some people who would stick their faces to a cold ass, don’t you agree, Qi Yue?”

    Zhang Juantong also gritted her teeth with hatred, moisture seemingly forming in her eyes.
“I was blind before for having admired a beast like you!”

    Lou Muge replied sincerely, “Congratulations on the healing of your eyes.”

    The man in yellow, who was called Qi Yue, grew furious when his past was mentioned.
His face flushed red, and he pointed at Lou Muge and cursed, “You should have died a long time ago.
You dared to cross this grandpa, you’re courting death!”

    “Oh, I forgot.” Qi Yue suddenly patted his mouth, seemingly chagrined.
“Look at my mouth.
How can I curse myself? Your beastly grandfather, you killed him yourself! Poor God King Lou Hai for having raised someone like you!”

    Lou Muge’s eyes turned cold, and anger stained his delicate eyebrows.
They sharpened like swords to pierce Qi Yue.

    Before anyone could react, Wen Changchu walked over with a laugh.
“I think it’s your parents who are pitiful.
Who gave birth to a crooked melon like you? You obviously have a human form, but have no human face.
How many nightmares must people have from talking to you every day?”

    Wen Changchu bared a mouthful of sharp teeth.
Whether biting or cursing, he was quite powerful.

    Qi Yue was so angry that he nearly exploded.
“You are a maggot born from that nook and cranny.
How dare you make thoughtless remarks in front of your father’s[1] face!”

    “The people around Lou Muge should be of the same kind as him,” someone chimed in.

    Wen Changchu clicked his tongue a couple of times and glanced down at him strangely.
“You recognize your son and grandson everywhere to make up for the defect that you can’t sire a child.
I was wrong before, not only are your parents pitiful, but you are also weirdly pathetic…”

    Listening to his retort, Lou Muge really couldn’t contain himself and snorted a laugh.
He said to Wen Changchu, “You are amazing.
How did you know that? Let me tell you, he was seriously injured in that place.
Back then…”

    “Shut up, shut up!” Qi Yue interrupted in a rough voice, blushing with anger, and his eyes were only short of bursting.
He drew his long sword and said, “I’m going to kill you!”

    The plain-clad mad beside him stopped him, “Qi Yue, don’t be impulsive.
Lou Muge is the most scheming.
Don’t be led in the nose.”

    With his convincing line, Qi Yue really stopped, heaving in anger.
He said to Lou Muge, “Let me see how long you can still smile.
We have long known that you are not dead, so we set up the Octagonal Devilslayer Array in advance, just waiting for you to fall into the net!”

    Lou Muge looked at him coldly, not at all affected by his smugness.
He only replied, “Do you really think I’ll come to Immortal Realm without any preparations?”

    Although Wen Changchu didn’t know what kind of grievances Lou Muge had with these people from the Immortal Realm, he knew that he was standing on Lou Muge’s side at the moment, so he stretched his neck and interrupted arrogantly, “You’re celebrating too early.
There are only just thousands of immortal soldiers ahead, right? Even with an octagonal array on the side, thousands of devils and demons inside, plus a Goddess of War, do you think our Boss is afraid of these?”

    Lou Muge swallowed a mouthful of saliva without a trace.
After hearing Changchu’s words, he was really a little scared.
The Immortal Realm was moving in full force.
What was more, there were countless people below who were looking forward to stepping on his head to gain credits.

TL Note: When the minion is too convinced of hisboss’s might 

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