eard one just now.
It means that the remaining two have been dug out, and that culprit may also be on his way up the mountain.”

        Lou Muge’s eyes lit up: “You’re right.
Let’s go and intercept that person.”

        After the three people discussed, they headed toward the mountain, but the heavy snow blocked the road, making the mountain path truly impassable.
The soles of Lou Muge’s shoes seemed smeared with oil.
He would slip every couple of steps.
If not for his quick reaction, he would have hurtled several times. 

        In the end, he still lost his footing and hurtled ten foot away.
He skidded in the snow and fell on his butt.
He kicked the air a few times and said, “I haven’t slipped so many times since I started to walk!”

        Ning Shaosi approached him with his umbrella.
He dragged him out of the snow pit and patted away the snow dust on him.
He stuffed the umbrella into his hand and said with a warm smile, “Let me carry you on my back.
We’ll climb the mountain faster.”

        Lou Muge barely processed these words in his brain, but before he could respond, he saw Ning Shaosi already untying his cloak.
He draped it over his shoulder and tied the knot in front of his neck.

        He obviously was a barely grown up teenager in front of him, but his reaction and actions made Lou Muge suddenly feel cared for.
The instinctive refusal slipped around his mouth and was swallowed back into his belly.

        Ning Shaosi squatted down in front of him: “Hop on.”

        Lou Muge was momentarily stunned, but he still climbed onto his back.
The somewhat thin and young-looking back carried Lou Muge up.
His every step was surprisingly steady.
Wen Changchu followed and looked at them, seemingly already inured to the unusual.

        This time, part of Ning Shaosi’s body no longer needed to be drenched in snow, because Lou Muge was lying on his back.
The umbrella was enough to cover both of them.
Without Lou Muge to hold them back, the group climbed the mountain very quickly.
When they encountered pits or difficult places to walk, they easily skimmed over them.

        Wen Changchu listened and searched for the sound.
Unexpectedly, he saw some people on the mountain who he didn’t want to see.
His eyebrows suddenly wrinkled, and he whispered, “Why are they here?”

        Lou Muge raised the umbrella, followed his gaze and made out Zhang Rong, Ze Wan, and Ze Qian’s figures in the distance.

        What Ning Shaosi said earlier flashed through his mind, but he immediately denied it.
Zhang Rong and his company were from the Immortal Realm, definitely not the demons that were haunting the city.

        Is it really just a coincidence?

        Lou Muge stepped down from Ning Shaosi’s back and said to Wen Changchu, “Go greet and stall them.”

        Wen Changchu handed the stone statue to Lou Muge, “The sound is around here.”

        “I’ll give you a secret signal once we find it,” Lou Muge said.

        The two discussed with heads together.
Wen Changchu didn’t ask what the signal was.
He just turned and ran toward Ze Wan.
Every time he bumped into the three of them, he was bound to quarrel with this girl.

        Lou Muge hid the stone statue in his cloak.
When he turned his head, he found Ning Shaosi squatting beside a pile of stone statues half as tall as a grown man, staring at the ground in a trance.

        “What are you looking at?” He walked forward and stood beside him.
He looked down and found a large pit that Ning Shaosi dug out from the thick snow on the ground.
The pit revealed the upper body of a corpse.
The snow on the corpse’s neck was dyed crimson with blood.
His eyes were tightly closed, and his face was devoid of any color, as if he’d been dead for a long time.

        Lou Muge was startled.
After taking a closer look, his heart skipped a beat and pounded chaotically.

        He gulped and turned his head towards Wen Changchu, who was bickering with Ze Wan.
He turned his attention back to the corpse buried in snow in front of him, confirming once more that the corpse had a face identical to Ze Wan’s.

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