Quartet Stone Statue Locks the Soul of the Dead

   The friendship created by the three pieces of peach blossom cake was quite profound, something that Wen Changchu was unable to understand the least bit.

        On the way back Ning Shaosi yawned, so Lou Muge took the initiative to lend his shoulder for Ning Shaosi to rest on.

        Ning Shaosi blushed from shyness at first,  but after Lou Muge forcibly pressed him on his shoulder, he burrowed his head skillfully between his neck with burning ears.
The sweet and honeyed scent of peach blossom immediately filled his nose.

        As Wen Changchu watched on, his gaze towards Ning Shaosi became increasingly wary.
Inwardly he told himself, This kid is proficient at buying people’s hearts.

        After returning to Shan’an City, there were still people gathered at the city gate to greet them, but this time they found that the people who returned were in a tragic state and the number of people, plus the number also changed.
Everyone immediately boiled.

        The man who was unfortunately bitten to death by a rotting corpse had a young wife in the family, who broke down after hearing that her husband had died.
She collapsed to the ground and wailed.
Her weeping was sorrowful and miserable.

        The bystanders started discussing, with one thing followed by another.
The noisy chatter made Lou Muge’s ears buzz, and he just wanted to leave right there and then.

        Before he could take a few steps, however, someone pulled him.
Lou Muge turned his head and found an unfamiliar face.
The man didn’t speak, but first flung himself to the ground and cried, “Little Divine Immortal, please save my mother, ah! Her eyes … her eyes have turned blurry!”

        The crowd was in an uproar.
Another sick person appeared!

        Lou Muge told him that it was no use begging him.
He couldn’t treat the disease, so he asked him to rise.
He also said with an unfathomable look on his face, “Don’t panic.
I’ll visit your house tomorrow and take a look.”

        The man wiped his tears and thanked him repeatedly, “Thank you, Little Divine Immortal.
If you can save my mother, I will definitely set up a stone statue for you and worship it for generations.”

        Lou Muge responded perfunctorily and hastened his pace to leave, for fear of being held back again.
Thoughts about Tao Ming still filled his mind, so he naturally wanted to go back and investigate the twin brothers.

        When Lou Muge returned to the Tao residence, he saw Tao Zhai sitting on the stone steps.
He looked up at him when he heard footsteps.

        The house behind him was brightly lit, and the sound of rushing water came from that side.
Lou Muge raised his chin and asked, “Is your brother inside?”

        Tao Zhai refused to talk to him.
He turned his face to the side indifferently and did not answer.

        “You don’t have to answer.
I can see for myself.” Lou Muge snorted with the tail hinting on disdain.
“My eyes are very powerful.”

        After speaking, he squinted and stared at the door, as if planning to really peek through the door to see what was happening inside.

        Tao Zhai swiftly stood up and blocked the door with his body.
His densely cold glare locked on Lou Muge, and a trace of killing intent burst out in them.

        Lou Muge looked at him and brushed his killing intent off.
He spoke with his usual tone and expression, “Weren’t you two brothers hurt at the cemetery earlier?”

        “Don’t worry about it,” Tao Zhai replied coldly.

        “You can’t say that.,” Lou Muge retorted enthusiastically as if he could not see the disdain manifested all over Tao Zhai’s body.
“In any case, I am staying in your house for free, so of course, I should take care of you.”

        “You’re nosy.” Tao Zhai did not appreciate it.

        He had never been amicable to Lou Muge from the first time they met.

        Wen Changchu couldn’t stand it any longer.
He got up, stretched his limbs and charged toward him.
However, he just took several steps when Ning Shaosi’s feet stopped him, and he lurched face forward to the ground.

        Whether it was intentional or not, Wen Changchu fell and got up immediately, baring his teeth at Ning Shaosi.

        Ning Shaosi’s expression remained gentle as he smiled apologetically to Wen Changchu.

        Lou Muge stepped on the tip of Wen Changchu’s tail and whispered, “Don’t make trouble, behave.”

        Wen Changchu obediently lay down, but he noted all accounts one by one on the small black book in his heart.

        Seeing that he was behaving, Lou Muge looked up and replied, “I don’t care about you, I care about your brother.”

        Just as his words fell, the door behind Tao Zhai was opened.
Tao Ming washed his face, changed into clean clothes and slowly felt his way around.
Tao Zhai rushed to help him.

        Tao Ming was still emitting steam, and the tips of his hair were dripping.
When the two brothers stood together, they were quite conspicuous.
Their skin was as white as jade, and they resembled none of the Shan’an residents at all.
Tao Ming gently patted Tao Zai’s hand as a comfort and addressed Lou Muge warmly, “Thank you Young Master Lou for your concern.
My brother and I were not injured, all thanks to your help and protection.
Thank you again.”

        Tao Ming was wrapped in a layer of cotton padded clothes, but there was only a white single coat inside, with a slightly open collar that bared his fair neck.

        Lou Muge’s eyes swept around his neck, but didn’t see any tooth marks.

        He withdrew his scrutiny and said to Tao Ming, “Don’t mention it.
It was just a matter of lifting a finger.”

        After he replied, he turned around and returned to the room he was sleeping in.
He said nothing more, but he was now absolutely sure.

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