Chapter 1 – The Demon Lord Returned to the Mortal World in Women’s clothes

Lou Muge stole another chicken tonight.

And it was a fat old hen, which Lou Muge choked before it screamed for dear life.
In order not to be discovered, Lou Muge killed it with a single blow, and was now sitting by the river with his legs crossed and plucking feathers.

When Lou Muge first arrived in the city, he heard a man telling a story to his son, and coincidentally, it was about him.

To the effect where he, the Demon Lord, was despicable and shameless.
He committed all sorts of atrocities, was addicted to killing, and that he deserved to be besieged by the Immortal Realm to death and so on.
In sum, the man used all ugly adjectives there was that Lou Muge’s mouth almost fell crooked while eavesdropping in the corner of a wall.

In Lou Muge’s fury, he stole the man’s chickens at home for three consecutive nights and drove the man’s wife hopping mad.

The more Lou Muge thought about it, the happier he was.
After plucking the hen’s feathers, he speared two more fish in the river and started roasting them over the fire.
After roughly an hour, the roasted aroma wafted.

He took a chunk of fish and stuffed it into his mouth.
As soon as he ate two mouthfuls, his tears trickled down.
He wiped his tears out of habit and spat out the fish bones.

Lou Muge’s form was originally a fish monster in the river.
His cultivation was very shallow, and he only just transformed into human form.
He didn’t know who cut his Monster Orb, but he happened to pick him up before he died.

Apart from being frail, he had no other major issues, except just one thing: he teared up whenever he ate fish, and it was unstoppable.
However, Lou Muge loved to eat fish, so he cried while eating every time.

In fact, it didn’t matter.
Lou Muge wiped his tears and ate two fish and a chicken.
He rubbed his full stomach while leaning against a tree trunk with a cloak as a cover, closed his two eyes and fell asleep.

The next day was a freezing awakening.

It was snowing in the city.
Lou Muge got up and shook the snow off his cloak, and with the morning light gathering on his body, he walked outside the city.

He was dressed in a white robe with a vermilion auspicious cloud pattern embroidered on his wide sleeves.
He had a red waistcoat on the outside, with snow-white fur pressed on his collar and the hem of his sleeves.
Beneath his white pleated skirt with curling propitious cloud pattern on the edges was a small and exquisite pair of black shoes with gold threads and upturned tips.

His face was tender and white, and the fine hair curtain in front of his forehead covered his eyebrows.
Under his dense and long eyelashes were black pearl-like eyes, reddish vermilion lips, and long braids of black hair hanging behind his head with a hollow small bell tied at the tips of his hair.
When he stood in place, he became the only bright color in the snow that filled the whole sky.

Lou Mugo died once, so he had always acted carefully.
This time, he showed up to participate in the Divine Cultivation Trial Convention.

The mortal capital was located at the junction of the Human and Immortal Realms.
After crossing the city, you could see a long dragon-like mountain if you walked another ten miles, and over the mountain was where the Immortal Gate was located.

The mountain was not high, but very wide.
Overlooking it, the road forward in the field of vision was enclosed, as if a sign of separation between the Human Realm and the Immortal Realm.
Snow fell all year round, so there wasn’t an inch of grass.

In fact, even if you could pass through the Immortal Gate, you weren’t considered to have truly entered the Immortal Realm.
Yin Yang Peak  was situated on the border of the Immortal Realm.
This time, the scope of the Divine Convention was extended to the six realms.
All kinds of demons, devils and ghosts, good and bad were mixed together.
The Immortal Realm would be strictly guarded to prevent anyone from entering the Immortal capital indiscriminately.

Yin Yang Peak was located at the border of the Immortal Realm.
When Lou Muge was in the Immortal Realm, he had been to Yin Yang Peak, which was two very contrasting mountains, one with jagged rocks of grotesque shapes and little signs of life, but one with lush vegetation, singing birds and fragrant flowers; hence, the name Yin Yang Peak.

Also, the Yin Qi all over the mountain peak was also known as Wan Jianfeng.
When people in the upper three realms were on the verge of death or resolved to go into hiding, they would seal their weapons on Wan Jianfeng.
Weapons without spiritual consciousness could be used immediately, but those with spiritual consciousness wouldn’t be unsealed until their recognized master would appear.

Young people who had grown up in the upper three realms would go to the peak to pick up a weapon their hands could touch.
The lucky ones could even be selected by ancient treasures.

This was also the reason why Lou Muge participated in the Divine Convention.
It was said that his sword was sealed at Wan Jianfeng that year.
For 800 years, no one had been able to find his sword, so this time, Lou Muge intended to find it himself.

As for why he heard from rumors, it was because he died holding his sword back then.
He simply did not know where his sword went after his death.

Lou Muge exhausted his frail body, walking for a while and resting in between.
The snow alternately fell and stopped non-stop.
A few days later, he followed the last group of people who arrived and climbed over the mountain.

Behind the mountain was a vast expanse of pale, white fog that enveloped all that could be seen.
Overall, it was like walking to the end of the world.
The people in front of Lou Muge disappeared in the white fog, one by one.

Lou Mu Ge followed the people around him into the fog.
After he walked about a hundred or so steps, a golden shimmer suddenly lit up in front of him, lined with fuzzy light and shadow, and then a huge pillar door a hundred feet high appeared in front of him.

A dragon was coiled around the east pillar, and a phoenix was coiled around the west pillar, filling the boundless white sky when it appeared without warning.
Golden light surrounded the Golden Gate like thousands of circling little scaled dragons, which immediately made the people standing by the door feel tiny and vast.
Even some mortals knelt on the ground in worship.

Lou Muge’s expression remained unchanged.
He walked towards the door while others were still in awe.
Unexpectedly, when he reached the middle of the pillar gate, he slammed into an invisible barrier, making his nose suffer.

He ran into the barrier unsuspectingly and almost broke his nose.
Tears welled up in his eyes from the pain.
With one hand over his nose and one hand in front of him, he touched an invisible barrier.

The impact of Lou Muge’s collision wasn’t quite quiet.
Many people nearby cast amused looks at him, and some people laughed at him quietly.
Lou Muge rubbed his nose before remembering that this immortal gate was shielded.

True mortals couldn’t enter, and Lou Muge was no different from mortals when he concealed the power in his body.

Before the bystanders could blatantly mock him, Lou Muge mobilized his power.
The weight in his body suddenly disappeared, becoming light and soothing.
Even the pain at his nose was also relieved.
He raised his feet again, and this time the gate did not stop him, surprising the crowd of spectators.

Once inside the immortal gate, the endless expanse gained color, with a picturesque scenery and fragrant green grass.
It was another world from the daily freezing weather outside.
A row of tables were placed not far from the gate, and immortal servants stood in front of each table.

On the table were thick books, and each person entering the gate had to report his or her name to the immortal servant.

There were indeed strict management rules, exactly as Lou Muge had thought.

“Little girl, come here.” A maiden immortal servant beckoned to Lou Muge, beaming with an affectionate smile.
Lou Muge walked over to her obediently.

The immortal servant lifted a page of her book, revealing a brand new page, and asked him, “What is your name? Do you belong to a sect?”

“I belong to no sect,” Lou Muge replied, “My name is Lou Muge.”

The immortal servant’s smile remained in place.
“You are the 17th Lou Muge today.
Little girl, why don’t you just tell me your real name? You should also know who Lou Muge was.
If you go in with this name, the Immortal Realm will keep an eye on you.”

Lou Muge knew that there were many people with his name in the Six Realms, and some people even claimed to be his followers.
In order to protect him, they deliberately integrated into organizations and wandered around the Six Realms, bearing his name and appearance, to confuse the Immortal Realm and others and hide the real him.

When Lou Muge first learned about it, he felt warm and guilty deep inside.
People who had never worn a mask willingly shouldered his heinous and unforgivable identity for his sake, However, the number of people was so large that even if he wanted to thank them, he had no way to do so.

Lou Muge pondered for a moment, and then asked, “What about Ning Shaosi?”

The immortal servant still smiled and wasn’t at all surprised: “I’ve recorded this name 336 times today.
If you really want to choose one from these two, better choose Lou Muge.”

When she finished speaking, she raised her hand, and a white light flashed.
A palm-sized, square of paper as thin as a cicada’s wings appeared out of thin air with a few words inscribed on it: 657.

There was also a word in the corner: human.

“Take it.
This will count as your identity at least.
When you attend the Divine Convention, your number will be recorded directly,” the immortal servant said gently.

“Forget it.” Lou Muge pushed the square paper away.
He might as well use a different name instead of that square paper.
He had never imagined that he would one day have to fight for his identity.

The immortal servant merely thought he had figured it out, so she pushed the booklet on the table forward, pointing to a spot and said, “Here, hold out a finger and press it here.”

Lou Muge did as she instructed.

“Your name?” The immortal servant asked again.

“Lou Shengsheng,” he replied.

As soon as his words fell, he saw a flash of white light under his finger.
When he lifted his finger again, the words “Lou Shengsheng” were printed on the booklet.
Immediately after, the immortal servant handed over the square paper again, but this time, the seal engraved on it was Lou Shengsheng.

Lou Muge took it, but didn’t put it away right away.
He pinched it and walked a bit to a section where rows of immortal soldiers were guarding.
After he presented the square paper, the immortal soldiers gave him a stone with a string before letting him pass.
After passing this record check, Lou Muge stored the paper in his bell.

In the midst of the endless wilderness, there were only two mountain peaks standing, one looking bare and draped with white mist from afar, and one with flowers blooming all over the field.

It was heavily guarded, with immortal soldiers guarding almost every few dozen paces, doing their best to keep their eyes wide open for fear of the slightest disturbance.

The Immortal Realm didn’t have four seasons, but the seasons here were much slower than in the Human Realm.
Although Lou Muge was at the border of the Immortal Realm, he could still feel the faint spiritual power permeating in the air, which was already very precious for ordinary people who cultivate immortality.

Lou Muge took a look around, and found that there were people all around.
Although not crowded, the place was densely packed.
They should be the people who passed the first trial.

He came a little late and could not delay any longer, so he tied the stone to his wrist, and wisps of white light came out from the stone, transforming into the shape of a door.

This was the first trial for the Divine Cultivation Convention.
Once he stepped through the door, he would be transported to an area in the secular world plagued by demon spirits.
Whether the demon spirits were strong or weak depended on luck.
Some would be sent to young demons that had just transformed, while some would be sent to malevolent demons that had been cultivating for millennia.

Countless people would be screened through this door.
Once you stepped through it, your life and death was your own responsibility.

Lou Muge was about to go in, but suddenly heard a crisp and melodious bell ringing amidst the various conversations.

His ears perked slightly, and he immediately turned his head to look.
However, he only saw people coming and going, but his eyes didn’t catch anything.

His doubts bubbled only for a second and faded in the blink of an eye.
He plunged into the door, which was then instantly dissipated by the white light formation.

Amidst the sea of people, a man in a plain coat was staring straight through the crowd at the place where the door disappeared.

His appearance was so inconspicuous that hardly anyone’s eyes lingered on him.

He was holding a bone fan as sleek as white jade.
A hollow copper bell string strung with black and gold tassels was hanging from the handle of the fan.
It shook a little, echoing a crisp fleeting ring, and then went quiet as before.

TL Notes:

Mozun – Lou Muge was referred to as Mo (devil/fiend).
I translated it as Demon Lord instead of Devil Lord.


Fish Monster (鱼妖 Yuyao) – Lou Muge’s original form.
I might group monsters and demons as one later on.
(have to check if they’re separate entities.)


Monster/Demon Orb – (妖珠 Yaozhu) – Literally Monster Pearl…Not sure if this is similar to a demon core.


Wan Jianfeng – (万剑锋) – Lit.
Thousand Sword Blades/ ten thousand sword blades




Demon Spirits (妖怪 Yaoguai) – They’re malevolent animal spirits or fallen celestial deities who acquired magical powers through cultivation.

Feel free to advice me on the terms…I’m still familiarizing myself with a lot of them.

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