Feast For a Hundred Ghosts For Peace 8 

        If Ning Shaosi hadn’t mentioned it, Lou Muge would have forgotten that he still had such an old friend.

        When he met Wen Qingmian, the boy was still shedding streams of tears and snot in fright.
Unexpectedly, after all these years, he had successfully defeated his brothers and sat on the throne.

        Lou Muge fell into a deep thought.
On that note, Wen Changchu should also call him Uncle.

        Silence reigned for a long time.
Ning Shaosi never made a sound to interrupt his thoughts, and then in the silence, Lou Muge suddenly spoke, “When that brat, Wen Changchu, hands you something, you must not eat it.”

        Ning Shaosi was puzzled, but he still nodded obediently.

        When the two walked to the Crouching Dragon Spring, they found that Zhang Rong and his company had arrived first, and Wen Changchu was having a good quarrel with Ze Wan.

        Ze Qian glanced at the two figures and turned around, his tone full of impatience: “Lou Shengsheng? What are you doing here?”

        “Boss, why did you only come now? These three are close to poking the bottom of this spring.” After seeing Lou Muge, Wen Changchu stopped arguing with Ze Wan, and ran over with great enthusiasm, squeezing Ning Shaosi aside.

        Lou Muge still remembered the meat pie that nearly sent him to heaven this morning.
He glared at him irritably and viciously whispered, “You brat, I’ll find you later to settle accounts!”

        Wen Changchu scratched his head in confusion.
Before he could ask, he heard Lou Muge say, “What are they doing here?”

        “I don’t know.
I followed them all the way here,” Wen Changchu muttered, “Did they overhear the information we pried?”

        “Don’t think we are as nasty as you are.
We, Gods, walk upright and sit upright!” Ze Wan scolded angrily.

        “Look, they’re eavesdropping on us again,” Wen Changchu said.

        Ze Wan’s face and neck turned crimson with anger.
She choked on her breath, and while she was on a fix, Zhang Rong inserted into this quiet gap, “Three, I have explored this spring.
There is no smell of demons, and the spring water is clear and harmless.”

        “Did God King Zhang Rong swim to the bottom of the spring?” Lou Muge asked.

        “No, I haven’t,” Zhang Rong replied.

        Ze Wan snorted, “God King Zhang Rong is from the dragon tribe, and is born from water.
If he probes at all, does he need to go underwater?”

        Lou Muge shifted his gaze to the water: “There are some things that even spiritual power can’t detect.”

        Lush trees and even wild flowers surrounded the spring.
The spring water was cascading down from a 100-foot-high mountain stream amidst the continuous gurgling of water.

        “I advise you not to bother.
The strange disease of the people in the city has nothing to do with food.
It’s a curse,” Ze Qian said.

        Lou Muge raised his eyebrows: “Curse? How much do you know?”

        Ze Wan was about to say something, but Ze Wan deterred him.
She then said to Lou Muge, “Why should we tell you? If you want to know, go check it out yourself!”

        “Ze Wan,” Zhang Rong named her, as if to warn, but he didn’t blame her for her hostility either.

        Wen Changchu grunted angrily, “Do you think we care about your little piece of information? Get the hell out of here!”

        Zhang Rong’s eyes turned chilly.
He said goodbye, and then took Ze Wan and Ze Qian, who were still yelling at him, away.

        “Ptooey!” Wen Changchu hummed, “Immortals have always been like this, consistently pretentious.”

        “I second that.” Lou Muge echoed.
If not for the Trial Convention, he would have really taught that little girl called Ze Wan a good lesson.
It had been a long time since he had such an oppressive look on his face.

        After Zhang Rong and his company left, Lou Muge untied his cloak and threw it on the ground.
“I want to go down and take a look.”

        Wen Changchu looked at him, “Do you know how to swim?”

        Lou Muge nodded.
He took off his cotton clothes, stretched his muscles and bones, and dove into the spring sharply.
The bone-chilling coldness instantly wrapped around his body.

        He was much more comfortable in the water, because this body was originally a fish monster.
When Lou Muge picked it up, its monster orb had just been dissected and it hadn’t been breathing for a while.

        He easily swam to the bottom of the water, and his eyes could see clearly in the turbidity.
He stretched out his hand and scooped the soil, turning over a large amount of earth.
Lou Muge fumbled around for a while, touching either pebbles or lumps of earth.
Just as he was losing his patience, he touched a hard wooden stick.

        He picked the stick out of the earth, only to find that it was a broken feather arrow.
The iron head had long been covered with rust, and the body of the arrow was also corroded out of shape.
He frowned slightly, threw the feather arrow to the side and continued to fumble.
Then, he found a hunting knife, an axe and other things.

        It was not until Lou Muge stirred the bottom of the water that he touched what he was looking for and swam towards the surface.

        As soon as he touched the shore and floated out of the water, he was grabbed by his wrist and dragged to the shore.
Lou Muge turned in surprise and saw Ning Shaosi squatting beside him and in the process of wrapping his cloak around him.

        Ning Shaosi squatted next to him.
Warmth radiated from his palm and expelled the coldness up and down Lou Muge.
He asked with eyes full of seriousness, “What did you find?”

        Wen Changchu also approached.
“You’ve been down for so long.
I thought you found something in the water.”

        “The water is clean, and there’s no demonic energy.” Lou Muge did not expect this child to be so thoughtful.
He smiled at him and proudly unfolded his hand: “But I saw this.”

        His palm was covered with a piece of black scale, soaked.

        When Wen Changchu looked, he was amazed, “That rumor of the black scaled dragon turned out to be true?”

        Ning Shaosi made it out at a glance: “This is a dragon scale.”

        Wen Changchu was more amazed: “No wonder demonic energy can not be detected.
The original Shan’an City is the work of this dragon.”

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