ns, but no emotion could be perceived from his averted eyes.

        Lou Muge noticed his abnormality and guessed that the two of them might have thought of the same thing.

        It was a dragon[2] not a scaled dragon that summoned wind and called for rain.

        He didn’t know if mortals were aware of this matter, or whether summoning wind and calling for rain was merely bits of spin they added to the story.  

        Lou Muge nodded: “It seems that this Water Goddess is really powerful.”

        The old lady folded her hands and replied, full of devotion, “Shan’an people have been grateful to the Water Goddess for generations.”

        “Did this happen 50 years ago?”

        “Yes,” the old woman said, “I was only three years old back then.
My two sisters drowned, but my brother and I were spared.”

        The old lady shifted the topic under discussion and whispered a question, “Little Divine Immortal, is the strange incident in Shan’an also the work of the evil scaled dragon?”

        Lou Muge took two mouthfuls of wontons.
He could not speak, so he only shook his head.
He was about to swallow, but heard Ning Shaosi say, “We do not know the cause yet.
We’re still investigating.”

        He raised his eyes and found that Ning Shaosi’s bowl of wontons had already been finished.
His chopsticks were squarely placed on the side of the bowl, quite meticulously.
He was also looking at the old lady with a warm smile: “But don’t worry, we will solve the root cause of this evil work as soon as possible.”

        The steadiness that settled on him was inexplicably reassuring, but from the outside, he appeared just like a half-grown child.

        The old lady nodded trustingly, and gratitude reverberated in her words: “Thanks a lot, Little Divine Immortals.”

        Lou Muge did not tarry and finished his wontons in two to three bites.
He wiped his mouth with his hands and called Ning Shaosi, “Let’s go.”

        He turned around and walked dashingly, but when Ning Shaosi was leaving, he gently put down a piece of cheap silver on the table, before following him.

        The walk to the Crouching Dragon Spring took an hour.
Lou Muge had the white bone fan, so he no longer felt the cold.
He walked at a leisurely pace and chatted with Ning Shaosi from time to time.

        Thinking of the spicy meat pie that Wen Changchu asked him to pass on to Ning Shaosi in the morning, he asked more than once, “Do you have grudges against Wen Changchu?”

        Ning Shaosi shook his head blankly: “He rarely stays in the Demon Realm.
Some time ago, he also walked with the Zhu Clan of the Old God Realm.
We never crossed paths.”

        “The Zhu Clan of the Old God Realm…” Lou Muge narrowed his eyes, “You mean to say you knew Wen Changchu before?”

        “He is the youngest son of the current Demon King, Wen Qingmian.”

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