The Cute Yandere Next to Me

Fish, Prawns and a Squid - Part 1


I thought about it for a little.

I didn really have a reason to decline. I was definitely free tomorrow afternoon, in fact, I was free basically any time these days. She looked at me as I was making my decision, not that it was really a hard one. I didn really care but I don usually go out with people.

”Yeah. ”

She showed me a bright beaming smile and continued to talk.

”Ah, thats great, theres a cafe just a few blocks down the road that I want to try. ”

”Alright. ”

”Ive got club activities today so tomorrow it is! ”

I noticed that there was no point where she actually asked me if I wanted to come, it seemed I had just automatically accepted her invitation.

Oh well.

After accepting her invitation, I went back to eating my lunch. I had already finished the rest of my ham sandwich so I went on to eat my apple. I was careful not to spill any of the juice onto my book. The area went silent for a little while again as neither of us spoke to each other. A few minutes later, I had finished eating and fully committed myself to reading.

I was getting pretty close to the end so I would probably go to the library to grab another book once I was done. There were still around 40 minutes of lunch left so Id have plenty of time.

Near the end, I managed to witness another one of Nietzches famous quotes,
o one can construct for you the bridge upon which precisely you must cross the stream of life, no one but you yourself alone, this was a quote which I could somewhat relate to. My entire life, I had been forced to face almost every situation, every problem, by myself. By relying on others, you are only setting yourself up to fail.

At least, that was what I believed.

Eventually, I finally reached the conclusion of the book. I closed it and stood up from my chair.

”Where are you going? ”

”To the library. ”

Fujiharu looked as if she had basically finished eating.

”Ill come with you. ”

I didn really see the point of her coming with me. All I wanted to do was to return this book and get a new one—but since she wanted to come, I guess there was no point trying to stop her.

”Sure, I guess. ”

She quickly packed up her lunchbox and shoved it back into her bag.

The two of us walked through the halls and towards the library which was situated outside of the main classroom building. I again felt glares from nearby students as we strolled through the courtyard, I guess the idea of me being with Fujiharu was quite disagreeable to most people.

It wasn like I really asked her to tag along.

A few moments later, we were greeted by the automatic glass doors of the library and made our way inside. Right in front of the entrance was a little display with the sign, Our Picks, I had a quick scan of the books and eventually walked past it. I had already read several of those books and the rest all seemed relatively unappealing.

I began walking through the library, having a look at each of the sections.

Fujiharu suddenly showed interest in a novel.

”Mizuhara, you should try this one! ”

She pointed at a novel with quite an extravagant name and quite a colourful cover. I had a quick look at it and saw that it was called, Apathy at Gifted Academy, another novel by H.Z.

”I read it a few days ago and it was really good! ”

She pulled on my arm, gesturing for me to grab it.

I didn really want it however, I had read quite a few light novels in the last few days and I wanted a more traditional book instead. Aside from Nietzsche on Truth and Philosophy, I had read a significant number of teen novels in the past days. I looked around and saw a book that caught my eye.

It was To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Despite how well-known the novella was, I still hadn read it. I figured that it was about time I read through it, its commentary on injustice and the historical socio-economic climate was definitely something I should witness firsthand.

Fujiharu seemed to be displeased by my choice.

”Aw, that book looks so boring. ”

”I don really mind it. ”

There was no aspect of it that I found particularly uninteresting. I would likely be able to finish the entire book in a day or so and then Id come back for another. I generally didn like borrowing more than one book at a time as I felt that it was more exciting to come back to the library every time for a new book.

The two of us made our way to the counter and I handed in Nietzsche on Truth and Philosophy, after that, I borrowed To Kill a Mockingbird and scanned my student card. With a beep, the machine processed all the information and the two of us left the library.

”Ah, your taste in books is so weird. ”

”I suppose, but Ive always read these types of books. ”

”Oh, were your parents very into literature? ”

”Um, Im not sure. ”

e not sure? ”

I hardly had any memory of my parents at all. My only core memory of my family at all was one time when my older sister and I were sitting, curled up in our room. My parents were shouting at each other in the kitchen, I don recall much of the conversation, but the one thing I remember was the phrase, ”we don need Ayato. ”

They only cared about my sister. Well, at least thats what I assumed from the context.

A few days after that, I was a participant in the Ideal Human Project, after that point, my entire life was consumed by it.

I wonder where my sister was now.

It didn really matter that much to me, I didn have enough time to really build a connection with my parents and I only had very fleeting memories with my sister.

”I didn talk to my parents much when I was younger, ” I said.

”Oh, do you still go back to visit them now? ”

”Not really, this school is basically my only home. ”

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