hem never had any sort of relationship in the first place.

Instead, she was happily flirting with the boy who had now been seated next to her.

That was when I first realised it.


This cycle went on continuously every time the seating plan was changed.

Some of the boys in the class began calling her the seatmate bully, however, her reputation appeared to be untarnished. For she was a genuinely cute girl, it would appear understandable to most people that shed reject a lot of boys.

Most people chalked it up to a coincidence that it was often her seatmate who would be heartbroken.

However, I very clearly noticed this pattern.

Why was she doing this?

What was her goal?

Aside from her seatmate bullying, she seemed to be an honest, kind person. It didn make sense…

What was her reason… for breaking so many hearts?

Soon enough, I would have an opportunity to find out.


Usually, our teacher would reshuffle the seats every 3 to 4 weeks.

It was the beginning of the second semester.

It was just a coincidence that I was seated next to Sara Fujiharu at the beginning of this semester. I was in the seat at the very front and on the very left, seat one as we called it. She was seated to my right, with another girl on the other side of her. The girl seated on the other side of her was Karen Nakatani; she was one of Fujiharus best friends from what I observed.

The teacher generally had a boy-girl seating allocation method but she would also make sure that you had at least one friend beside you—so it was more like a boy-boy-girl-girl seating method. As a result, Fujiharu would always be seated next to one and only one boy.

In the last couple of months, I had noticed Fujiharus tendency to break the hearts of the boys sitting next to her. All I knew was that not a single boy yet managed to survive the several weeks without falling for her. I didn have much information on what was really happening—I could only really observe from the outside.

Now, I would be right in the middle of her attacks.

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