n today see what kind of virtue this first daughter of the Prime Minister Mansion was.

The maid ran back in a panic, shouting that Miss Nian had been slapped.

Song Mei knocked over her teacup in her hand when she was in a hurry.
Ignoring her dress soaked by the hot tea, she hurriedly walked towards the garden where the banquet was held with the support of the maid.

Zhang Quan saw that the scene was out of control, he immediately left the garden and went straight to the Old Madam at Rong’an Hall.

Prime Minister was not in the mansion, and the eldest young lady and Madam Song were at odds with each other, only the Old Madam could control the scene.

When Song Mei arrived in a hurry, she saw her daughter who was helped back to the chair by the maid, covering her face with one hand.
She rushed over and pushed the maid away, hugged Qin Nian, and saw the swollen left face under Qin Nian’s fingers.
Song Mei was distressed beyond words.

“Which one of you who have the cheek to act outrageously in the Prime Minister Mansion!” Song Mei asked sternly.

She turned her head to look at Qin Yan but was shocked by Qin Yan’s face which resembled Shen Shiying.
The memories of being suppressed by Shen Shiying in those years came back to her mind, and the resentment in her heart was even greater.

Qin Yan lamented at Song Mei’s change.
When Qin Yan saw her parents’ farce, she already kept a record of events.
Song Mei, a girl from Jiangnan, who was weak at the time, was very gentle and was more to her father’s liking than her mother, who was born into a general family and had a flamboyant nature.

Now that Concubine Song gave birth to the only son of Prime Minister Qin, she had the confidence to be the mistress of the mansion.

“Which one is this with big confidence?” Shen Ying said sarcastically with her arms around her.

The maid beside Song Mei raised her voice, “Bold, how dare you disrespect Madam of the Prime Minister Mansion!”

This time, Qin Yan didn’t need to speak.
Shen Ying took two steps to kick the maid who had just spoken into the rose bush next to her, and suddenly a shrill scream came out.

“Presumptuous!” Song Mei thought that Qin Yan was rude, but she didn’t expect that the woman in black beside her was so powerful.
It was inconvenient to call guards to this inner courtyard, and Song Mei started to get panicky.

“My mother has not been in the mansion for many years, who is this posing as the Madam of the Prime Minister Mansion?” Qin Yan said leisurely.

“It turned out to be Yan’er.
If there is any misunderstanding, let’s talk about it.
Why did you have to raise your hand as soon as you come back? I’m afraid it will be difficult to explain when the Prime Minister comes back.” Song Mei continued to pretend to be dumbfounded but did not forget to bring out Prime Minister Qin to intimidate Qin Yan.

“Is this Concubine Song? Speaking of which, I still have to call Concubine Song, Mister… I just heard that Concubine Song arranged for me to live in Lanyue Pavilion.
I seem to remember that when Concubine Song was my teacher, didn’t you also live in Lanyue Pavilion for a while?”

Song Mei was embarrassed and really wanted to hide in the crack of the ground.
When Qin Yan was born, she was brought into Qin Mansion by the Old Madam as Mister Xi Xi.

Everyone who knew about those things at the time was driven to the village by her, and now everyone in the mansion respected her very much.
She didn’t expect Qin Yan to be so sharp and turn over the old accounts.

At this time, Rong Mama, who was beside the old madam, led a group of maids into the garden majestically.
Mama Rong, with her hands in her sleeves, stood on the stone steps outside the garden, and said loudly, “Old Madam invites Miss Qin Yan to the ancestral hall!”

Qin Yan curled her lips into a cold smile.
Looking at this situation, was she going to escort her to kneel in the ancestral hall?

It was the same thing again.
In those years, her mother endured silently for that ridiculous love, swallowed her grievances, and spent countless nights in the ancestral hall.
Now, Qin Yan was not interested in playing this rear courtyard trick with them anymore!

Song Mei sneered in her heart, she wanted to see how this little girl ended up.

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