d through across the corridor, and walked towards her mother’s Qiushui Courtyard.

Zhang Quan noticed Qin Nian’s intentions, stepped forward quickly, and blocked Qin Yan’s way.
He wanted to say something but then hesitated.

Qin Yan raised her eyebrows and looked at Zhang Quan with a puzzled face.
She had a bad premonition in her heart.


Zhang Quan said hesitantly, “Madam Song lives in Qiushui Courtyard.
If Eldest Miss wants to go there, let me pass the news first.”

Qin Yan thought to herself, as expected.

But this was not just the Qin Mansion, it was also the dowry garden of her mother, and there was no tolerance for others to occupy the magpie’s nest.

Zhang Quan thought of something and added, “A few days ago, Madam Song arranged to clean up Lanyue Pavilion.
Eldest Miss can go there to have a rest first.”

“Lanyue Pavilion? I can’t go to my mother’s courtyard, and I can’t even go to my own courtyard?” Qin Nian narrowed her eyes slightly.

Zhang Quan never imagined that talking to this seventeen-year-old girl would be stressful.

“Madam Song is not in good health, so Prime Minister let Miss Nian live in Yanyu Pavilion for easy companionship…” Zhang Quan said bitterly.

It turned out that Song Mei lived in her mother’s Qiushui Courtyard, while Song Mei’s daughter Qin Nian lived in her own Yanyu Pavilion.

“Madam Song? Song Mei?” Qin Yan’s voice was slightly heavy.

Zhang Quan was afraid of what was coming, this shouldn’t have been said by him as a servant.
Since Concubine Song took charge of the family and replaced most of the servants, everyone in the mansion was calling Concubine Song, Madam Song.
Although it was unreasonable, Prime Minister and the old madam also acquiesced.

Qin Yan sighed, “Go to the lotus pond.” She walked away.

Zhang Quan hesitated a little when he heard the words, but he still followed.


The lotus pond not far from Qiushui Courtyard was originally shallow.
In the midsummer of her childhood, Qin Yan and her mother often played in the water and fished there.

But under this inconspicuous pond in the Xi Garden was a warehouse, and the entrance was in the rockery beside the pond.
When Shen Changshan, the Duke of Zhenguo, ordered people to build this Xi Garden, he prepared this warehouse to store Shen Shiying’s dowry.

Based on memory, Qin Yan walked to the location of the lotus pond, but only a locked room could be seen, and there were still traces of rockery and pond.
Qin Yan wondered if her memory was wrong.

“How can it be like this?” Qin Yan asked Zhang Quan with a frown.

Zhang Quan stuttered when he spoke, “Prime Minister said that the bottom of the pool was too moist, so he ordered someone to move the warehouse up…”

The warehouse was built at the bottom of the pool to prevent outside thieves.
The stone gate at the rockery could only be opened with a special key and there was only one key.
It used to be in Shen Shiying’s hands, but now it was in Qin Yan’s hands.

Could it be that Prime Minister Qin couldn’t open the door, so he drained the pool, and broke open the warehouse?

Her mother’s dowry items were stored in them.
In addition to jewelry, there were also land deeds, house deeds, and antique calligraphy and paintings.
Her grandfather ordered the warehouse to be treated with special moisture-proof treatment, which had never been affected by moisture in those years.

Too moist? This reason was too pompous.
It seemed that the thief in the family was difficult to prevent.

“No wonder Uncle Huai said that there was a problem with Madam’s shops and asked Master to come to the warehouse to get the land deeds…” Shen Ying retorted.

“Shen Ying!”

Qin Yan cut off Shen Ying’s words.

Qin Yan closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
Her father’s table manners were too ugly, and now she really had to think long and hard.

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