ook her head, and the light in Shen Huai’s eyes dimmed.

Qin Yan looked at Shen Huai with graying hairs on his temples and sighed in her heart.
In this world, only a few people remembered her mother.

Entering the study, Qin Yan took the main seat, “Uncle Huai, sit down.”

Shen Huai sat down next to Qin Yan, sorted out his thoughts, and said, “Master must have received the news of the Emperor’s summoning the Pingxi Army to return to the court a few days ago.”

“The imperial decree for the Duke has already arrived at Xiaoguan, in addition to Eunuch Chang who issued the decree, the minister of the Ministry of War, Chen Xun, who will be taking over the defense of Xiaoguan, and the minister of Taipu Temple*, Li Bi.”

(Taipu Temple* – managing the emperor’s logistics, including carriages and horses)

“The people from Taipu Temple may have their eyes on the Mulan Horse Farm.” Shen Huai looked worried.

Qin Yan raised her eyes, “Uncle Huai, how many years has it been?”

Shen Huai was stunned for a moment, then reacted, “We have been in the Northwest for twelve years.”

“Twelve years, ah.
When we go back, we still have to submit our pledge of loyalty.”

Qin Yan laughed self-deprecatingly, perhaps things had changed in the past twelve years.

“Uncle Huai, prepare the horse farm documents.
In the name of the City Master of the Gu City, invite the minister of Taipu Temple to enter the city tomorrow.
Also, invite the minister of the Ministry of War to hand over the affairs of the Gu City.”

Shen Huai was surprised as the handover of the Gu City was an established procedure, but the Mulan Horse Farm was his master’s private property.

However, he had to admire her.
His master had been very open and cooperative over the years, and she had the style of her grandfather, Duke of Zhenguo, Shen Changshan.
In contrast, he was always overcautious and indecisive.
Shen Huai was ashamed and ordered to retire.


Qin Yan rubbed a gilt hand stove on the table, with her eyes drooping slightly as if she was a little tired.

Shen Ying’s voice sounded at the door, “Master, Mister Ji is here.”


The elegant man walked in and glanced at Qin Yan, who was wearing a single robe and leaning in the chair.
His face sank, “Shen Ying!”

“Here!” Shen Ying, who was behind the man, shuddered.
She was the most afraid of Mister Ji.
He seemed gentle, but he had some means of making people in an extremely painful situation.

“That’s how you take care of Master.
Don’t you know that Master can’t stand the cold?” Ji Nanfeng had always been soft-spoken and composed, but her back had chills when she heard it.

Shen Ying hurriedly took the white fox cloak from the maid’s hand and quickly walked over to put on Qin Yan.
She murmured in her heart, didn’t she just go to invite him? Her master was lazy and didn’t pay attention to it, so he tormented her.

“Mister Ji, we are leaving.”

After Shen Ying retreated to one side, Qin Yan spoke slowly.

Ji Nanfeng took the tray from the maid’s hand, walked slowly to the desk, took the green-glazed bamboo hat* in front of Qin Yan, and replaced it with the flower and fruit tea he had just prepared.

(bamboo hat*­ – a teacup that is shaped like a hat)

“The capital city is more suitable for Master to recuperate her body than in the Gu City.
Several houses bought in the capital city a month ago have been arranged for people to take care of them, and the furnishings are all arranged according to Master’s preferences.
The matters in Gu City have been arranged properly, and the heads of the trading establishments in various provinces were also notified.”

“Mister Ji took a lot of trouble.”

Qin Yan picked up the white porcelain cup at hand, and the mist of tea covered the coldness in her eyes.
It had been a long time, Capital City.


In the capital city at the Qin Mansion of the Right Prime Minister, Song Mei was combing her hair in front of the bronze mirror in the Qiushui Courtyard of Xi Garden.
The woman in the mirror was no longer young in age, and her thin body could not afford the thin clothing on her body, which made her look even weaker.
The Right Prime Minister, Qin Wenzheng, saw such a scene when he was walking into the warm room in the main room.

Prime Mister Qin had a scholarly temperament.
Even though he was middle-aged, his figure was not fat, and there was still vaguely his youthful demeanor.
He walked straight to the soft couch at the south window and sat down, pressing his forehead lightly.

Song Mei was overjoyed when she saw the corner of the purple official robe flash across in the mirror.
She got up slowly, called “Prime Minister”, walked over with ladylike steps, and sat down next to Prime Minister Qin.
A pair of hands that did not wear any jewelry sneaked onto Prime Minister Qin’s shoulders, massaged the man gently, then stopped talking.

This was the long-standing tacit understanding between the two.
Song Mei scrupulously abided by her duty as a wife and never crossed the line.

Oh, she was not the first wife*, she was just a concubine.

(first wife* – the legitimate wife)

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