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Feng Yuyao ordered the palace servant to add a seat beside Qin Yan and then sat down to chat with Qin Yan.

“Who is this?” Feng Yuyao looked at Jiang Mu.

Qin Yan didn’t want to answer as Jiang Mu’s identity was awkward, so she made up a statement casually, “Jiang Mu, my adopted brother.”

“Adopted! Brother?” Feng Yuyao was surprised, “Xiao Yanyan, you’re very capable!”

No official family members were invited to today’s game.
Qin Yan was only the newly conferred Princess to be able to have a seat.
Even Qin Yan’s own brother would not have enough identity.
And this brother with a cold expression actually arranged for a seat, perhaps his identity was not simple.

Adhering to the harem survival rules learned over the years, she talked less and asked less.
Feng Yuyao glanced at Jiang Mu with a grin and said nothing more.

In the main stand, Princess of Changle, Feng Yunchao, sipped tea alone since she took her seat, with an indifferent expression, as if she was not interested in these things.
Until a sound came, “Your Majesty is here!”

Feng Yunchao and everyone stood up and bowed, “Long live Your Majesty.”

“Stand up.” The Emperor of Hui sat on the throne above.

Everyone got up and returned to their seats.

The Second Prince, Feng Xian, also came with the Emperor of Hui.
It was unknown whether it was Qin Yan’s illusion, Feng Xian frequently cast curious glances at her since he was seated.

Qin Yan ignored it and drank the tea on her own.
Today’s tea was also a good spring tea, but it was not as refreshing as the one she usually drank, which could only moisten her throat and relieve dryness.


After a while, the music gradually faded, and the drums began to play.

The three teams wearing blue, red, and yellow narrow-sleeved jerseys and black boots slowly entered the field on horseback.

The green and red ten-man teams were led by Xie Changyuan, the Commander of the Shence Army of the Northern Yamen, and Lu Shen, the Commander of the Longwu Army of the Southern Yamen, respectively.
The ten-man team in yellow jersey was led by Shen Ci, the Commanding General of the Pingxi Army.

With the sound of drums music, the three teams rode horses around the field three times, and then they all faced the main stand where the Emperor of Hui was, shouting “Longevity is boundless”.

The sound shook thousands of miles, and the made the listener full of enthusiasm.

“Good! Good! Good!” Emperor of Hui applauded.


As soon as Xie Changyuan entered the field, his eyes caught Xie Zhao in the Pingxi Army team, who really looked similar to Marquis Xie.
The eyes of the two met, and both of them both burst forth a cold light.

Xie Changyuan swept across the stands, and when his gaze passed the stand on the west side, his body shook.
That was…

Next to Princess of Jingyi Feng Yuyao’s seat, was the woman he saw in the teahouse saw that day Qin Yan?

Aside from a young boy on the west stand, there were only Shen Changshan, Duke of Zhenguo, Shen Shiyan, Shizi of the Duke Mansion, and Xie An, Marquis of Yongding.
And the one next to Princess of Jingyi, Feng Yuyao could only be Qin Yan, the newly conferred Princess.

How could it be her? His own fiancée?

That was right, Qin Yan was Princess of Jingyi’s study companion when she was young, and the two of them had a very close personal relationship.
She was the only one who could have Feng Yuyao meet outside the palace.

Just because he was influenced by the rumors, he thought that Qin Yan at this time… Thinking about how she had such fair baby skin when she was a child…

Quickly withdrawing his gaze, Xie Changyuan was a little upset about what he said at the city gate before…

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