“Uncle Huai, after you leave, tell Mister Ji about the situations of my mother’s properties that you found out in every detail.”

“Yes, Master,” Shen Huai replied.

“Mister Ji, no matter the cost, take down the shops that Song Mei runs and other shops in the same business.
Let the heads of the trading establishments in various prefectures select competent talents and come to the capital as soon as possible.” Qin Yan’s voice was slightly cold.
It was time to arrange Song Mei’s affairs.

“Mister Ji, have you checked Wen Luo, the shopkeeper of the Yu family’s trading establishment in Gu City?” Qin Yan asked Ji Nanfeng.

Ji Nanfeng eloquently explained the information he had investigated, “Wen Luo, a wealthy businessman from Yangzhou, came from the Yu family.
As the adopted son of the former head of the Yu family, he has been doing business in the south for many years.
He is shrewd with a calm personality and ruthless behavior.
At present, he is marginalized by the current head of the Yu family, depressed and unwilling.
At one point, he wanted to retire and return to his hometown.
Previously, he was tied down to repay the kindness of the Yu family’s upbringing but never had any evil intention.
His moral conduct is pretty decent.”

“Does Master want to use him?” Ji Nanfeng asked.

“It can’t be said to use.
This person has the ability and ambition, but all he lacks is opportunity.
We can let him use our strength to support him and help him make a comeback.
There are some things that our people are inconvenient to come forward, so it’s just right to let him do it.
This is cooperation.” Qin Yan’s tone was light.

Ji Nanfeng frowned slightly, “Master, it’s a rule set before that the trading establishments do not enter the capital.
I’m worried about the imperial family…”

“Today is different from the past.
Now I’m the Princess of Zhaoren, I just want to avenge my personal grudge honestly and openly.
As early as in Gu City, several groups of people were already investigating us, and we couldn’t continue to hide.” Qin Yan spoke slowly but was really determined.

“Mister Ji, what about the mansion?”

“The Princess Mansion in Xishan has been taken care of by someone.
The courtyard reserved for the Princess of Jingyi has also been arranged according to the list given by the Princess.
What other arrangements does Master have?”

“Choose a date and move to the mansion.
Let’s arrange a housewarming banquet!” Qin Yan remembered Feng Yuyao’s joke.

“Master, are we not going back to Xi Garden anymore? Didn’t that let those people take advantage of it in vain?” Shen Ying was furious.

“Don’t worry, even if they have the ability to take it, it also depends on whether they have the ability to keep it.”

Just play with them.


In the early morning of the next day, Taipu Temple read out the scale of the Mulan Horse Farm handed over by Princess of Zhaoren in front of the ministers.
There were more than one hundred thousand adult horses, more than fifty thousand foals, countless cattle and sheep, and tens of thousands of camels.
Among them, more than ten Ferghana horses had been transported to the Western Suburbs Horse Farm.

The whole court was shocked by the large scale and value of Mulan Horse Farm.
And Princess of Zhaoren turned in all of them, which was really a lot of money.

It was only then that the courtier suddenly realized that it was no wonder that she was able to obtain the title of Princess.
Before, they felt that a fief of five thousand households was out of regulation, but now they felt ashamed.
With such resources, she might not look up to this fief.

After the court, whether it was a civil official or a military general, took turns to congratulate Prime Minister Qin, and they all praised Prime Minister Qin for teaching his daughter well with righteousness.

Prime Minister Qin was speechless.
As Qin Yan’s father, he did not know about the horse farm in advance.
When a colleague asked about this, he could only ambiguously talk about it.

After the court, Prime Minister Qin found a restaurant, went up to the private room on the second floor by the window, and sat alone.

His eldest daughter was an eye-opener, and she did have that kind of arrogance.
Just how much financial and material resources it took to raise this horse farm, the young people today were really incredible.
He didn’t think he have that kind of power to do so.
Over the years, he had calculated Shen Shiying’s properties, which were also Qin Yan’s dowry.
He hoped those things couldn’t get into the eyes of today’s Qin Yan.

Prime Minister Qin had a few drinks in the restaurant.
There would be an important morning meeting tomorrow and he didn’t dare to drink freely so as not to get drunk and make mistakes.
When it was almost dusk, he got up and returned to the mansion.

Prime Minister Qin dragged his heavy steps as he was already tired.
What awaited him in the mansion was his mother’s questioning, Song Mei’s crying, and his daughter’s resentment.
Even Ming’er had repeatedly asked about his eldest sister Qin Yan in recent days.
As the son of a civil official, he was now enrolled in the Imperial Academy.
He actually said how much he admired his eldest sister and hoped that he could become an official with military achievements.
Yesterday, the father and son quarreled endlessly and parted on bad terms.

When he came down from the second floor and passed the hall, he heard everyone marvel at the fate of Princess of Zhaoren, and they were all envious.

Along with it, the mother of Princess of Zhaoren, Shen Shiying, the number one beauty in the capital back then, was the white moonlight* in the hearts of many people.

(white moonlight* – refers to the unreachable person in the heart or unforgettable first love)

Yes, including Qin Wenzheng, who met Shen Shiying at the beginning of that year…

He couldn’t think about it anymore, the dead was gone.
Prime Minister Qin felt that he was several years old these days and left in a hurry.

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