econd daughter who was brought back a few years ago was a lucky star.
She was doing business in the south and has a lot of talent for business.”

“As for the second young lady of the Left Prime Minister Mansion, when she was young, she and her mother encountered thieves on the way to a temple in Yangzhou and was rescued by a wealthy businessman of the Yu family in Yangzhou.
Later, an eminent monk once said this daughter was destined to have a great disaster, and if she wanted to avoid this misfortune, she should be raised in the Yu family in Yangzhou who saved her.
So, this daughter grew up in the Yu family in Yangzhou since she was a child, and she was brought back to the capital in recent years.”

“I haven’t been able to find any evidence of the Left Prime Minister’s corruption.
Maybe there is indeed no corruption, but there is another source where the money comes from.
However, whether there is collusion between officials and businessmen, only…”

“Continue to investigate.” Feng Zhan’s tone was slightly cold.

“Left Prime Minister, after all, is Your Highness’s uncle…” Ji Mu said with consideration.
Seeing Taizi’s unhappy expression, his words turned sharply, “This Qin Yan is really a popular person.
Your Highness Taizi, it’s better to strike first! “

What answered him were Feng Zhan’s cold eyes.

“Too idle? The imperial examination is about to start, and since you can’t get the list of the Left Prime Minister’s supporters, you don’t have to stay in the capital.
Didn’t the coup on the southern border needs someone to watch over it?” Feng Zhan’s voice was somewhat cold.

“…” Southern border… Poisonous malaria… Poisonous insects…

“I’ll check it out right now.
This subordinate will retire!” Ji Mu retreated numbly.

After Ji Mu left, Song Zhi came in and spoke in a guilty tone, “The adjacent private room has already been cleared.
When Princess of Jingyi came up just now, this subordinate didn’t have time to stop them, so they entered the private room next door.
This subordinate did not do it well and almost delay Your Highness’s affairs.”

Fortunately, Princess of Jingyi and her group laughed out loud when they entered the private room next door and reminded His Highness incidentally on this side.

“Go back and get twenty rods.”

“This subordinate receives the punishment.”

Feng Zhan tapped lightly on the table, Qin Yan?


Duke of Zhenguo Mansion.

“People from the Qin Mansion came again today, and they were all stopped outside the mansion.” Shen Huai waited for Qin Yan to return to the mansion and immediately looked for her.

“Hmm.” Qin Yan didn’t care about this.

“People from Imperial Concubine Shu have come to invite Miss to go to the palace to enjoy the flowers tomorrow.”

“Not interested.”

Imperial Concubine Shu, Qin Yan’s aunt, was one of the four imperial concubines and had two princes, and was a childhood friend of Song Mei.
She had disagreements with her mother before.
She always felt that her mother had robbed Song Mei of the position of the Madam of the Prime Minister.

This Imperial Concubine Shu probably came to ask for an explanation for Qin Nian.

“Concubine Shu’s people said that their imperial concubine has news of the young lady.” Uncle Huai added.

“Really?” Qin Yan sighed faintly.

Taking the news of my mother as an excuse, it seemed that whether it was true or not, she had to make a trip.

Qin Yan fiddled with a suede jade pendant with a cloud pattern in her hand, and suddenly the sharp eyes that met when she left the tea house today flashed across her mind.

Thinking of what Feng Yuyao said about seeing the Taizi’s carriage, could that be the legendary Taizi Feng Zhan with tough means?

| Translator’s Note: The first meeting between the two leads…  (^_^)

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