Jung Da-hyun arrived in front of a high-end Korean restaurant and nodded her head slightly.

Her suspicion towards Choi Jun-ho was not wrong.
She followed him here, thinking that he might cause trouble.

She knew that he had been looking down on Wang Ju-yeol since his first day at work.
Wang Ju-yeol’s name had even come up in connection with a drug organization, and they had clashed a few times.

Above all, Wang Ju-yeol had also picked fights with others frequently, so if she felt good about him, that would be strange.

“But he’s reckless.”

Wang Ju-yeol was a corrupt civil servant hunter, but he was someone who at least had one strong connection.
He had strong ties with other government hunters, as well as with large corporations and guilds.

They couldn’t catch him with just his name in the ledger or a few minor corruptions.

So even if Jung Ju-ho disliked him, he couldn’t act recklessly.

She had also thought that she would have to catch Wang Ju-yeol sometime, but not now.

“Shall we go in?”

Jung Da-hyun hesitated while trying to hide herself awkwardly.
She didn’t have to care since she had come after him on her own, but it was Choi Jun-ho who took action.

She had a high opinion of the newly appointed officer.
He looked like a handsome 25-year-old on the outside, but he was Level 7.

It was still a mystery how he reached Level 7 at such a young age, but regardless of that, he took the government hunter job seriously and worked hard.

It would be a lie if she said that she didn’t like his awareness of eliminating social evil and how he put his best effort into arresting those ‘evils’.

Although even the villains trembled at the mere mention of his name due to his brutality, she started to think that it might be helping to suppress the crimes of the villains lately.

It was hard to imagine how many people would have suffered if it were not for Choi Jun-ho’s quick judgment and bold actions.

As she kept thinking about whether to intervene or not, she snapped out of her thoughts due to a vibration from her smartphone.

It was Choi Jun-ho calling.

“I caught Wang Ju-yeol.”


“You should contact the director, so please come inside after that.”

And the call ended.


He probably knew that she was following him.
No, it would be arrogant to think that Choi Jun-ho, who was level 7, couldn’t have noticed her pursuit.

After immediately contacting Jung Ju-ho, Jung Da-hyun entered the Korean restaurant.
It wasn’t difficult to figure out which room Choi Jun-ho was in.


In the hallway, people in suits were lying on the ground with broken arms and legs.
As she entered, she could see four people, including Wang Ju-yeol, with broken limbs.

“They are the back alley guild masters.”

“Are you hurt?”


“Still, what you did could be dangerous.”

“I caught him when the opportunity came.
It would have been difficult to catch him if it weren’t now.”

Choi Jun-ho’s emotionless words were hard to sympathize with.

She had a feeling that he would have done this regardless of whether there’s an opportunity or not.

“Before people come, please use recovery medicine.
Otherwise, I feel like they’re going to die.”

Junho, did you use recovery medicine?”

“I used it on the three people here.”

“Oh, you’ve already used it.”

But even so, their condition didn’t seem abnormal enough to die right away.

How hard did he handle them?

Jung Da-hyun gave a recovery medicine to Wang Ju-yeol.

Even if he was a government hunter stained with corruption, he was still a level 6 expert, but he was still treated miserably.

“Thank you.”

“Did you know I was going to follow you?”

“I thought I couldn’t deceive Miss Da-hyun’s intuition.”

“What if I didn’t come?”

“I believed you would come.”

Jun-ho is really hard to understand.”

It seemed like he was praising her, but on the other hand, it felt like she was playing directly in his hand.

The problem was that she didn’t feel bad.
It shouldn’t be like this.
She wanted to show her dignity as his supervisor, but at some point, she felt like she was being dragged along.

“Team Leader Wang is not an easy person to deal with.”

“I have heard of that several times already.”

“So there must be solid evidence to prove his crimes.
Do you have evidence? Yes? No way, right?”

Jung Da-hyun’s expression suddenly changed as she looked at Choi Jun-ho’s ambiguous expression.

Jun-ho, you didn’t cause trouble just because of guilt, did you?”

Those around him were worried.

However, the person in question was calm.

“What I showed you last time was all there is.”




Jung Da-hyun closed her eyes tightly as a dizzying feeling overwhelmed her.

Shortly after, Jung Ju-ho arrived at a Korean restaurant with his subordinates.

Looking around the room, he frowned.

“You screwed up big time.”

Jung Ju-ho spoke to Choi Jun-ho.

“If we don’t find evidence against him, you will be held accountable.
Take these people with you.”

He gave orders without waiting for a response.


Wang Ju-yeol, who was arrested by the National Security Agency, started causing a scene the next day, waking up frighteningly.

Being skilled in political tricks meant being quick-witted.
Realizing that the situation he was in was not good, he denied all charges and shouted to be informed of his legal rights.

“Release me immediately! Do you think you’ll be okay after doing this? Director! You know what it means to keep an innocent person like this!”


Jung Ju-ho anticipated this situation and shook his head.
The seasoned Wang Ju-yeol would not reveal any gaps in his defense by using any means necessary.


Jung Da-hyun, who was standing next to him, tightly pressed her acupressure point with her hand.
She looked somewhat pale after struggling with her emotions all night.

If only Choi Jun-ho had been captivated by her beauty even just a little, this incident would not have happened.

Jung Ju-ho thought that being infatuated with a woman was also a problem, but thinking nothing of it was also a problem.

“What do you think about Choi Jun-ho?”

“The sins of Wang Ju-yeol are certain…”

“Even if it is certain, there must be evidence.
It is meaningless if it is not confirmed by evidence.
Moreover, in the current situation, it will be difficult unless Wang Ju-yeol confesses himself.”

Jung Ju-ho thought that Choi Jun-ho was being arrogant as a newcomer.
He tried to handle the situation in his own way, but there was no suitable method.

“I’ll try to pressure him using the ledger.”

“It won’t be easy.”

Jung Da-hyun went into the interrogation room with a resolute expression.


Two days after the arrest of Wang Ju-yeol.

The world of the awakened was like scattered grains of sand, but this incident showed just how narrow it really was.

The arrest of Wang Ju-yeol, who was the second in command of the National Security Agency and in charge of the special team, became a big issue.
It seemed to be a great shock that a lower-ranked officer arrested him.

In particular, Yoon-hee sent a link to a news article about the lasciviousness of government hunter, and the reporter, Go Ye-jin, asked how far they would fall.

In any case, the points where people felt the shock were different for each.
But in the National Security Agency, they were greatly shocked that I had subdued and brought in Wang Ju-yeol.

Externally, my level was 5 and Wang Ju-yeol was 6.
Cases where a lower level captured a higher level were not very common, especially in levels 5 and above, which could be considered high levels, because level was essentially equivalent to combat power.

That’s why there was a flurry of contacts from various guilds.
They called me “sir” even though we had never met, and they laid out all sorts of flattery.

They contacted me so much that it was making my daily life uncomfortable.

But how did they know my contact information when I never posted it anywhere else? By the way, my smartphone contacts were only my parents, Yoon-hee, and Jung Da-hyun.

It seemed that my personal information was not being protected.

Unlike me, who was experiencing inconvenience in my daily life, Jung Da-hyun’s face was tired and haggard.

When I asked the reason, she answered with a weak voice.

“Questioning Team Leader Wang is not easy.
He’ll be released after tomorrow.”

Since the arrest of Wang Ju-yeol was not a normal process, Jung Ju-ho, as the person in charge of the National Security Agency, could detain him for 72 hours, but if he did not achieve anything within that time, the other would be released.

“Have you tried questioning him?”

“I did, but he’s denying it completely.
I mentioned the ledger, but he said he had nothing to do with it and that it was all manipulated…”

“Did you search his house or something?”

“He’s still under suspicion for now.
It’s impossible to do that without proving anything.”

She looked at me with resentful eyes.
Her look was similar to that of Yoon-hee, whenever the other threw tantrums at me.

“That’s why I said to be careful.”

“Since there’s not much time left, should I step in?”

Since the Director had no more options, he gave permission.

By the way, just a little while ago, Jung Ju-ho was preventing me from interrogating Wang Ju-yeol.

“Choi Jun-ho, you can’t use violence.
It would only be counterproductive in this situation.”

“If he confesses voluntarily, it’s alright.
I have a way.”

“Yes, but you can’t use coercive means.”

“It’s not like that.
There would be just a little side effect.”

“Then I’ll report it to the Director.”


After a while, the permission was granted from Jung Ju-ho, and I headed to the interrogation room.

Jung Ju-ho and Jung Da-hyun were outside.
Jung Da-hyun, especially, warned me not to make any mistakes.

No violence, no use of drugs, and no other coercive means were allowed.
In the end, it meant that I had to induce admission or confession with clear evidence.

Honestly, I couldn’t fully understand it.
If Wang Ju-yeol was a bad guy, then it should be enough to throw him out.
In this respect, this organization was so inefficient that it was frustrating.

“You haven’t confessed yet?”

“You! I’ll kill you!”

When I came in, Wang Ju-yeol, who was in custody, growled.
I just quietly watched him from the opposite side.

For about 10 minutes, Wang Ju-yeol, who was growling, breathed heavily as if he was exerting his strength.
However, his eyes were full of life, as if he would tear me apart.

“Hoo! Hoo! Expect it when I get out tomorrow.
I’ll kill you by any means necessary.”


There was no way for him to get out of here, anyway.

I stood up from my seat after confirming that the guy had no intention of confessing.
As I approached him, he screamed in fear.

“Don’t come any closer! Chief Jung! This guy is trying to use violence! Don’t let him come near me!”

“It’s not violence.
You’re just going to forget your worries and be happy from now on.”

I reached out my hand towards the guy, who was desperately shaking his head.
As soon as my hand grabbed his head, I used a Gift and his body stopped writhing and his eyes went blank.

At that moment, Jung Ju-ho and Jung Da-hyun, who were watching from outside, came in.

“Choi Jun-ho! What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m getting ready to take his statement.”

“What the hell are you doing…”

Ignoring Jung Ju-ho’s words, I asked Wang Ju-yeol a question.

“Introduce yourself.”

“Wang Ju-yeol.
I’m 54 years old.
I currently live in Daechi 2-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul…”

He started to give his personal information in great detail, including unnecessary information.

Ignoring the astonishment of Jung Ju-ho and Jung Da-hyun, I asked the next question.

“Why did you meet the guild masters two days ago?”

“They are in charge of distributing drugs.
So, I thought I could get rid of Choi Jun-ho, who is acting like a thundering gorilla, and calm down Jung Da-hyun.
Then I could rebuild the organization.”

“Tell me about all the corruption you’ve committed.”

From that point on, Wang Ju-yeol began to speak about the corruption he had committed for decades.
He created a thorough network of accomplices to share profits, gathered evidence, and created a community.
He also meticulously worked to avoid exposing himself by relentlessly attacking those who found his weaknesses.

Starting from drug trafficking to human trafficking, illegal distribution of demon-related materials, and colluding with criminal organizations, Wang Ju-yeol’s crimes seemed to have no end.

“…Jung Da-hyun, go to the place he mentioned and look for evidence.”

Even after Jung Da-hyun left, Wang Ju-yeol’s confession continued.
One hour later, when Jung Da-hyun returned with evidence, a look of disappointment appeared on Jung Ju-ho’s face.

“What are the side effects of this?”

“There aren’t any particular side effects.
You’ll just be a bit more prone to accidents in the future.”

“Accidents? For how long?”

“About five years.”

“What’s the name of this ability?”

“It’s called brainwashing.”


I couldn’t utilize this Gift as well as the one who had it before me.
They spent a long time creating a cult with their eloquent speech and group environment, but I couldn’t do that.

Come to think of it, a few years from now, that person would start building their own influence in earnest.
If I had the time, I should pay them a visit.

“Pandora’s box has been opened.
Huu, Da-hyun, contact the Sacred Guild.”

Jung Ju-ho let out a long sigh.


After that, things were taken care of quickly and efficiently.
Evidence was secured based on Wang Ju-yeol’s testimony, and related criminal organizations were exposed.

The biggest problem was the connection to the Sacred Guild that Wang Ju-yeol had mentioned.

Although it was a crime committed by a subcontractor of an affiliated company, just the mention of the name Sacred Guild created a strong sensation.

Sacred Guild was a guild created by the top-ranked Sacred Group in South Korea and was the largest in the country.
The movement of the National Security Agency could stimulate them more than necessary.
However, there was no exception to crime.

Jung Ju-ho took this situation seriously and demanded that those involved attend a meeting.
The Sacred Guild apologized for its lax management and accepted the request to attend.

A few days later, Sacred Guild officials visited the National Security Agency.
After meeting with Jung Ju-ho for a long time, they began to release articles before the meeting even ended.
The main content was to apologize and strictly manage those involved, whether it was negligent management or tail-cutting.

Finally, they decided to support the National Security Agency as a gesture of apology.
Perhaps this was what Jung Ju-ho had planned all along.

After a while, the door of the director’s office opened, and the person who was meeting with Jung Ju-ho approached me.
Even if she tried to hide, she couldn’t be left unnoticed as she walked towards me.

“Hello, are you Mr.
Choi Jun-ho?”

The person in front of me was a stunningly beautiful woman.
I could feel her splendid adornment and confident smile, her fatal charm and noble dignity.

As our eyes met, her proud gaze softened into a gentle smile.


“I’m Lee Se-hee from the Sacred Guild.”

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