Woman Fragrance – “You want to bet against me?” (1)

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If Li Ruo Shui was given another chance, she would definitely not open the novel, nor would she be chosen by the system to transmigrate into the book, let alone encountering this awkward situation.

No, if she had known that she was going to transmigrate into the book, she would have made a good reading note, and analysed the book properly from all aspects.

The female protagonist of the book, Lu Fei Yue, was a female officer of the Case Patrol Division.
The male protagonist, Jiang Nian, was the number one flying thief she had been chasing for a long time, the two have collaborated to solve many cases, over time they have mutual affection, but have never expressed their feelings.

Hence, the author arranged a supporting male character to enhance the love development, and this person was Lu Zhi Yao.

In order to show that the male lead and female lead were the destined couple, the male lead and supporting male lead roles were intentionally designed to be completely opposite.

Jiang Nian was only good at lightness skill, but Lu Zhi Yao had unsurpassable skills; Jiang Nian was debauched and unrestrainable, but Lu Zhi Yao was gentle and self-disciplined; Jiang Nian expressed his feelings hesitantly, whereas Lu Zhi Yao was outspoken.

Based on this logic, Jiang Nian’s family was harmonious, then Lu Zhi Yao’s family was unfortunate.
Jiang Nian looked cold but he was actually caring for others, whereas Lu Zhi Yao was indifferent and did not care about the life and death of others……

Li Ruo Shui took a glance at the cold glowing sword tip, and then looked at his warm spring breeze smile, and she could not help but to have some cold sweat on her back.

“Are you done thinking?”

Lu Zhi Yao squatted down, letting the blood-colored trickle slowly seeped and crawled up the corner of his robe, showing faint red patches.

Li Ruo Shui paused for a moment, stared closely at his expression and opened her mouth.

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“It’s all because I had a dream.”

Lu Zhi Yao nodded, holding his jaw with both hands, but his expression did not show much surprise: “Continue.”

“In the dream, I was caught but you saved me by mistake……”

“Is this peculiar?”

He smiled helplessly and stood up, swung the sword in his hand, blood droplets splattered and created an arc.

“Also, I didn’t know your name after you rescued me, until we fell in love and got together, only then you told me your name is Lu Zhi Yao, the name your master gave you.”

Li Ruo Shui hurriedly finished off this sentence and patted her chest to ease her breathing.

She then noticed that Lu Zhi Yao’s gentle smile changed slowly, it was difficult to describe that kind of smile, it seemed amazing, but also seemed scornful.

His face was still good-looking, but his smile was strange.

Li Ruo Shui pondered for a while and immediately spoke when he raised his sword.

“We later solved the case with two other people, whose names I also know.
One is called Lu Fei Yue, a police officer of the Case Patrol Division, and another is called Jiang Nian, a top wanted criminal.”

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“We can make a bet if you don’t believe me!”

Lu Zhi Yao let go of the sword in his hand and squatted down again: “Bet? Bet on your dream?”

Li Ruo Shui sighed in relief, her cold sweat-soaked dress was even colder, and the wind blowing in from the cracks in the wall made her shiver.

“Yes, bet that everything in my dream will happen in the future.”

Lu Zhi Yao smiled: “You want to play games with me?”


Li Ruo Shui stared at his expression, afraid that she missed any of it.

The beginning of the relationship between two people must have originated from curiosity about each other.

No matter whether Lu Zhi Yao had a gentle or quirky personality, starting from this point must be correct.
Lies cannot be completely false, half-truths always puzzled people more.

As long as the premise that the “dream was real” was proved correct, then all the lies she made up will also become true.

For example, about their relationship, even if he did not believe it, but the dream was real, and that was when the seed was planted, just waiting to germinate and grow.

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Lu Zhi Yao was intrigued, gently twisted the beads on his wrist, and asked her: “What’s you bet then?”

“If I lose, I will swallow your sword.”

Once Li Ruo Shui set her resolution on the spot, she stood up and moved two steps away from him.

Lu Zhi Yao chuckled and stood up: “If I lose……”


Li Ruo Shui stopped him with great confidence.

“You’ll definitely lose, owe it first, talk about it later.”

How could one use the rigid method of the system to increase the bond?

Of course the two people had to owe to each other, unresolved and finally ended up in a mess.

Li Ruo Shui could not help but feel impressed by her own wits, and moved another step away from him.

In the original story, the supporting male lead indeed solved cases with the main male lead and main female lead, but without her.

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If she messed up this, there was another content in her bet that could buy her more time —- long-term relationship.

It did not matter whether love was born or not, what matters was the days were long.

“Then pray that we can really meet these two people this time.
As for the long term relationship, it doesn’t need to be counted in the bet —”

Lu Zhi Yao drew his sword back, smiling: “I don’t know about love.”

Li Ruo Shui: “……”

According to the famous “true fragrance law”, it could be concluded that, once such absolute words were said, the final result could only be true fragrance.

The torches inside the dungeon were completely extinguished, but the entrance to the dungeon was still bright.

Li Ruo Shui shivered and looked at the weak young girls around her.
She gave them the antidotes she found from the men in black, and they walked slowly out of the dungeon.

“Can you help me find the blind cane?”

Lu Zhi Yao called out to Li Weishui, looking gentle and natural, without any sense of guilt about wanting to raise his sword to kill her just now.

Li Ruo Shui picked up his blind cane from the corner.
It was made of mahogany, not very heavy, and the top of the cane was carved with three wavy lines.

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