The Correct Strategy to Approach the Yandere Supporting Male Lead Chapter 11.1

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A Woman’s Fragrance (11) – “I’ve only known her not long ago” (1)

The afternoon in March was scattered with sunlight, chasing away the chill in the air, making people very comfortable and the mind lazy.

Pear flowers were blown into this small courtyard occasionally, like flakes of falling snow, creating a beautiful picture.

On the table in the courtyard, Li Ruo Shui was still sleeping, while Lu Zhi Yao approached her as if he was having some fun, and listened.


There were a lot of mumbles, and it was hard to hear what she was saying, but the light fragrance on his nose made him dazzled for a moment.

It was as if he had smelled the same fragrance before when he had been close to her.

The warm breath brushed past his ears and the sound of her murmuring made him rub his fingertips.

He had heard that if someone pinched a person’s nose when the person was half asleep, the person would wake up, but he had never tried it.

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His long and slender fingers slowly moved towards it and pale green veins could be seen on the back of his white jade-like hand.
His fingertips slided down from her forehead, stopped at the tip of her nose, and then his fingers pinched together.

Lu Zhi Yao counted the time silently in his heart.

One, two, three……

When the count reached twelve, Li Ruo Shui jerked her head up, breathing heavily like a fish out of water and in a blink of an eye, she saw Lu Zhi Yao who was smiling gently by her side.

That smile overlapped with the blank-eyed him when he was a child made Li Ruo Shui feel a little dazed.

It turned out that his eyes could be opened……

What happened afterwards was not seen, and how he was abandoned by his mother was not clear either, it was too bad.

“System, can we continue?”

[No, this time the extra reward has ended, the host can wait for the case to end to get it again.]

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Is the case over?

It should not be long now……

Not hearing Li Ruo Shui’s voice after a while, Lu Zhi Yao’s smile faded.
Why didn't Li Ruo Shui say a few words to him?

“I'm the one who pinched your nose.”

His tone was soft as he emphasized these provoking words, and the atmosphere of pity and love dissipated immediately.
The sadness and complexity in Li Ruo Shui's heart suddenly vanished.

Li Ruo Shui said: “Don't mess with me.”

Lu Zhi Yao nodded and returned to his original expression, indicating that he was comfortable.

“You’ll definitely go to hell!”

Someone was yelling and cursing behind her, and Li Ruo Shui tilted her head to see that it was the woman in white.

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After the cloth ball was removed from her mouth, she did not answer the case patrol division's question, instead she cursed at Lu Zhi Yao and the plain white silk flower on her head fell off.

Lu Fei Yue turned her head to look at Lu Zhi Yao and asked her in a deep voice, “You know Lord Lu?”

“I would know him even if he turned to ashes, this bastard, trash! I can't wait to drink his blood, eat his flesh, and I can't wait for him to go to hell!”

Lu Fei Yue was holding a booklet in her hand to record the facts of the case, and then her pen which kept wandering gave a pause as she asked a question that had nothing to do with the case.

“What did he do to you?”

The woman in white gave her a hateful look, her bound body struggling to rush over, but was pulled by the men of the case patrol division like a mad dog.

“He knows it in his heart! Wouldn't saying it out loud make him proud again?”

Lu Zhi Yao smiled with a little doubt: “It’ll make me proud? Then I'll have to think about it.”

“You!” The woman in white choked and her clenching teeth were about to shatter.

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Li Ruo Shui approached the woman in white and looked at her resentful expression, full of doubts.

“You're not sick, are you?”

“You're the one who's sick!” The woman in white's eyes were red, and consequently she hated Li Ruo Shui as well.

“He is an evil person who is going to hell, so what are you?”

Li Ruo Shui straightened up, her goose-yellow skirt slid across as she turned and pointed at the young girls resting under the tree.

“Have you seen them? How many lives have you ruined and why don't you say you should go to hell?”

The woman in white stared at her with an aggrieved look, “We did it all for the Madam! For the family! Madam has done many good deeds in the past and they have received favours, so what's wrong with repaying them!”

As soon as the words left her mouth, she realised that she had said something she shouldn't have said, so she immediately shut her mouth and stopped speaking, only glaring angrily at Lu Zhi Yao.

Li Ruo Shui turned to look at Lu Zhi Yao and she was wandering in her heart, why did these people want him dead?

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