The Correct Strategy to Approach the Yandere Supporting Male Lead Chapter 9.2

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Woman's Fragrance (9) – Transmigrating in a Dream (2)

“Miss Li!”

The young girl beside her was already weak, and when Li Ruo Shui suddenly fainted and knocked on her, both of them fell to the ground together.

Lu Fei Yue, who rushed over, hurriedly pulled up Li Ruo Shui, while Jiang Nian helped up the girl who became a meat cushion, and the two of them brought them to a resting place.

After Jiang Nian examined Li Ruo Shui's pulse, he breathed a sigh of relief, revealing his white teeth and smiled: “It's okay, she’s probably too tired and fell asleep.”

Lu Fei Yue let out a sigh of relief, and relaxed her wrinkled eyebrows, and helped her to rest at the table.

“If anything bad happens because she came along with us, I'll be a big sinner.”

Jiang Nian sat on the stool, looked up at the rising warm sun, and leaned against the table to eat the pie: “When will the reinforcements come? Your men from the case patrol division seem unreliable.”

Lu Fei Yue looked at him and sighed helplessly.
She poured herself a glass of water while wrapping her arms around Li Ruo Shui.

Suddenly, a shadow projected on the table and the corner of a snow-white robe appeared in her peripheral vision.


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He tilted his head and smiled, but just stood there quietly.
Anyone who looked at him would only feel a sense of affinity, even though the affinity only came from his appearance.

“Is something wrong with Li Ruo Shui?”

“Nothing, she’s probably too tired and fell asleep.”

Jiang Nian helped him to sit down beside him and patted his shoulder, the two of them were only a seat away from Li Ruo Shui.

“I see.”

Not far away came the sound of footsteps, and soldiers in light armour rushed in, led by several men who were clutching a gilt sword just like Lu Fei Yue.

Lu Fei Yue wanted to go forward to explain the situation but Li Ruo Shui was leaning against her, so she could only lay her gently on the table.
She then clutched her knife and went forward.
Jiang Nian naturally wanted to follow her.

The only people left on the small square table were Li Ruo Shui, who was still sleeping, and Lu Zhi Yao, who was pouring tea and sat quietly.

Suddenly, the person lying on the table let out a few murmurs, as if she was saying something.

Lu Zhi Yao leaned over with interest.

He heard her mutter a few words, the exact phrases were not quite clear, except for the name she called at the end which stunned him for a long time.

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“……Ah Chu……”

The sun was shining brightly and the heat was intense, yet the air still carried a damp and muddy smell.
The cicadas outside the courtyard wall were buzzing desperately, and there was no doubt that this was a real summer.

Li Ruo Shui stood in the middle of a courtyard with a strange household shape, a rectangular courtyard, only three or four metres wide but about ten metres long.
The house and the courtyard gate, one in the north and one in the south, at its furthest distance.

In the courtyard stood potted plant after potted plant with flowers, each of which was about the height of Li Ruo Shui's waist, and there were a few butterflies surrounding the flowers, as if they also liked to come and flutter in this labyrinth of potted plants.

There was a stone table in front of the house in the courtyard.
On the stone table sat a child dressed in white, who was looking up at the sky with his back to her, not knowing what he was looking at, but he seemed to be watching with great interest.

Li Ruo Shui also looked up, but her eyes were stung by the sunlight and it took her a while to recover.

She looked down at her slightly transparent hands and was left a little speechless.

“Isn't it about memories? How can it be like real transmigration?”

[Host, originally the memory recollection should have started from the owner’s memory and you can just view it in the dream, but Lu Zhi Yao is naturally blind, he can't dream at all and he also can't see any scenery, so we sent your soul here.]


There was no way to trust the system at all.
It was usually quiet, but when it spoke, it was then when the system wanted to trap her.

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“Why is this courtyard so strange, and the way the flower pots are placed is as if they are deliberately arranged to prevent people from walking?”

Dozens of potted flowers were scattered across the yard, and they were arranged in an unruly manner, making it more confusing.

She mumbled a few words while moving her body naturally through the pots to the stone table, trying to see if this was Lu Zhi Yao during his childhood.

Rounding the table, she then got a good look at the little boy.

He looked like a delicately carved jade, very cute, and his long hair was cut neatly at his shoulders.
A string of white jade Buddhist beads, one circle larger than his hand, was hanging from his wrist, always slipping off, and his white clothes did not fit his size, falling loosely on him like a child who had stolen an adult's clothes.

His beautiful appearance had quite the resemblance to the grown-up Lu Zhi Yao, however, it was not his look that was different, but his eyes.

His eyes were open.

Little Lu Zhi Yao's eyes were large but not very bright.
His eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of mist and they looked dull.

Just as Li Ruo Shui moved closer to take a closer look, Little Lu Zhi Yao suddenly turned his head, and his gaze seemed to meet her eyes, frightened her into taking a few steps back.

“Is there anyone there?”

He spoke in a cute voice and asked out in that direction.

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Li Ruo Shui patted her chest and calmed down, secretly sighing that he was indeed the unsurpassable force in this book, his five senses were simply different from ordinary people.

Before Li Ruo Shui could recover her heartbeat, a string of Buddha beads suddenly flew straight through her forehead and fell on the rose behind her, pressing the flower and tilting it further back.

Little Lu Zhi Yao withdrew his hand, with some doubts in his words, but still “looking” in this direction.

“Is it an illusion?”

Li Ruo Shui: “……”

Was he so aggressive as a child? Shouldn't she move?

But with so many things lying around here, could he walk properly if he could not see?

Li Ruo Shui turned to look around and when she was wondering, the courtyard door opposite the stone table suddenly opened, and a woman in a plain white dress with a peach branch hairpin on her head walked in.

She was carrying a food box and had a smile on her face like a young girl who was innocent and unaware of the world, and her voice was like a lark in the woods.

“Ah Chu, mother brought you something to eat.”


Was this Lu Zhi Yao’s legendary mother, Bai Qing Qing, who had abandoned him after she remarried?

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