The Correct Strategy to Approach the Yandere Supporting Male Lead Chapter 6.2

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A Woman’s Fragrance (6) – He Suddenly Did Not Want To Do It Anymore

“Ahhh Amitabha—” She could not resist but called out.

Lu Zhi Yao laughed softly, in a pleasant tone.

“Are you so afraid? Your body temperature has risen again.”

Li Ruo Shui clutched his clothes tightly, she was so nervous that she could not hear what he was saying.

The boat slammed and rushed forward, and a fresh wind suddenly blew in the cave, this was different from the long gloomy coldness of the cave, and this breeze also carried a little pear fragrance.

“It’s almost near the exit.”

Lu Zhi Yao’s smooth black hair was also dampened, and cold water droplets dripped along the hair strands into her neck, bringing coolness intermittently.

After a sudden turbulence, the boat fell into a calmer pond, there was no rock around, the boat reduced its speed, and was pushed along by the slowing current.

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They drifted out of the narrow mountains and rushed into a wide river with snow-coloured pear blossoms blooming all the way along its banks, winding forward.

Pieces of petals fell into the river and drifted forward along the river, like fine snow falling on the lake.

Jiang Nian and Lu Fei Yue looked at each other, suddenly let go of their hands, and shifted their sights uncomfortably.

Among the people on the boat, the only person who looked unhappy was Lu Zhi Yao.

“Let go.”

At this moment, Li Ruo Shui was being embraced by Lu Zhi Yao in his arms, but she did not feel ambiguous at all.

His hand was resting on her carotid artery, pressing all the way, so Li Ruo Shui thought he had murderous intentions again.
She had been worrying all the way, about boat capsizing and that he would silently strangle her to death.

Li Ruo Shui lifted the hair stuck on her face, and slowly opened her eyes after adapting to the light.
As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Lu Zhi Yao’s dazzling fair neck and a black mole on his collarbone.

His clothes were torn apart by Li Ruo Shui, and had opened up a little.
His half-wet hair was hanging on his chest, lining his red lips and white skin, and there were a few droplets hanging on his long eyelashes, flashing a little halo.

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He currently only had three colours of black, white and red, like a piece of heavy-coloured oil painting, and his whole person gave out a sense of indescribable fragility.

Once he was under the sunlight, Lu Zhi Yao gave the impression of returning to the apricot blossoms that sprouted in March.
It was quiet and gentle, and there was nothing wrong at all.

“You’re looking at me again.”

Lu Zhi Yao turned his head to “look” at her, with a smile on his lips.
Not only was he not shy, but he stretched out his body for her to look at.

Li Ruo Shui speechlessly turned her head to the sides, pretending that she did not see this flirty posture of his.

“There are a lot of flowers here.”

A light gust of breeze blew the petals on both sides to the river surface, like falling snow, and the layers of petals piled up and flowed downstream.

The boat slowly drifted to the shore, the pear blossoms on the surface were washed and adhered to the hull of the boat.
The waves hit, the yellow and rotten petals at the bottom were turned over, and it seemed that the petals had been accumulated here for a long time.

The pear trees planted around were not simply just a row, but a dense forest, extending infinitely from the shore.

Lu Fei Yue looked at the scene in front of her with doubts: “Is there such a paradise in Yun City?”

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The four of them went ashore and stepped on the ground paved with flower petals.
The shoes sank softly, and the liquid squeezed out stuck to the circumference of the shoes.

Jiang Nian bent down and brushed away the newly fallen petals on the surface, revealing the brown flower mud at the bottom.
It could be seen that this forest had been planted for a long time.

Lu Fei Yue looked up at these quiet trees again, and frowned slightly.

“The petals act rather like snow, a sprinkle and a blow of petals can cover the traces tightly.
It's just that these trees don't look like they could be planted so well within a year or two, so why did the owner of this place put so much thought into it?”

The scenery here was beautiful, but for Lu Zhi Yao, it was not as interesting as listening to the wind around them.

They walked along the mountain road, and the further they went, the denser the flower forest became,  and later it was completely towards the trend of roadblock.

Just when they could not figure out the direction, a horse neighed not far away.

A few people quietly moved to the vicinity, the pear trees planted there were taller and thicker, and the years were much older than this pear forest.

They stepped on the pear tree and looked down.
Some petals fell occasionally into the courtyard, where a two-story wooden hut was built.
There were many masked people standing in the courtyard, and there were several horse carriages.

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The horse pulling the carriage was eating hay and snorted occasionally.
The carriage behind them was very luxurious, not only hung with fine curtains, but even the wheels were covered with a layer of soft leather.

However what was most shocking was not the amount of the luxurious carriages, but the dozen or so iron cages placed at the entrance of the hut.

Each of the cages lay one or two weak young girls, and the cages had notes with the names of various places on them, from small states and counties, to the names of cities located on major transportation routes, and one with the imperial city on it.

These women were very well-dressed, with embroidered fabrics, light veils, and graceful figures.
Each of them has a different colour and style of clothes, but all more or less exposed at certain parts.

They looked at the sky numbly, and occasionally the white pear flower fell on their faces, but they did not even have the intention to brush it away.

The way they stayed in the cages were no different from the animals waiting to be slaughtered.

One of them turned her eyes to look around, and suddenly a glare of light flashed her eyes, and some physiological tears suddenly aroused in her eyes.

However, she did not care about the tears, but just looked straight ahead and saw a different white colour from the intricate petals.

That whiteness hung gently between the petals, swaying lightly with the wind.

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