Chapter 8: Rest

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The rain stopped at around 7.30 in the evening.
Qi Yan put on his shoes and said to the three men who were sitting obediently, “Let’s go now.”

“Master, do you need to bring any tools?” Du Dong looked at Qi Yan’s empty hands.
“Or do you need to buy anything? Just tell us, we’d definitely buy it for you.”

“What is there to buy?” Qi Yan pressed on the elevator button and said to Du Dong, “We are not shooting a series, nor are we killing demons.
There is no need for things like wooden swords or compasses.”

Du Dong was filled with admiration.
He was indeed a master.
He did things so calmly.
As a self-made businessman, Du Dong liked cars.
Qi Yan glanced at the brand and model of the car.
The price was about three or four million, which looked like a very valuable one.

“Master, please.” The assistant opened the car door for Qi Yan.

After Qi Yan got in, he smelled a faint mint smell in the car.
After looking around, he saw a few min-scented sachets in the car.

“These are my daughter’s.
She said people tend to get sleepy in the summer, so she put some mint in here to energize me.” Du Dong saw Qi Yan looking at the min-scented sachets and smiled with a hint of pride, “This child has always been filial and her academics is also good…”

But when he thought about his daughter who’s in the hospital, Du Dong’s voice cracked and he couldn’t continue.
When Qi Yan saw that, he consoled him calmly, “Don’t worry Mr.
Du, your daughter will be fine.”

“Thank you master for your blessing,” Du Dong revealed a smile that was uglier than his crying face, “As long as they are fine, I’m willing to do anything.”

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Hearing this, Qi Yan didn’t say much, but looked down at his palm in a daze.
His palm prints were very clear, there were no messy lines.
His master once said that his palm prints indicated that he would have a blessed life, but he didn’t know which aspect of his life was blessed.

Healers did not heal themselves, and those who knew fortune-telling couldn’t figure out their own destiny.
However, Qi Yan didn’t care about his destiny at all.
Uncertainty bred expectation.
If there was nothing to look forward to, what was the difference between life and a pool of stagnant water?
Du Dong’s house was a two-story villa.
The grass and flowers in the villa were very messy, and it seemed that they had not been taken care of for a while.
The inside of the house gave people a sense of coldness that felt empty, and the curtains were also tightly drawn, which made people feel very uncomfortable.

“This is embarrassing.
I have been staying in the company and the hospital recently, and the house has not been taken care of.” Du Dong smiled awkwardly, pressing the switch on the corner, and the whole room was suddenly illuminated.
In terms of decoration, the Du’s family was more tasteful than the Yang’s, but Qi Yan never expected that he would see a Tang Sancai ornament at the Du family house.

Tang Sancai was a well-known cultural relic, but this kind of thing was not suitable to be placed at home, let alone in the living room.
In ancient times, this thing belonged to the category of sacrificial objects.
Only the dead should use it.
There was absolutely no reason for living people to have it.

Du is a collector?” Qi Yan pointed to Tang Sancai and a piece of flawed jade beside it, both of which exuded an eerie cold air around it.

   “Nah, I’m not a cultured person, and I don’t have much knowledge on these things,” Du Dong shook his head.
“This was given by two friends when my mother had her birthday a few months ago.”

“Oh,” Qi Yan responded thoughtfully, “A friend in the business world?”

“Yes,” Du Dong nodded, “They are all partners.
I heard that these two things are very valuable.
If I don’t put them on display, I’d be a bad friend.”

  “Then your two friends are very generous,” Qi Yan lowered his eyelids, his tone was light, “They were willing to give you real relics.”
Du Dong noticed something wrong with this, “Master, are there problems with these two things?”

Qi Yan did not directly say that there was a problem, instead he said: “I think these two things are exquisitely crafted, and they are both genuine and have research value.
If Mr.
Du is ok with it, you could donate it to the museum, which is considered a good deedt.”

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  Du Dong was stunned for a moment, and then agreed, “Yes, they should be handed over to the government.”

Du is a generous person.” Qi Yan smiled and turned to walk upstairs.
The upstairs layout was good, and there was no major problem with the furnishings, but he felt that this place seemed to have bad energy.

He turned around and glanced at Du Dong who was behind him, “Mr.
Du, you go and stand by the stairs.”

Du Dong obediently retreated to the corner of the stairs and stood there, and then he saw Master Qi making a strange gesture with his right hand.
He was stunned to see that a few wisps of white mist appeared in his hand.
He thought he’d seen wrongly.
Qi Yan touched the gap on the handrail of the stairs, and took out a yellow piece of paper folded into a triangle from the inside.
He could still smell the faint smell of blood and death on it.

“Master, what is this?” Du Dong didn’t expect that there would be such things in his home.
He lowered his chubby neck anxiously.

“It’s not a good thing.” Qi Yan squeezed it with his hand, and the yellow piece of paper looked like it had been burned by fire and turned into fine pieces of paper.
The shredded paper lay in Qi Yan’s hands, and a piece of it fell on the ground, “Go and pour me a bowl of vinegar.”

Du Dong immediately turned around and ran downstairs to the kitchen.
He ran with an agility that a man of his body size wouldn’t have normally.
In less than two minutes, he poured a bowl of vinegar and brought it to Qi Yan.
Qi Yan glanced at him and said, “Stay steady, don’t move.” After saying that, he put the paper in his palm into the bowl of vinegar.
The paper made a sizzling sound the moment it hit the vinegar, like water that dripped in hot oil and Du Dong almost puked from the smell.

He could barely hold back the need to vomit and looked at the master, and found that the master had stood a few steps away from him.
He seemed to have expected that the smell would not be good.

Such a big chemical reaction would occur from putting paper in vinegar?

It didn’t seem scientific?

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Although the master had a gentle and easy-going face, he didn’t intend to help him understand it at all.
He just glanced coldly at the vinegar that smelled bad in his hand, “Pour it on the west side of the house.
Then bow to it three times, that’s it.”

Du Dong did it obediently, probably because he was frightened by what he’d seen.
When he bowed, he was extremely pious.
The only thing he hadn’t done was to kneel down.

Qi Yan stood at the gate, quietly watching him finish the ritual before saying, “Your home has good Feng Shui, there is no problem.
It is just the two cultural relics.
Donate them as soon as possible.” As for the so-called friends behind this, It’s not something he could handle.
Du Dong repeatedly agreed to drive Qi Yan home himself.
Then he contacted the person in charge of the Cultural Relics Museum on the same night.
Early the next morning, after the museum staff came in for work, he couldn’t wait to donate the two items in his hand, and returned to the car with a lot of souvenirs from the museum.

Not long after he got home, he received a call from the hospital saying that his wife’s condition had improved.
The doctor who was in charge of his mom also had time to perform the surgery.

After hanging up the phone, Du Dong wiped his eyes and rushed to the hospital.
Two days later, Qi Yan received a text message sent to him by the bank.
There was an extra million in his account.
He was not surprised at all.
The one named Du Dong could find out where he lived, so he could definitely find out his bank account.

He gave him such a large sum of money, so it seemed like his family’s condition had improved.

“I like this kind of genuine people,” Qi Yan transferred 100,000 yuan to some credible charity organization.

“Accumulate blessings.”
“The patient from Ward 24 has woken up.”


“Didn’t they say that the patient might be in a vegetative state after fainting for unknown reasons?”

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“I don’t know what’s going on.
When I went to deliver the patient’s medicine, I seemed to hear her husband say that he’s met a master and someone was scheming against him, etc.
Don’t tell others about it.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.
But did he actually meet a master?”

“Leave it.
You’re a nurse, do you believe in these things?”
When Liang Feng passed by the nurses’ station at night, he heard the nurses talking, but when these nurses saw him coming, they shut their mouths and dared not speak anymore.
They knew Liang Feng and that he was an assistant to an important person in the VIP ward, so were cautious about what they said.

Liang Feng smiled at them and did not say anything else.
He turned and walked in the other direction.
The VIP ward was the quietest place on this floor, so the further one went in, the quieter it was.
He knocked on the door of the room, and after hearing some voices from inside, he opened the door and raised the document in his hand, “Director Cen, this is the report for the past two days.”

The man sitting on the hospital bed turned his head and glanced at him, his pale face looking sickly, “Come here.” After saying these words, he began to cough violently.

“Director Cen, the doctor said you need to rest.” Liang Feng put the documents in the man’s hand, the expression on his face was a little disapproving.

The man ignored him.
After reading the documents, he signed one of them and put the other to the side.

“At this point there’s no difference even if I rested.” The man’s lips were pale, but his face was still very attractive.

Liang Feng knew that there was no point in continuing, so he stayed silent.

He looked at the dark sky outside of the window and couldn’t help thinking, maybe the heavens were jealous of those who were talented.
God blessed Director Cen with an attractive face, good family, and an outstanding ability, but he didn’t give him a healthy body.

There was no perfection in life.

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