Liang Feng flipped through Qianfei Technology’s proposal and understood why the boss didn’t want to work with this company.
From the financial point of view, there was nothing wrong, but some of the ways of raising the capital were questionable.
Some wouldn’t mind it, but Cen Baihe, despite looking cold and indifferent on the outside, was against dishonesty.

“If it’s their methods that you have a problem with, why pretend like it’s the company’s name.” Liang Feng put the proposal aside, and asked someone to contact the representative from Qianfei Technology and give them a reason for the rejection.

Liang,” A department manager knocked on the door and put the document in front of him, “This is the new report of the department.”

“Thank you for your hard work,” Liang Feng smiled at the manager and said, “By the way, how is the new project going?”

“Um…” The department manager hesitated, “The traffic conditions there are not very good, and the project is proceeding relatively slowly.
Coupled with the floods in the past two months, the project has been delayed for a long time.
Work only resumed some time ago.”

“Natural disasters are unpredictable,” Liang Feng nodded, “I see, you can leave now.”

After the manager left, Liang Feng frowned and opened an email containing a photo of the branch manager having dinner with a female celebrity.
His smiling face showed no anxiety from the lack of progress.

No wonder the boss said to pay more attention to this person.

“Didn’t I tell you to call me before you leave?” Qi Yan was lying on the sofa sleepily, looking at Cen Baihe with his messy hair, “Why didn’t you call me?”

“I thought you might still be sleeping, and I just want to let you sleep a little longer,” Cen Baihe opened the refrigerator and took out two bottles of drinks.
“It’s still early, so you can take your time.”

Qi Yan took a sip of the drink, and the cold made him feel a lot more energetic, “Then wait for a while, I’ll go change.”

“Sure.” Cen Baihe got up and walked to the balcony, looking at the flowers and plants grown by Qi Yan, and touched the leaves of a pot of succulents.
Qian Qian looked lazy, but the flowers and plants were well maintained.

After a while, Qi Yan came out after changing his clothes.
Seeing that Cen Baihe was looking at the flowers and plants on his balcony, he picked up a pot of Guanyin lotus the size of a fist and gave it to him, “Come on, I’ll give you one.”

Cen Baihe reached out and took it, thanking him in a low voice.

You’re welcome, just tell me what flowers you like next time,” Qi Yan waved his hands generously, “Let’s go.”

Cen Baihe held the Guanyin lotus in his hand, turned his head and saw the curled eyelashes on Qi Yan’s eyelids.
He felt as though his heart was brushed by these eyelashes and was tingling.

The two took the car and came to a famous hot pot restaurant.
Cen Baihe sat at the table under the worried eyes of the two bodyguards.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen,” Qi Yan put a bottle of digestive tablets on the table and said to the two bodyguards sitting at the adjacent table, “Your master is fine, don’t spoil him.”

The way he spoke made him sound like a teacher lecturing ignorant parents.
Cen Baihe laughed out loud.
He reached out and gently pulled the loose hair on Qi Yan’s head, “Who has spoiled me, eh?”

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“Your whole family,” Qi Yan took two pills and put them in his hands, “You are the first person I have met who has never eaten hot pot.” He thought that it was a miracle that Cen Baihe, who was treated like a fragile jewel, grew up fine.

Cen Baihe swallowed the tablets whose taste was a bit strange.
He took a few sips of water to remove the taste.

“The tablets you just took are good for the stomach,” Qi Yan gave Cen Baihe the whole bottle, “I made it especially for you following a secret recipe, aren’t you  moved?”

“Master Qi, you made this… by yourself?” The worry on the bodyguard’s face became more obvious.

“Don’t worry,” Qi Yan knew what he was worried about.
“This is good.
I don’t give it away easily.”

“I believe you.” Cen Baihe put the medicine in his suit jacket and smiled at Qi Yan, “Thank you.”

When the bodyguard heard that, he couldn’t say anything, but he felt that today’s hot pot meal was a roller coaster ride.

Perhaps business was really good, as they could hear the noise outside even though they were sitting inside.
However, the waiter was very fast, and quickly brought broth and the dishes they ordered.

Considering that this was Cen Baihe’s first time eating hot pot, Qi Yan ordered a mildly spicy broth.
After trying it out, Cen Baihe thought it was interesting, and he wanted to ask the chef at home to make it.

“By the way, you told me on the phone that you had something to tell me,” Qi Yan put the boiled duck intestines into the bowl, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s not a big deal, it’s just that my third brother and his wife’s relationship is so good right now that they want to treat you to a meal privately, but I don’t know if you have time, so I wanted to ask you first.” Cen Baihe laughed, “They thought you must be very busy, so they didn’t dare to disturb you.”

“Why do you sound a bit sarcastic?” Qi Yan rolled his eyes, “I’m usually very busy, reading books, reciting scriptures, sleeping, and playing games.”

“Pfft,” The bodyguard couldn’t help laughing, “Master Qi, you are not busy and you are not a monk.
What scriptures are you reciting?”

“We Taoists also have scriptures, don’t think only of Buddhism when you hear the word ‘scriptures’,” Qi Yan shook his head, raised his drink and toasted the bodyguard, “I see you two often accompany Baihe, but I don’t know your names.”

“Thanks for asking.
My name is Huang He, his name is Zhao Li, you can just call us Big He and Big Li.” The two bodyguards finished the drink in one gulp.
Although some of Master Qi’s behaviors seemed a bit bizarre to them, they could see that their boss’s health was indeed getting better and he was more lively. 

“Do I have luck with food recently? Why are so many people inviting me to dinner?” Qi Yan said with a smile, “I’m definitely accepting their invitation, just tell me when.
Even if it’s raining knives, I will still be there.”

“Sure.” Cen Baihe smiled and pointed at the hot pot, “Your beef slice is getting overcooked.”

“Sh*t!” Qi Yan immediately took the slice of beef out. 

“Good mealt,” Qi Yan put down his chopsticks and touched his stomach, “Every time I have hot pot, I always feel that I can eat a big pot.”

“Every time I eat with you, I eat a lot too,” Cen Baihe handed a tissue paper to Qi Yan, “Probably because you make the food look appetizing.”

Qi Yan grabbed the tissue paper, stood up and said, “I know you’re complimenting my beauty, but let’s keep things low-key and don’t show off.”

Big He opened the door, walked outside the corridor and waited for Master Qi and Fifth Master Cen to come out.
He looked at the crowd in the hall with a serious expression.
There were many people in the hot pot restaurant, so they had to be vigilant.

However, Big He thought too much.
The people in the lobby were rushing to go eat.
Even though Cen Baihe was handsome, few people paid attention to him.
Because to foodies, no matter how good-looking a person was, they were not as attractive as a piece of meat that was about to be cooked.

“Qi Yan.”

Just as the four of them walked out of the restaurant, someone behind him stopped him.
When he looked back, he saw Yang Heshu running out, with a look of surprise, “I just thought that your back looked familiar, but I didn’t think it was really you.”

“Yes, what a coincidence.” Qi Yan looked at the person behind him, “This is your friend?”

Yang Heshu looked back and said with a smile, “Mr.
Meng is someone I’m indebted to.
A few days ago, I accidentally scratched his sports car.
He noticed that I’m not well-off, so he didn’t ask me to pay.
I felt bad so I treated him to a meal.”

Qi Yan looked at Mr.
Meng and nodded with a smile.

Meng Xuan shook hands with Qi Yan, “Hello.” After he looked at the person behind Qi Yan, his face showed surprise, “Fifth Master Cen?!”

Cen Baihe gave him a slight nod, but did not speak.
Compared to Meng Xuan’s attitude, he was much colder.
But Meng Xuan didn’t care about it either.
He looked at Qi Yan and Yang Heshu, “I didn’t expect so many coincidences.”

Qi Yan smiled and looked at Yang Heshu and Mr.
Meng before saying, “Mr.
Meng is really kind.”

“Yeah, Mr.
Yang is a very nice person,” Yang Heshu smiled embarrassedly, “I really don’t know how to thank him.” 

“Haha.” Qi Yan raised his hand and interrupted Yang Heshu’s words before he could continue complimenting Mr.
Meng, “Heshu, I still have something to do with with Mr.
Cen, I’m afraid I won’t be able to chat with you.” Looking at Yang Heshu apologetically, “You also know that Fifth Master Cen is usually very busy.
He’s a good friend for coming out for a meal with me.
I can’t delay him any more.”

Yang Heshu forced a smile, “Of course.” Will this idiot die if he doesn’t show off? It’s just a meal with Fifth Master Cen, but his face is…


After showing off his important friend, Qi Yan said goodbye to Yang Heshu with a smile, “That’s it, we’ll talk next time.”

“See you,” Yang Heshu could barely sustain the smile on his face.

“I can win the Oscar for acting.
Trying to act in front of me? How embarrassing.” Qi Yan got into the car and buckled his seat belt.
“Does Mr.
Meng have any business cooperation with you?”

“He wanted to.” Cen Baihe smiled, “But a lot of people do too.”

“This person,” Qi Yan frowned, “From what I saw, he has had good fortune for a while, but he is not a good person, and he has no fate in having children.
He will not have a good life in his later years.”

“What kind of bad character does he have?”

He has a gentle face, but he’s not gentle in doing things at all,” Qi Yan shook his head, “He has an abusive nature, and is a potential madman.
You are right not to cooperate with him.”

“He looks young and promising.
That doesn’t seem like him.” Big Li turned around curiously, “Master Qi, how do you know he’s abusive?”

“This person looks young, but in fact he’s a little older than Baihe.
Others look at their faces, but I look at their aura.”

“Cen Baihe frowned, he’s a little older than him…

Did Qian Qian mean he’s young or old?

After sending Qi Yan home, Cen Baihe went back.
As soon as he entered the gate, he saw his elder brother and elder sister-in-law who were taking a stroll in the garden.

First Master Cen smelled the scent of hot pot all over Cen Baihe, and looked at him in disbelief, “You went to eat hot pot? The bottom of the hot pot is so dirty, how can you eat that?”

“I think it’s pretty good.” Cen Baihe smiled at his sister-in-law, “Hi.”

“You’re back?” First Mrs.
Cen smiled at him gently, “Come and sit.” She knew how bad his health was and was worried, so she hurriedly asked him to sit down.

First Master Cen glared at his wife, “Dear, Baihe is an adult, why are you still spoiling him?”

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“How so?” First Mrs.
Cen glared at her husband, “What’s the fuss about eating hot pot? I see that Baihe’s health has improved a lot recently, so why can’t he just eat what he likes?”

“I…” First Master Cen was speechless.
Seeing his brother enter the living room, he quickly followed, “Baihe.”

“I went to eat with Master Qi,” Cen Baihe stopped and looked at his elder brother helplessly, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“So it’s Master Qi,” First Master Cen laughed dryly, his tone softened suddenly, “Then it’s not a problem.
However, what are you doing with a pot of ugly succulent? There are so many flowers in the garden.
You could ask the gardener to move them into a pot and bring them into the room.”

“It’s not ugly.”


“I said,” Cen Baihe raised the Guanyin Lotus and put it in front of him with a smile, “I said it’s not ugly at all.”

First Master Cen stared blankly at his younger brother bringing the Guanyin Lotus upstairs.
It took a while for him to regain his senses.
He looked blankly at his wife, “Dear, why do I feel that something is wrong with Baihe?”

“I think Bai He is doing fine right now,” First Mrs.
Cen said with a smile, “There’s a warm air around him.”

First Master Cen: “What does that mean?”

But thinking that his younger brother could have hot pot now, he felt very happy.

Meng, thank you.” Yang Heshu got out of the car and watched Meng Xuan drive away.
He sneered, turned around and walked up the stairs.

“F*ck!” There were no lights in the corridor, and he almost fell.
After wiping the dirt on his hands, Yang Heshu cursed with a low voice.
He took out his phone and used the light from the screen to walk upstairs.
Opening the door to the rented room, he glanced at the humble place with disgust.
After finishing this, he didn’t want to deal with idiots anymore.

Qi Yan was an idiot, and Meng Xuan, who wanted to get close to him, was also an idiot.

“Beep.” There was a notification on his phone.
He tapped on the text message to see its content.

M: How is it going?

He smiled coldly and replied.

He: He’s an idiot.
There’s no problem.

“You laugh at the people who can’t see the truth, but the world laughs at you for being crazy.” Qi Yan took a sip of milk and walked to the desk.
He saw that his online friends were discussing the disappearance of a certain player, and it seemed that the police could not find the person.

He remembered the girl who scolded him last time, but after looking at his friends’ list, she was no longer in the group.

After quitting the game, he received a thank you letter from a charity.
After reading the letter, he replied a few words and turned off the computer.
He finished the milk and lay on the bed and thought about tomorrow’s meal with Lao’er and that he had to eat more.

“Baihe,” Third Master Cen knocked on Cen Baihe’s study, opened the door and walked in, “Has Master Qi agreed?”

“Yes,” Cen Baihe looked up from his computer, “Qian Qian is easy to talk to.”

“That’s with you.
I think he’s still very cold to others,” Third Master Cen sat on the corner of the desk, “I was worried that he wouldn’t come.”

Cen Baihe smiled, “Hmm.”

Third Master Cen was stunned to see his younger brother smile.
He then picked up the small flower pot beside him and asked, “What is this, why is it here?”

Cen Baihe took the Guanyin Lotus from his brother and put it on the other side of the desk, “It’s pretty.”

“I thought you put it here to protect against radiation.
Scientists have already refuted the claim that these things protect against radiation.” Third Master Cen didn’t pay much attention to such small details, “Your sister-in-law respects Master Qi very much now.
I suspect that if the two of us are not married, and she is not more than ten years older than Master Qi, maybe she will go after him.”

“Don’t think too much.” Cen Baihe looked up at First Master Cen, “That’s impossible.”

“I didn’t expect you to be so confident in me,” Third Master Cen jumped off the desk and patted Cen Baihe on the shoulder, “I feel very relieved.”

Cen Baihe continued typing and ignored him.

“Okay, I won’t bother you anymore,” Third Brother Cen glanced at the time, “But it’s getting late, don’t stay up too late, go to bed earlier.”

“I know.” Cen Baihe stared at the screen, “I’m going soon.”

“Then I won’t disturb you.” Third Master Cen walked out of the study and shook his head helplessly.
His brother was good at everything, but he was too serious when he did work.

After Third Master Cen left, Cen Baihe looked at the pot of Guanyin Lotus and touched its leaves gently.
There was a gentle smile on his face.

Who said it’s ugly? It’s so cute.

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