Chapter 3: Blessed home

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For those who really knew how to tell fortune, it’s not difficult to know their past, but the difficult thing was to know the future.
Since the previous events had already happened, they would not change, but there were still many possibilities in the future.
If the fortune teller was not skilled, it was possible to mislead others and oneself.

He didn’t care whether or not others believed him.
He already said what he knew.
If they didn’t take it to heart, it’s their business.
He’d taken the money and did his part so they didn’t owe each other.
Only a scammer would be afraid that others didn’t believe him, so he’d say a lot that was pleasant to the ears and the goal was always to get them to spend money to avoid disasters.
“Mister, I’m sorry, the boy is not ignorant,” the boy’s mom pulled him behind her and stopped him from speaking, “Please tell us his future studies, career and marriage.”

Qi Yan smiled and shook his head, “Madam, I already said that Lin Lang has avoided the two biggest disasters in his life.
He will not face any disaster in the future.” It’s fine to be proud and conceited when he’s young.
This boy had straight eyebrows and clear eyes.
There’s justice in his heart.
He wouldn’t be a wicked person when he grows up.

Even though the boy’s mom still wanted to know more, she was happy to hear this young master say that her son’s life would be good in the future.
She swiftly took out five hundred-yuan bills and gave them to him, “Thank you mister.”

After taking the money, Qi Yan saw that the boy still looked unsatisfied and couldn’t help but smile.
His smile made him look slightly mysterious, “Don’t be so polite madam, Lin Lang will be a successful person in the future.”
The boy’s face looked a bit awkward.
He felt that he was a little impolite just now.
When both mother and son were about to leave, he quietly said, “Sorry.”

Qi Yan smiled and put the money into his wallet, “It’s normal to have doubts as a young person.”

The boy’s face reddened.
He lowered his head and did not say anything.

“Madam, if it’s not urgent, your family should not go to the south this month.” Qi Yan picked up the wooden sign and said, “Goodbye.”

“Huh?” The boy’s mom nodded in confusion.
She only came back to her senses when Qi Yan was already far away.
Had she really met an expert this time?
As a member of the extended Cen family, she never had problems with money since she was little.
Five hundred yuan for her was nothing.
When she had nothing to do, she liked to read about the paranormal stuff.
Even though she was already past middle age, her hobby did not change.
When she passed by just now, she saw a young man holding a wooden sign that had the word “fortune-telling” on it, so she had to let him tell her son’s fortune.

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Thinking about what the young man said, she took out her phone and called her husband.
She heard that he was going to the south for some business.
She felt anxious and made up a lie to make him stay.

As they worked in a branch of the main company, their tasks were not important.
So whether or not her husband went for the business trip would not affect the company.

She didn’t care if it was accurate or not.
It’s better to be safe than sorry!
“Brother Hang, what’s wrong?” Qi Yan returned Wang Hang’s call.
He’d bought a cold beverage from a shop by the side of the road.
Wang Hang’s excited voice could be hard from the other end of the call.

“Qian Qian, you’re so amazing.
I’m going to give up my knees for you!”

“I don’t need your knees, you can have it back,” Qi Yan walked to the start of the zebra-crossing.
There were still ten seconds before the lights turned green, so he waited.
The red light quickly turned green.
He looked around and walked forward.
Just as he walked past the middle of the crossing, he saw a black car that had its left signal on coming from his right and flew past him.

Qi Yan wiped his face that was sprayed by the exhaust gas.
Even though they were allowed to make a left turn here, the speed of this car was too fast.
“Qian Qian, do you have other skills apart from fortune-telling?” Wang Hang walked around in circles excitedly, “For example, catching ghosts or communicating with the gods?”

Qi Yan: …

“You should read less novels and more academic journals,” Qi Yan sighed helplessly, “It’s not good to be superstitious.”
“You’re asking me not to be superstitious?!” Wang Hang was speechless, “Then what else do you know?”

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“Just fortune-telling and feng shui,”  Qi Yan squinted and looked forward, “I don’t know anything else.”

“Knowing feng shui works too,” Wang Hang was filled with excitement, “Come to my house tomorrow and look at the feng shui.”

“Sure.” After agreeing, Qi Yan hung up and was prepared to go home.

Qi Yan’s house was on Wutong Road.
The location was good.
The community was not big, but there was greenery and the property management was reliable.
It would cost more than a few million to buy a house here.

He didn’t know where his master got this much money.
He went to the supermarket to buy two big pieces of bone and a packet of kelp to make soup.

He turned down the lights, went to the study and looked at a discussion forum about paranormal activities on his computer.
It was interesting to read the posts there.

After scrolling through a few posts, he frowned when he saw a poster saying that the community that they just moved in already had several suicides and sudden deaths in two months.

But when he refreshed the page, the post was already deleted, so he didn’t take it to heart.
It’s hard to know what’s real on the internet since people liked to make things up for attention without thinking of the consequences.

When the soup was done, Qi Yan scooped a bowl and paid respects to his master.
Then he took the bowl and drank it at his desk.
His master had already gone to the heavens and couldn’t eat things from the mortal realm, so he ate it on his behalf so that it’s not wasted.
After dinner, Qi Yan took out the scriptures that were left by his master and read a paragraph.

There were many branches of Taoism, the one that he’s learning now was considered one of them.
But the really capable Taoists had a casual attitude and would not care to explain more about it.
Hence, the practice of Taoism had declined.
When ordinary people thought about Taoism, they would associate it with alchemy and scammers.

The truth was there was a lot of treasure in Taoism.
Due to the progress of society, the accelerating pace of life and the increased competition, it’s a pity that many people were busy with life and did not have the time to study about Taoism which had little to do with their daily life.

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Early next morning, before Qi Yan could have breakfast, Wang Hang already rang his doorbell.

“Qian Qian, are you having breakfast?” Wang Hang saw the untouched breakfast and put the breakfast that he bought for Qi Yan on the table.
He shamelessly took the bowl of porridge from Qi Yan’s hands and ate a spoonful, “You’re the best at making porridge.
I think business will be good if you open a shop that sells porridge.”

Qi Yan  glanced at Wang Hang with annoyance and ate the breakfast that he brought, “Why are you here so early?”

“You haven’t gone to my house.
I was afraid that you got lost, so I came to get you.” Wang Hang was still eating the porridge and without lifting his head, he asked, “Are you touched?”

“Mm,” Qi Yan was not moved.
After breakfast, Qi Yan changed and went with Wang Hang.

Wang Hang drove a car to pick him up.
The car was only a little better than normal cars, it was not one of the luxury brands.
Clearly, the Wang family didn’t want to raise a child who had never suffered.
“Qian Qian, you can tell me straightforwardly if the furniture arrangement is not right.
Don’t worry too much,” Wang Hang parked his car at the garage and said, “My family is so happy to know that I’m bringing a classmate home.”

Qi Yan smiled and walked through the Wang family gate while holding a big basket of fruits.
It was true Wang Hang’s family was happy to see him.
Their enthusiasm was almost unbearable.

Seeing that the fruit plate almost fell, Qi Yan immediately stuffed two pieces into his mouth. 
But the Wang couple did not take the initiative to ask him about feng shui.
Perhaps in their mind, it was just two young people who were messing around so they didn’t take it seriously.

“Hang Hang take your friend around for a house tour,” Mother Wang smiled warmly at Qi Yan and said, “Don’t be polite, make yourself at home.” She had heard about this friend of his son’s long ago.
He didn’t have parents and was raised by a taoist in a small town.
He must have suffered a lot since young.

His appearance was loveable and was close to her son, so she already had a good impression of him.

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It was easy to evoke the parental instinct of the elders with Qi Yan’s looks.
“Qian Qian, come with me,” Wang Hang stood up excitedly and looked at Qi Yan expectantly, “Should we start upstairs or downstairs?”

“Start from the outside.” Qi Yan smiled politely at Mother Wang and looked towards the main entrance.
Even if the decoration in the house was good, if it was not upright or the main door was tilted, then it’s pointless.

The Capital City was a place where people gathered.
It was popular and it was considered a good place among major cities.
When this small residential area where Wang Hang lived was still being built, they should have asked an expert to take a look at it.
It was considered a prosperous land and did not have the basic problem of facing the wrong direction.
Walking out of the Wang family villa, there was plain grass and plants on both sides of the main entrance, but there was no fountain or rockery.
It looked elegant and comfortable, which was similar to the feeling he got from the Wang family.
The design of the main door was broad and simple.
There were no uneven patterns nor tiger and lion heads as decoration.

“Qian Qian, is there any problem with our door?”

“Qi Yan shook his head, “Open and blessed home.
There is no problem.”
“Then should we take a look inside?” Wang Hang led Qi Yan into the house.
He would be more assured if Qi Yan complimented both the inside and the outside of the house.

But halfway through, Father Wang received a call and said he had to take Wang Hang out.

Seeing that Father Wang looked serious, Qi Yan knew it was no small matter, so he took the initiative to excuse himself.

Wang Hang apologetically sent Qi Yan into the car and said softly, “I heard that a famous person was hospitalized, there were a lot of people from Capital City who went to see him.”

As for their family status, they didn’t know if it’s possible to show their faces in front of the person.

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