Chapter 27: Man And Tree

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After about 10 minutes, the ambulance finally arrived.

When Lin Yu was being carried into the ambulance, she turned and saw the young man with the babyface who kept the elevator door open for her last night.
Unfortunately she only managed to take one look before she was lifted into the car.
The property manager and Aunty Wang went with her.

Soon she fell asleep.
Just before that, she thought about the look that the young man gave her.

He seemed to be looking at something on her body, but she might just be overthinking.

In order to comfort the “traumatized” Wang Hang, Qi Yan decided to have lunch with him.

When passing by the small alley, he asked Wang Hang to stop by the road side and got down to take a look.

It no longer seemed creepy like it was yesterday afternoon.
There were many people walking by and it was lively.

It was the summer holidays and there were a lot of children playing under the banyan tree.
A few experts in plants were surrounding the tree to investigate why it shed so many leaves.

The elders looked worriedly at the big tree and lamented that the tree had been there since they were young.

“Child, are you passing through?” An old man saw that Qi Yan looked unfamiliar, so he probably wasn’t a neighbor.
So he pointed to the front and said, “This is a dead end, you can’t pass through, so you have to turn around.”

“Sure, thank you.” Qi Yan raised his head and looked at the banyan tree.
He noticed that the leaves had turned yellow.
They made a rustling sound in the air.

“This tree is already a few centuries old,” The elder saw Qi Yan looking at the tree and thought that he was curious why it was so big.
So he started explaining, “Normally, a banyan tree would not live that long, but it is an exception.
It was fine all these years but we don’t know why its leaves suddenly became yellow after yesterday’s rain.”

The elder’s tone was filled with worry, and there was pain and nostalgia in his eyes.
He seemed to be immersed in his memories.

“When I was eight years old, it was already big.
It’s been so many years in a blink of an eye…”

While listening to the elder reminiscing, Qi Yan looked at the people who were worried about the big tree and smiled, “Don’t worry, this tree will be fine.
Perhaps it’s in a good mood and decided to shed some leaves.”

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The elder smiled and agreed.
Time had left wrinkles on his face.
At the moment, he looked relaxed.

Saying goodbye to the elder, Qi Yan walked out of the alley.
He turned to glance at the lively and warm alley and hummed as he walked back to Wang Hang’s car.

“Did you meet a beauty in the alley? Why are you so happy?” Wang Hang started the engine and teased him, “A female classmate was asking about you in the group chat yesterday.
You didn’t respond then.”

“I didn’t notice.
I haven’t been on the group chats lately,” Qi Yan turned and smiled, “Thank them on my behalf.”

Wang Hang looked at him speechlessly, “You’re not interested?”

Qi Yan shook his head, “I’m not interested in this at the moment.
It’s better not to give her hope.
Playing with others’ feelings is immoral, one could face bad luck.”

“Really?” Wang Hang slowed down the car and watched Qi Yan’s expression from the mirror.
He wanted to check if he was telling the truth.

“Why don’t you guess?” Qi Yan smiled at him.

Seeing his smile, Wang Hang made a mental note to himself.

During lunch, Wang Hang recalled an important question, “Qian Qian, with your current reputation, I think you could have an office and hire a few assistants.
All the famous masters in Capital City have assistants, secretaries and bodyguards.
They look so important.
I am afraid that you might be looked down upon if you work alone.”

“In TV shows, when the important people show up, which one of them has an assistant by their side?” Qi Yan took a sip of soup, “Those who show up so extravagantly must be the bad guys and would be wiped out by the protagonist at any time.”

Wang Hang was speechless.
That made sense so he didn’t have a rebuttal.

“But you can’t keep waiting for others to look for you.
Your reputation can only improve if you have more business,” Wang Hang’s family owned a business, so he understood the importance of marketing.
“The more popular you are, the more money you make.
I don’t know if these famous masters are actually capable, but they have the reputation.
So they could easily make a few millions from a single client.
There are so many people who want them to look at their Feng Shui.”

His friend was so amazing, how could he lose to these masters whose ability was questionable?!

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“There is no rush.
The time is not right yet.” Qi Yan smiled, “My master had told my fortune before.
I will live a comfortable life with plenty of blessings.”

Wang Hang immediately relaxed.
Since Qian Qian was already so skilled, his master must be even better.

After hanging out with Qi Yan the entire day, Wang Hang did not feel troubled anymore.
When he went to work the next day, he didn’t mind the employees attitude towards him and proactively looked for tasks.
Whenever he felt upset, he thought about Qi Yan’s childhood and the negative emotions immediately disappeared. 

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Qian Qian was able to endure so much hardship as a teenager.
He was already in his twenties.
How could he not do his job well in the company?

Lin Yu had been in the hospital for a few days.
The doctor did a full body examination and didn’t discover anything wrong with her body.
Besides, she seemed to have recovered, so they gave her some supplements and discharged her.

Since she hadn’t written new chapters for her novel for a few days, the first thing she did when she arrived home was to open her notebook and a document.
But after typing a few words, she felt light-headed and couldn’t focus.
Finally, she had no choice but to lie in bed.

Perhaps the doctor was right, she needed to go out more.
After lying in bed for a while, her light-headedness disappeared.
So she changed into a sports outfit and prepared to take a walk around the area.

After getting into the elevator, she bumped into the cute young man again.
Even though she was a crude person online, she was shy in real life.
Her mind was filled with an exciting plot, but in reality she just smiled at him and did not plan to talk to him.

Qi Yan recognized the young lady because her body was surrounded by an unknown bad energy.
After a few days, the energy was even stronger.
It was even mixed with hatred.
If this continued, this lady’s body would collapse.


The elevator door opened.
The young lady smiled at him and jogged out of the elevator.

Qi Yan followed her out of the elevator.
Seeing that she was quite a distance away, he furrowed his brow and wondered if she had accidentally attracted the bad energy?

He went out to have a bowl of beef noodles.
Coincidentally, when Qi Yan returned, he bumped into the young lady again.
What’s even more coincidental was that there were just the two of them and no one else.

Lin Yu didn’t expect to see him again and looked at him shyly as Qi Yan helped her press the button to her floor.
She thanked him softly.

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“I am Qi Yan.
I live above you,” Qi Yan noticed that the elevator stopped at the fourth floor and stopped moving but this lady did not respond, “Are you recovered?”

“I’m a lot better now, I just got discharged today,” Seeing that the cute boy had taken the initiative to talk to her, Lin Yu was emotional.
But there was no change in her expression, “Thank you for your concern.
I am Lin Yu.”

Qi Yan smiled and looked at the display on top of the elevator.
It was still on the fourth floor, so he said, “It seems like there’s something wrong with the elevator.
Don’t panic, I’ll call the property manager.”

Lin Yu just realized that it was stuck on the fourth floor.
She was busy thinking about the cute boy and didn’t notice it.
At this moment, a few classic horror scenes from novels and movies flashed through her mind.
However, when she saw Qi Yan’s dimples, they disappeared without a trace.

She took out her phone and sneakily took a photo of his long legs and sent it to a group chat, “May I ask, what should I do when I’m stuck in the elevator with the cute boy? Hurry up, I’m waiting!”

Those in the group chat immediately commented on his long legs.
However, their attention turned to concern about Lin Yu’s safety.

Those who were smarter sent a few tips to handle emergencies in the elevator which included how to escape a supernatural entity and how to protect oneself when there was a sex offender.

Lin Yu touched her face and looked at Qi Yan who stood in front of her.
She felt like she was more like the sex offender.

Qi Yan saw Lin Yu holding her face and thought that she was afraid, so he said, “Don’t be worried, it will be okay.
The property management staff will be here soon.” When Lin Yu wasn’t paying attention, he quickly casted a spell to disperse the bad energy.

If this young lady were alone, something might have gone wrong.

At this moment, his phone rang.
The caller was Fifth Master Cen.

Cen Baihe listened to the pleasant voice on the other end and subconsciously smiled, “Don’t we need to save the world?”

“The world is peaceful these few days.”

When he heard this, Cen Baihe laughed lightly and opened the window to the balcony.
He looked at the red sky and said, “Have you had dinner?”

“Yes, but I’m stuck in the elevator.”

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“How come?” Cen Baihe’s tone was heavier and he frowned.
Even his brother who was in the garden noticed it.
“Which floor are you stuck on? Is it dangerous?”

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Qi Yan noticed the worry in Cen Baihe’s words and laughed, “No, don’t worry.
The property management staff will be here soon.
How’s your appetite recently? Have you experienced the pleasure of good food?”

“In just a week, I have gained two kilograms,” Cen Baihe put his hand on the railing and joked, “Didn’t you say that I’m a rare noble person? Since I’m on the phone with you now, would your luck become better?”

Before Qi Yan could answer the question, there was a noise coming from outside the elevator.

“Those inside please take two steps back.
We are opening the door.”

Qi Yan squinted his eyes and saw that the elevator door was being forcefully opened.
He said with a smile, “Yes, because of you, my luck has improved.”

Cen Baihe was indeed his savior, so he was speaking the truth.

Then he heard Cen Baihe deep laughter.
He thought that he was joking.

In this world, people tend not to believe the truth.

Lin Yu sent a message to the group after she arrived home safely.

Lin Yu : [ I’m home safe.
The cute boy seemed to have a close friend.
When we were stuck in the elevator, he kept talking on the phone.
Besides, before he took the call, I noticed that he made a series of hand gestures.
I don’t know if it’s just in my head, but I felt safer after he did that.

Members in the group chat immediately comforted her.
Some even joked that this cute boy was a fan of cosplay.
He was practicing during his free time so that he could showcase it in comic con.

Soon they were talking about the cute young boy and his close friend.
Lin Yu turned off the chat and looked at her laptop.
She was afraid to open it.

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