Chapter 24: A Sense Of Novelty

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Cen Baihe bent down and helped Qi Yan pick up the banknotes that were closer to him.
After picking them up, he flipped them over and looked at them.
There was no trace of glue being used.
The face of a great man on the banknote had a kind look.

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“What happened just now?” Cen Baihe handed the notes to Qi Yan.
After he put them back into his wallet, he took out a clean handkerchief and gave it to him, “Wipe up.”

“Thank you.” Qi Yan took the handkerchief.
Before he could use it to wipe his mouth, there were already gray thumbprints on it.
He smiled awkwardly at Cen Baihe.
Cen Baihe looked at him calmly and the awkwardness dissipated.

After wiping off the blood stain at the corner of his mouth, Qi Yan walked to the Banyan tree that had lost a lot of its leaves.
He looked up at the old tree and bowed to it.
If it weren’t for its energy just now, he wouldn’t have survived.

The residents in this alley loved and protected the big tree.
Of course it loved them too.
Even though it did not have any cognitive abilities nor a soul, it had used its energy to save a human.

Cen Baihe stood behind Qi Yan and observed his actions.
He looked at the tree that seemed to have lost its leaves unnaturally and pondered.

Qi Yan turned around and looked at him, “Baihe, thank you.”

Cen Baihe smiled gently, “There’s no need to say thank you between friends.”

After hearing that, Qi Yan smiled vibrantly, revealing the dimples on his cheeks.
Cen Baihe felt the urge to touch his dimples.

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A drop of rain fell and Cen Baihe looked up at the sky, “It’s raining, let’s go.”

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Qi Yan followed behind Cen Baihe.
After two steps, he sensed that something was wrong.
Even though the alley was no longer losing vitality, the lost energy could not be recovered.
Under such circumstances, a disaster was likely to happen.

It seemed like the spell that was casted this time was different from the one in the market.
The energy that was lost in the market was recovered after he broke the spell, but this time the spell-caster had used up all the energy so there was not much that was recovered.

“What’s wrong?” Cen Baihe noticed that Qi Yan had stopped walking and looked at him, “Are there still problems?”

Qi Yan shook his head with a sunken face.
Looking at the small alley that was lacking vitality, he was out of ideas.
When he turned to look at Cen Baihe, he suddenly thought of something his master had said.

A rare noble person had the ability to protect others during bad times.
However, if the world was too peaceful, then the noble person would die early due to the overwhelming amount of blessings.

Protect others…

Could he borrow Cen Baihe’s blessings? Not only could he prevent a disaster, he could also alleviate Cen Baihe’s health problems.
Even though he wasn’t sure if it would work, he had to try it.

Since the purple mist was so dense, even if he could live a thousand years, he would have a great amount of blessings.

His master had explained to him how to borrow a noble person’s luck to protect others.
He was not paying much attention to him at that time.

Regardless of the method, the most important condition was that the noble person had to first agree to it.
Because no one dared to offend and did bad things to someone who was filled with purple mist.
Otherwise, they might face a huge calamity.

Whoever dared to get on his bad side would receive bad luck.

“Baihe, are you interested in seeing an ultimate fantasy scene?” Qi Yan smiled widely at Cen Baihe.
His smiling eyes were filled with anticipation.

Cen Baihe calmly looked at his sudden change in expression.
He thought that he looked cute, unlike a mysterious master.
Looking at his pleasant face, Cen Baihe laughed, “How?”

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“Close your eyes.”

He obeyed and felt a cool breeze on his eyelids.
It seemed like water or wind.

“Open your eyes and watch.”

When Cen Baihe opened his eyes, he thought that he was in a different realm.
There was different coloured air flowing in the alley.
The gray and black ones were especially dense.
But for some reason, they couldn’t get near him.

What surprised him was that Qi Yan had golden mist around his body.
At this moment, he thought that he was hallucinating.

He was indeed the great Fifth Master Cen.
After seeing something so extraordinary, he still remained so calm.

After half a minute, Cen Baihe blinked and the world still looked so strange, “These different coloured airs…what are they?”

Qi Yan smiled and waved his hand.
The world returned to normal.

“You don’t belong in the realm.
It’s not good for you to look at them too much,” Qi Yan explained, “These airs are human’s energies.
Didn’t you see a lot of gray and black energy?”

Cen Baihe didn’t understand the meaning of human energy, but he didn’t have a good feeling about the gray and black energy.
He understood what Qi Yan had done.

“Someone took away the vitality from this alley.
A disaster might happen soon.” Qi Yan looked at the alley.
The population was dense in the Capital City.
There must be a lot of people walking through this alley.
If something were to happen, there would be many casualties.

Cen Baihe became serious, “Is there a way?”

“Yes,” Qi Yan looked at him, “You are the key.” He didn’t tell Cen Baihe that this could also help him, because he was only guessing and he didn’t want to give him false hope.
The disappointment would be too cruel.

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“Let me know how I can help.” Cen Baihe took out his phone, “Should we move the residents to somewhere else?”

“That wouldn’t help.
They are the ones who lost their energy, not this alley.
No matter where they go, their luck will not return.” Qi Yan paused for a while and said, “I want to borrow your luck.”


There was thunder and it was still raining.
The clouds seemed to have gathered on top of them.

Luck? Cen Baihe looked lost.
He was someone who might pass away anytime, how much luck did he have?

But looking at Qi Yan’s vibrant eyes, he smiled, “Even though I don’t understand what you mean, I would still help if necessary.”

Hearing this, Qi Yan immediately grabbed Cen Baihe’s arm and pushed up his sleeve.
He drew on his arm and chanted a spell.
From Cen Baihe’s perspective, he only saw Qi Yan drawing on his arm and he felt a little tingle which flowed to his heart.

When Qi Yan stopped, he felt a sudden warmth on his arm.
He looked at Qi Yan and Qi Yan’s face had become pale.
He was still gripping his arm tightly.

“Green dragons and white tigers.
Protect me!” Qi Yan directed the purple mist on Cen Baihe’s body to him and he placed both his hands on the ground.
The purple mist flowed through his arms to the surroundings.

“Leave heaven and earth!” Qi Yan moved his fingers and the purple mist spread even faster.
Soon, it reached the households in the alley and the bad luck dissipated.

Cen Baihe stood behind Qi Yan and watched him squat and moved his fingers.
The surrounding air became fresher.
He turned and looked at the door of one of the houses.
The portrait of a god on the door seemed to look more vibrant.


The rain fell heavily.
Qi Yan stood up and said to Cen Baihe, “Done, let’s go!” After saying that he dragged Cen Baihe, who was still in a daze, and hurriedly left the alley.

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In the car, the bodyguard had used up all his energy trying to open the door.
He even tried to smash it open.
He didn’t know if it was the quality of the car or that it was magic as he could not open the door no matter what.

Seeing that rain was getting heavier and Fifth Master Cen was still not back, he and the driver started to panic.
Fifth Master Cen’s body was so weak, he would definitely get sick after being in the rain.

Just as he was about to collapse in a panic attack when two figures appeared from the alley.
Master Qi was in front dragging Fifth Master Cen.

Oh no! He should not be running!

Master Qi, walk slower!

The bodyguard was collapsing on the inside, but he still remained expressionless on the outside.

Qi Yan opened the door and let Cen Baihe get in first.
He was about to get in when he saw the bodyguard staring at him.

“Is there something wrong?” Qi Yan wiped the rainwater from his face and felt a strong resentment from the bodyguard.

Cen Baihe took the towel that was handed to him by the driver and glanced at the bodyguard who immediately straightened his body, “Nothing, I was just worried that something had happened to you seeing the dust and mud on your body.”

“Thank you for your concern.
I’m fine” Qi Yan smiled and saw Cen Baihe wiped the rainwater from his body elegantly.
He noticed that there were some subtle changes to his face.

Cen Baihe saw that he was watching him and gave him a towel.
His sick face looked rosier after some physical activity, “Wipe yourself too.”

“Thank you.” Qi Yan took the towel and looked at the elegant patterns on the towel, “Baihe, I think I found the solution.”

“What solution?” Cen Baihe sounded relaxed.
Perhaps it was because he had never done something like this before and he felt a sense of novelty.

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