the blue hair and robes looks like shes here in place of Shina. Each of the members of the hybrid clan except for Vala wore a robe covering their left shoulder, it was traditional clothing for hybrids, the color denoted their homeland. Blue for the bank of Dorads royal guard, brown for the monks of Welis, grey for the scholars of Andurill, dark green for Baltins military, and purple for the traders of Lemen.

”The last time we held a council meeting was at least fifteen years ago, shortly after the death of Shinra Pendragon, the day we made an agreement with the deep. Yurias treaty between the alliance and The Deep was created in order to prevent another incident where a radical pursues Abaddon for his strength, ” Lucifers tone became serious.

Alexander glanced at Arthur who didn flinch at the mention of his fathers death.

”That day was horrible… and it reminded us why we need to continue holding back Abaddons growing forces. And thus, my first decision will be to redirect house Pendragon from governing Logos and keep them on patrol in the north to prevent an attack and provide medical assistance on the field. ”

Arthurs expression turned to that of confusion.

”I don believe thats necessary. House Rael is better suited to defend against potential attacks from the demons, ” Arthur interjected.

”Please allow me to finish. I understand this is your first council meeting but you may raise concerns after I have fully explained the decision, ” Lucifer looked down at Arthur with a blank stare.

”House Rael will return to Logos as Alexander has recovered from his injuries, I understand you have focused very intently on the development of Logos, however this was only temporary. Your houses skill in medical science and healthcare is imperative on the front lines, and due to the decrease in Logorite supply, we now have a very pressing issue. Any objections? ” Lucifer paused this time and glanced at Arthur.

”No… I understand the decision, ” Arthur stated.

Arthur simply returned a blank glare at Lucifer, You shouldve expected this brat… it was only a matter of time before I got what was mine.

Carala Nefuk stood up at the other end of the table, she was a tall woman wearing a white full sleeved coat underneath her purple robe, her hair was tied back, and her sharp eyes looked down on Arthur. Her clothes had a visible distinction from the others, That woman… she doesn seem like a warrior, Alexander thought as he observed her neat clothes.

”Do you understand!? ” the dignified woman asked with a condescending tone. ”This event which took place last year was no excuse for such a brash decision. I request that the members of House Pendragon never make such a decision without further discussion with the rest of the alliance! ” Carala looked quite annoyed, sounded even more so.

Brash is putting it lightly…

”Due to your decision, the supply of Logorite has seen significant decrease. Let me remind you that the resistance isn gonna allow something like this slip by without taking full advantage of it! ” she slammed her hand on the table.

Arthur raised an eyebrow as she lashed out at him, he just looked back at her fiery gaze and it seemed to annoy her more.

”Sorry… Ill consider my decisions next time, ” Arthur apologized.

Under the table Alexander could see Arthurs clenched fist.

”I don think you are, its not like Geral Murdok wanders your cities while you try to sleep- ”

”Cara. Thats enough, ” Oberon stopped her, he stood up and bowed towards Arthur. ”I apologize for her rude remarks, ” said Oberon.

Carala sat down, crossed her arms and turned her head away.

”Carala, ” Vala called her name in a cold tone.

”Apologize for being rude. This is no place to conduct yourself in such a way, ” she asked once.

”Im sorry Sir Arthur, I apologize for getting upset, ” Carala apologized.

Arthurs lieutenant Freiya scribbled something down in a small notebook with a black leather cover, she turned the page and dipped the tip of a feather in a small glass jar of ink.

”Lector why aren you writing anything? ” Alexander whispered to his lieutenant.

”Don worry, Im listening, ” Lector assured.

Arthurs lieutenant Freiya stood up.

”In an angels report yesterday, a large amount of logorite was found in the mountain, he said he had mined it and it should be collected today, ” Freiya informed them.

”Hmmm, how much logorite was found? ” Lucifer asked with a curious smile.

Carala sat back and considered the benefits of that discovery.

”In the report he said it was too much to count, but he claims its enough for three monthly quotas, ” she explained.

”Three monthly quotas? Well thats more than enough, we can offer to the hybrids to make up for their recent shortage, ” Lucifer chuckled.

”May I ask something First lieutenant? ” Arid suddenly raised his hand, ”Why was an angel mining? ” he asked with an intense focus.

”Uh, hes a graduate of military school who was recently sent to house Pendragon for scout training, in the report he said he went to assist the non-unified who were still mining, ” Freiya answered.

Arid squinted as he leaned back in his chair and contemplated something.

”Please show me the report afterwards, ” Arid requested.

Freiya nodded and sat down, she shivered slightly in her seat.

”Now that thats taken care of, ” Lucifer slid a sheet of paper to the side and picked up the sheet under it and read.

”The logorite was an issue, but not the primary reason why we called this meeting. The reason we called this meeting revolves around Geral Murdoks escape… I hate to see the infamous criminal released… but it is in fact true, the man who is the head of Hirias black market is back, ” Lucifer explained.

Vala leaned forward and looked to her left towards the blue haired woman.

”Riva, please provide your report on Murdok, ” Vala asked.

”Understood, ” she replied and stood up.

Riva stood just under six feet, she was much younger than the rest of the clan leaders Considering she was allowed to attend this meeting in place of Shina… they seem to have a lot of faith in her. Her blue hair was tied back in a ponytail which reached down past her neck, her blue eyes we
e alluring but her expression remained calm, she stood up straight and repeated the contents of her report even though she had no paper in front of her. Alexander noticed on her waist was a long sheathed sword with a silver hilt and handle wrapped in a blue fabric Thats a fang of Ginpa but judging from the size, she holds one of the two front fangs. Someone like her can use that blade? Its obvious why they trust her then.

”On Shauran 14th, we received notice from the warden Jira Bagat at Lemen that the prisoner in question began chanting something in his cell. He is coming, he is coming was what he said, over and over. ” Riva explained.

Angela leaned forward intrigued by the report.

”He continued to say this for several hours according to the prison guards, until during the night when he concluded his chant by saying: Jack, ” she added.

”What?! ” Alexander jumped in his seat with a horrified expression on his face.

Arthur, Alexander and Lectors expressions all changed to shock the moment they heard that name.

”He ended his chant with the name Jack, the guards were alarmed by this but the next message we received was not from Jira, but from Raum Septirion that half the prison was destroyed. Jira Bagat was found dead with an unknown type of wound, ” Riva said.

”Destroyed? What do you mean? ” Arid repeated.

”It may be hard to believe, but I saw it myself. Half the prison is gone, reduced to rubble. Gerals cell as well as many renowned hybrid criminals we
e part of the prison which had been demolished, ” Riva answered.

Alexander glanced over at Arthur whose eyes were just as wide.

”Jack… Jack who, ” Lector asked curiously.

”He only said Jack according to the guards. ” Riva replied.

”The leader of the royal guard; Shina could not be present as she is continuing to investigate the missing culprit and is working on apprehending him. Other noteworthy names that are missing: Iris Garo, Banhu Uunan, and multiple descendants of Tyra escaped. Their cells were in the part of the prison that was destroyed, their bodies weren found either, ” she concluded and sat down.

”Thank you Riva. ” Vala said.

Jack… why did he say Jack…

”Didn you say something about someone named Jack a few years ago? ” Lector whispered to Alexander but he remained frozen as he stared into space.

Jack?… she really said Jack… this can be a coincidence… Freiya stood up and walked over to Arid, she handed the report to him and he analyzed it, his eyes went wide and the paper crumpled slightly as he gripped it What if that dream did mean something… I need to get back to Logos!

”We will dispatch House Rael and Pendragon to assist with apprehending Geral. If the situation demands it, Houses Rael and Lightbringer will join to assist, ” Lucifer explained and turned to his last page, he looked at it with a blank stare for a few seconds before he took a deep breath.

”The final matter I would like to bring up is the object House Rover recovered several years ago, Angela, if you would be so kind, ” Lucifer gestured to Angela who stood up with her hands in her pocket.

”After analyzing the object, there was a lack of ether material present and we came to the conclusion that it wasn created by the celestial, we have never seen an object like that before though, ” Angela picked up a paper with a drawing on it.

”In Arthurs report he described that there had been tracks which led from the object to Logos, however no one was ever found, ” Angela slid the paper down the table.

Alexander picked it up and analyzed it. It was an extremely detailed sketch of the interior of the object, it resembled the exact scene. Angelas lieutenant Leo must have drawn this. he thought as he analyzed the exact same details from that scene a year ago. Alexander passed the paper down to Lector who analyzed it, instead of passing it to Yami, he walked over to Arid and handed it to him, Yami looked slightly lost, but Lector didn say anything.

”What Arthur said matches the scene, if you look at the picture there is a dried blood stain across the interior, whatever was inside this thing was injured and it escaped somewhere into the continent of Kamino. We don know where this thing could be but we haven heard anything about this thing, ” Angela explained.

The paper made its way around to Rolo, he wore a grey robe over a black vest, his collar covered the lower half of his face, leaving only his red eyes visible and his messy black hair. Judging from his hair, the lack of energy in his eyes, he was a very lazy person.

”You checked Logos correct? ” Rolo asked, his voice a little hard to hear.

”Yes, an interesting trait of the blood was that it produced a similar substance to Logorite… but with an energy yield at least twice as large. We followed the tracks back to Logos, however the trail went dry in the town, ” Angela added.

Vala looked concerned upon hearing that, she turned to Oberon who looked equally concerned. Carala leaned over and looked at the picture as well.

”This… this happened the day Sir Alexander suffered an injury? ” Carala questioned.

She looked at the scar on Alexanders neck and then turned to Arthur.

”Did you find anything or anybody? ” Carala asked Arthur.

”No, I was assisting house Rael and Rover in the search, after searching every house in Logos we found nothing, ” Arthur replied.

Caralas expression made it evident she had doubts as soon as she knew Arthur was involved, but she held her tongue. She handed the paper to Vala who only looked at it for a second and then handed it to Avery Sun.

She had short brown hair that didn go further than her neck, her robe was brown but she wore a black vest underneath similar to Riva, the dark color was offset by her large gold necklace and earrings. Her skin was slightly tanned and her muscles were well defined despite her slim appearance. Alexander was quite focused on her green eyes, they were like emeralds. She put her hand to her chin while she analyzed the picture.

”Damn this is really well drawn… So what happened to it? Did you leave it there or did you move it? ” Avery questioned.

”House Lightbringer took the unidentified object in for further investigation. ” Arid answered.

”We concluded that this object had to have come from another world. The object was labeled Imperial Dragoon in our own language though, we are unsure of what this may mean, ” Angela concluded.

Avery handed the paper down to Riva with a confused look, ”Imperial Dragoon… ” she repeated to herself in thought.

”Forget that its from another world… its been on the loose for a year… ” Oberon shook his head.

”We could be far too late for all we know… its out there as we speak, the demons may have even found it.. ” the large man added.

Alexander stood, the eyes in the room all locked onto him. ”There is another issue, the eastern outpost where the unidentified object was stored was broken into, ” said Alexander.

”What? ” Angela expression turned to shock.

”We are still investigating, half of the object is missing, with the added information that Geral has escaped. Its safe to say the resistance is on the move once more. ” Alexander explained.

The room went silent, the danger of this situation was becoming more and more evident.

”We should check Logos again, ” Lector broke the silence.

Lector leaned forward and rested his elbows on the desk, he had an expression that Alexander had never seen before. Everyone in the room turned to the spy of house Rael.

”Logos has been secure for a year, theres no reason to check it, ” Arthur replied.

”Why do you think Logos should be checked again? ” Carala asked curiously.

”House Rael was still responsible for replacing Logoss workforce, of course we take any newborn children to keep the population stable, ” Lector started his explanation.

The members of the room continued to listen, Lector glanced at Alexander.

”A woman was giving us a hard time yesterday, thats not my point however. The house across from hers is inhabited by an individual named Jack, ” Lector pointed out.

Heads turned around the room.

”Jack Eldritch, his family, was executed for treason over a year ago. Do note, im not saying its the same Jack that Murdok is chanting about, ” Lector added.

Carala turned to Vala before she turned back to Lector.

”T-There could be multiple people with the name Jack, how are you so sure? ” Carala objected.

”Im not sure, but I think its worth looking into, ” Lector added as he stood up to stretch, he turned away from the group and walked towards a table in the corner.

”His parents were executed for destroying the entrance to the mines, then he was transferred. Not too long after on Vagril 6th last year, the entrance to the mines was found destroyed again, ” Lector explained.

The table Lector approached had multiple upside down cups and a glass jug of water neatly assorted on it, the white table cloth had.

”Why was Jack not apprehended first lieutenant? ” Oberon asked.

”My names Lector, we don actually know if it was him, ” the spy filled a glass with clear water.

”Anyone else need some water, its really dry in here, ” he faced everyone while he nonchalantly sipped the cup.

”Alexander already executed the criminal responsible for the mines, ” Arthur interjected.

”Ok.. and? ” Lector asked.

Arthur glared at Lector intensely, but Lector didn phase, his eyes stayed locked on Arthurs as if a conversation was going on between them that no one else could hear What are you trying to do Lector?

”Itd be a waste of resources- ”

”That we have to spare! ” Lector cut him off while looking at Lucifer.

Lector sat down and put his glass on the table Thats the first time I saw Lector show some spine, at least it was at that brat though.

”Rolo, Avery, Riva; assist the search in Logos. Oberon, Carala; we will go to Andurill, there may be movement from the resistance for the upcoming festival. You three should be enough, ” Vala instructed.

”Huh?! ” Rolo scoffed as he leaned forward.

”Rolo, while we
e here we will assist them, on the off chance what came out of the object is in Logos, we don know what we
e dealing with, ” Vala explained.

”Wait, hang on I don wanna miss the festival prep- ”

”That is an order, ” Vala said coldly.

Rolo slumped in his seat. ”Understood… ” he mumbled in his depression.

”Oh come on Rolo itll be fun, ” Avery tried to comfort the sad clan leader.

”Very well, I will rejoin the guard in Andurill, ” Riva confirmed shed assist.

”Well, that was most of the topics I wanted to cover but I think what we have going is good. How about we get out of this stuffy room shall we, ” Lucifer concluded the meeting.

”Please join us in the dining hall down stairs, weve prepared a feast according to your accommodations, ” Arid offered as he stood up and opened the doors.

”We welcome your hospitality Noble houses, ” Vala accepted the offer.

Arthur remained in his seat, contemplating something to himself. Lucifer rose.

”Alexander, I want you to take charge of scouting Logos and the surrounding towns. The other captains will be ready for communication via Lector, ” Lucifer ordered.

Alexander stood up and walked out of the room, Lector and Yami followed as the hybrids in the room all made their way to the exit. Jack… why do you keep appearing…

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