Chapter 4: Alexander; Vagril 6th, 343SR; 06:30

Alexander gripped the handle of his greatsword, drew it off of his back with a single arm, and pointed it towards a man and a woman on their knees who both wore white robes commonly used by alchemists. The man was bald with dark skin, the woman had very short hair, but fair skin.

”Please, have mercy! ” the skinny woman with brown hair begged but a black boot slammed down on her head and shoved her face into the dirt.

”Don make demands of a noble and know your place vermin, ” a young female angel ordered.

”Somebody help! Anyone! Please! How long will you live under these tyrants! ” the male alchemist cried.

Alexander turned his head nonchalantly to the crowd of non-unified people who watched.

”Well? ” Alexander asked the crowd.

The people in the crowd said nothing, the noble lowered his blade and smiled as he looked back at the mans devastated face.

”Vivian, take your boot off of her, she can see the people she tried saving, ” Alexander ordered.

The angel quickly followed, the woman on the ground coughed raggedly, dirt smeared all over her face, she kept her head low.

”Great Celestial, please save us. Please. Please. Please, ” the woman repeated.

Alexanders face cringed in disgust.

”When will your entire race learn this is the hand the celestial dealt you, yet you beg for its help as if you deserve it. Why is it so hard to understand the angels are the rightful rulers, thats why we were trusted with its power. Unlike you two mongrels, ” Alexander pointed at the two of them.

”Us angels protect you from the demon king. Don you get it, the non-unified are unworthy of the great celestials gifts and always will be! You should be grateful we don let your useless race rot and instead put you to some use! ” Alexander shouted.

The woman looked up at him.

”Itll be your great celestial which kills you one day! Praise it then! ” she hissed.

Alexanders greatsword began to emit a green flame from the edge of the blade, and he swung upwards sending a wave of flame over the two. The two angels behind them moved out of the way as the green flame smothered the couple, they screamed as the flame singed their skin to the bone, the woman writhed on the ground as the man reached forward towards Alexander.

”Jack… ” the man uttered.

They were burned to a blackened crisp, the screams stopped and all that was left was a green flame which burned away on the charred bones. Alexander turned and raised his arms while he pointed at the corpses with his blade.

”Do you see! This is what happens to those who deny the will of the celestial! ” Alexander walked forward confidently and gestured for someone to try and step out of the line.

”Well! ” Alexander yelled as he turned back to the two bodies only to see that they were gone, in place of his two subordinates were two humanoid figures made from wooden sticks, Alexander turned around again to see the entire crowd of people around him had become these figures made of wooden sticks.

”What is the meaning of this, whose behind this! ” Alexander shouted.

He turned back around to see that the exact spot where the man and woman stood was a shirtless boy looking down at the ground, black robes covered his legs, and his skin was pale. Alexander heard an explosion behind him and he turned to see the towering Celestial fall towards Logos.

No… no no no-! Alexanders heart beat quickened.

”Who are you! Whats happening! ” Alexander demanded an answer from the boy.

The boy held his head low.

”Damn cretin, you will– ” Alexander tried to raise his blade but he couldn lift it.

He looked down to see his arm had been made of sticks as well, before he looked up at the boy who was now looking up at him, his eyes mad with black marks around them that resembled tears. Alexander stared at the boy, fear clouded his mind as the ground around the boy exploded outwards, Alexander tried to cover his face with his arms.


Alexander found himself staring at the top of his bed frame, sweating heavily while his body shivered in fear. The image of the boy was burned into his mind, he felt the hair on his skin rise.

The celestial! Alexander pulled himself out of bed and ran towards the window, his palms touched the cold glass, and looked through to see the Celestial in all its divinity as it stood tall above Helios. It was just a dream… he told himself. Alexander let out a sigh of relief, he wiped the sweat from his forehead, and placed his back against the cold stone, What is that? he thought as he suddenly heard a slight rumbling in the distance.

The glass window suddenly shattered outward as the ground suddenly rumbled. Alexander panicked as he remembered the boy from his dream, he ran to another window, in the distance noticed a part of the mountain between Helios and Logos had been smashed off, large boulders had crashed into the woods outside the lower city of Helios. Alexander walked across the room to a wardrobe, he opened it and pulled out a white dress shirt and black pants and quickly put them on, What was that dream. He threw on a black coat and quickly departed from his room.

”Vivian! Lector! Bruno! ” Alexander yelled the names of his three lieutenants as he entered into a spiral staircase.

Torches lit up the stone walls with an amber glow. The sound of a door opening could be heard above before suddenly closing, a set of heels clicked further up the steps. A dignified woman with black eyes and straight black hair that reached down to her shoulders appeared, she wore a similar attire to Alexander, a typical nobles clothing. On the left of her chest was a green insignia of a fist.

”Sir, ” Vivian addressed.

Another door opened above, a slow pair of loud footsteps could be heard as a chubby man with short grey hair and a scruffy grey beard made his way down the stairs. He pulled his coat over his shoulder, but didn button it as his belly was too large.

”Captain! What was that? ” Bruno asked.

”We are gonna find out as soon as… as soon as Lector gets down here! ” Alexander yelled that last part.

A door opened and a slow set of steps made its way down as a lanky man with a messy head of blonde hair made his way down, he wore just the white dress shirt which was buttoned halfway up, and yawned the entire walk down the stairs, he bumped into Bruno and stopped.

”Hmm, ” Lector didn open his eyes.

Instead, he leaned on the stone wall and continued to sleep.

”Wake up Lector! ” Alexander yelled.

”I am awake! Stop yelling all the time… ” Lector groaned as he rubbed his eyes.

”The mountain between Helios and Logos has been damaged, the rumbling earlier was the debris falling. House Rover is most likely already mobilizing a scouting party, we will assist them! ” Alexander commanded.

The group made their way down the stairs.

”When we get outside: Lector stay in contact with Vivian as she gives us a reconnaissance of the area, Bruno use your stone chariot to get us there faster, ” he instructed.

”Yes sir! ” the three responded at the same time.

They reached the bottom of the stairs and went outside to the inner wall of Helios, the sky was a gentle blue as the sun slowly rose in the distance. Bruno put his fist onto the ground and the stones began to manipulate into a path way that extended over the lower cities of Helios and over the outer wall towards the mountain.

Lector tapped Vivians shoulder and a dot appeared on his hand that glowed a bright yellow, Vivian pulled out a black feather which faded away, as a pair of black wings sprouted from her back. Bruno then pressed his fists into the ground and it raised in front of him, stretched out wards like wet clay, and formed into a stone horse connected to a stone chariot, before hardening and becoming rigid.

Vivian jumped off the wall and dived straight down before she flew upwards into the air and soared towards the forest, Lector, Bruno and Alexander mounted the chariot.

”Hold on tight, ” Bruno warned.

The horse accelerated at an astounding speed down the stone path that formed over the city, the hooves tapped rhythmically against the stone path. As they passed over the lower district, a red light from one of the towers in Helios shot across the sky, and fell down towards the forest, a voice came out of the yellow mark on Lectors hand.

”Sir, the rubble crashed around the woods, but what caused the crash made a clearing through the forest. House Rover is on its way, Im sure you noticed but Arthur from house pendragon just got there. Take the route around the forest, something seems to have crashed there, ” Vivian explained through the mark on Lectors hand.

Great… that little runt, Alexander silently cursed.

The chariot sped up as the horse ran down the path that stretched over the lower capital of Helios, and then over the front of the forest and onwards. Bruno looked nauseated from constantly using his gift to produce the path to the crash site, a portion of the forest wasn covered in trees, rather all the trees that were there had been knocked down. The stone pathway extended downwards to the crash site and the horse dragged the chariot quickly down the path and leapt off it and arrived at the cleared field of trees.

”What the… ” Lector commented when he saw the blue object lodged into the ground.

Vivian glided in and landed gracefully while Alexander, Lector, and Bruno got off the chariot. Multiple scouts searched around the area and checked around the debris site for anything of value, while several of them were analyzing odd purple crystals they had found on the ground and inside the object.

”Gather all of that crystal substance and take it to the Lightbringers for analysis, ” a young boy ordered the taller angels.

Arthur was short with black hair tied in a braided ponytail which tied back most of his hair except for a few bangs that covered the left side of his face. His white coat had red stripes on it, over his chest was the red insignia of a dragon head. Despite his childish appearance, he was the noble of house Pendragon, and the youngest noble at that.

Arthur turned towards Alexander and faced him with a blank stare.

”Good morning Alexander, members of house Rael. Im sure none of us were expecting something like this, ” his red eyes analyzed Alexander and the rest of them sharply.

I could never tolerate this so- called… son of the hero, Alexander belittled.

”No need for the formalities Arthur… this object… what is it? A gift of the Celestial? ” Alexander asked.

Lector wandered over to the people collecting the purple crystals on the ground, Vivian examined the peculiar object, while Bruno analyzed the metal surface of the object.

”This thing took off a decent portion of the mountain, perhaps we should make the people of Logos mine for logorite up there too, ” Alexander chuckled.

”Something struck me as odd about this object. Please, follow me, ” Arthur requested.

Alexander grit his teeth This damn kid thinks he can tell me what to do… whatever… he followed behind the young noble, towards the back of the object. Alexander was surprised to see an interior to the object, it housed unique weapons of an unknown origin, and all around the interior were purple crystals that gave Alexander a bad vibe.

”Do you think this is some kind of demon sorcery, or one of those damn resistance from the gutters of Torovince? ” Alexander asked.

”Theres footprints, ” Arthur noticed.

Alexander looked down to notice several footprints of mud within the interior and a large amount of blood stained along the walls of the craft. Alexander looked outside the ship to notice a smeared trail in the mud that led out of the ship towards the woods.

”Arthur… what did the scouts from the house Rover discover inside of the object? ” Alexander asked.

”They didn report anything, I got here first? ” Arthur replied.

”You really are a newbie aren you, ” Alexander sighed. ”Someone was here before us. Theres a trail leading out of the woods towards Logos. ” Alexander pointed to the tracks.

”Huh, you
e right… good observation, ” Arthur replied.

Alexander felt a storm brew within him in anger at the younger noble, but before he could release his anger a fierce explosion rippled through the air from the other side of the mountain, a purple light lit up the other side that slowly dissipated.

”See… someone did get here before us yo- ” Alexander was cut off and when he felt an intense pressure beside him.

Arthur squatted down and put his one arm to the ground, his legs had formed a jagged black armor around them. He jumped high into the sky towards the mountain.

This kid pisses me off so much… Alexander thought as he saw Arthurs shrinking figure in the distance land on the mountain. Alexander ran towards Logos as well, specifically following the footsteps in the mud, Vivian followed while Lector and Bruno continued to analyze the mysterious object. Alexander picked up pace as he ran, eventually he reached the forests and lost sight of the trail in the mud, but it was obvious the route led to Logos.

He followed onwards towards the entrance to the mines, Looks like this will be an interesting morning, I get to kill some useless slave- he stopped as he reached the entrance of the mines.

He wasn expecting to see the entrance blocked by a large pile of logorite ore. A foul scent of rot lingered in front of the mines, it stung Alexanders nose. What happened here… that scent… no… it can be… again? he wondered. He heard a thud hit the ground behind him, he turned around to see Arthur stand up with his black armor disappearing off of his body.

”The pieces of the mountain all got sent to the other side, theres no reason the mines should be blocked off on this side… something else happened here, ” Arthur observed.

”Was there a strange scent at the top of the mountain? ” Alexander asked.

”No? ” Arthur replied with a puzzled tone.

”Something strange is going on though thats for sure…. When I was on top of the mountain a purple fire was burning on a small section of the farm, in the north of Logos, ” Arthur added.

”Purple fire… is Abaddon finally making his move… ” Alexander pondered.

”I doubt Abaddon would invade without sending an army, ” Arthur replied.

”Alexander please handle the situation in Logos, Im going to investigate the debris a bit more, ” he ordered while walking off.

Alexander felt his jaw tighten, That inexperienced little shit… he really thinks he can tell me what to do. Just because he became a noble and was able to wield Balakins spear… now he thinks he can tell me what to do! Alexander slammed his fist into a tree, his head began to ache as his rage built up. Vivian flew in through the trees before she landed.

”Sir, the people of Logos seem to be caught up with some kind of- ” Vivian said.

”I know! ” Alexander roared, cutting her off.

Vivians expression filled with fear, and her legs shook in fear. She immediately put her knee to the floor, and bowed her head.

”Im sorry sir, ” Vivian apologized.

Alexander turned and headed towards Logos, he stomped heavily as he marched onwards with the intent to show his rage. However a thought lingered in his mind, The mines we
e sealed… a strange scent… it happened during the night… this is similar to the incident caused by the Eldritch family, the name Jack rang in his head. What was the dream…

As Alexander exited the forest he noticed the path blocked by people who gathered around the purple fire Arthur informed him of, What a majestic flame he thought as he stared at it. As Alexander approached, the citizens moved out of the way when they heard his footsteps, he noticed the crowd had kept a short distance from the flame, as he got close he realized why.

A strong heat emanated from the small fire. Alexander was surprised to feel such heat in the air even at that distance. The flame dissipated and the townspeople looked to the noble.

”Who did this? ” he asked them all.

They looked around asking if they saw anyone.

”Someone did this, who did this! I want an answer! ” he ordered.

Alexander put his hand outwards to summon his greatsword, a green light glowed within his hand, particles of light clumped together into a black handle, as the light continued to collect and form into a silver hilt and a vibrant green blade.

”We don know! ” someone in the crowd yelled.

”We only showed up after we heard the explosion ” another voice shouted.

”Jack and Carol aren here! ” a young boy cried.

Various voices in the crowd cried and pleaded, but Alexanders head shot to the right as he heard that last line. He heard the voice come from a dark skinned child with curly hair.

”Jack you said? Jack Eldritch? ” Alexander felt his blood boil.

”Y-Yeah, ” the boy replied.

Alexander left his sword in the ground and walked towards the boy, then kneeled in front of him and looked at him with wide eyes.

”Tell me where can I find Jack, ” Alexander asked calmly.

His eyes remained piercingly wide. Alexanders presence frightened the young boy to the bone.

”He… He lives in his parents house, ” the boy admitted.

”What is your name? How old are you? ” Alexander asked curiously.

”F-Franklin… Im thirteen years old, ” the boy answered.

”You hear that everybody! ” Alexander yelled suddenly, the boy cowered in fear.

”Franklin! Knows his place as vermin and hes just thirteen… You lot should be ashamed! I ought to execute you all right now! How can someone this young be more compliant than the rest of you lot! ” Alexander scowled.

He lifted his arm and the great sword tore itself out of the ground and flew to him.

”Now, lead me to that house, or die! ” he caught the sword and pointed it at the boy he just praised.

Franklin eyes went wide with fear, he didn hesitate to comply.

”I-I-Know the way… ” he stuttered as he slowly turned and walked towards Logos.

”Good, ” said Alexander, he continued to glare down at the boy.

Franklin led Alexander through the town to Jacks house, Alexander felt sick to his stomach while he walked through the streets. He couldn stand walking in the town of non-unified, the scent alone was enough to make him gag. Only the repulsive belong here…

As the sun rose over Logos, Alexander started to notice purple crystals reflect the sunlight on the side of the road towards the house. So the trail leads here too… odd. After a short walk through the outer part of the city, they finally came to the Eldritch property Alexander knew oh so well.

”This is the one, ” said Franklin.

Alexander walked towards the building past Franklin, he turned and checked for the purple crystals but noticed they had stopped several houses back. He walked up the steps and knocked on the door once, then paused and knocked again, and then paused, and made one final loud knock. I can believe Im knocking on this door again… Eldritch scum… they should all die for wasting my time…

”Open the door, or we will force it down scum, come on open the door will you! ” Alexander threatened.

He didn hear a noise inside, however he continued to wait, after a minute he decided that no one would be coming to open the door.

”Open. This. Door! ” he yelled.

A few seconds passed and he heard the cellar door at the left of the house close, he turned to see a girl with short black hair run from the side of the house out onto the street and into the crowd of people, she held a purple crystal in her hand. Is she serious… Alexander smirked, as he got ready to close the distance and catch her, he was surprised to see the townsfolk grab her and pull her to the ground.

”What the hell?! Stop! Let me go! ” she cried as she struggled on the ground.

People in the crowd whispered amongst themselves, Alexander heard the name and recognized her, Carol… the one who was always following the Eldritch family…

Alexander walked forward and laughed loudly at the failed attempt.

”Come on, one more time, ask them again please, ” Alexander requested. He squatted down, closed his eyes, and put his hand to his ear, Carol looked confused but she tried once more.

”Let me go! Why are you doing this! ” Carol begged the people of Logos.

”Haha there it is! ” Alexander laughed cheerfully. ”You don understand, do you, they don take orders from you, why would they take orders from someone as pathetic as the rest of them? ” Alexander mocked all of them.

They were too afraid to disobey him.

Alexander was confused, ”What were you doing in the Eldritch houses cellar, ” he asked Carol.

”I was getting something, ” she answered quickly.

Her willingness to answer confused Alexander, normally slaves were too scared to reply. She was transferred to Logos from Ulkay years ago, Alexander recalled seeing her speak with Jacks parents several times before their execution. What confused Alexander even more was the fact no one opened the door. Where is Jack? , the question lingered on his mind.

”Don play games with me now, on the way here I saw the mines… Itd make sense if the two of you were behind it, your parents did it first a year ago, then the Eldritch family followed, now here we and their children are repeating the mistakes of the parents. Where is Jack? ” Alexander asked once more.

”Jack was staying over at my place because he didn want to stay at this house… ” Carol answered.

”Why would he want to stay with someone whos as ugly as you? ” Alexander mocked.

”Maybe because hes scared of your massive forehead, who knows when your ego is gonna explode. Everyone else here thinks so too, why else do you think they are listening to you? ” Carol lashed back.

”Wow, out of everyone here you
e the first to actually say something back. However I know you
e lying, that crystal in your hand. I know where it came from. Why do you have it! ” he asked, his tone indicated that he was not patient.

”I was in the forest at night, and I happened to find it. And I used it to blow up the mines. ” She stated confidently. Alexander stood, Shes too compliant… why… he thought while the townspeople looked at one another, some murmurs and whispers about the mines being blown up. Alexander turned, walked towards the door and simply pushed it, even though it was locked the door flew open and he walked in. Where is that Eldritch brat, the thought swirled in his head constantly.

Alexander walked into the bungalow, dust in the air scratched at his clean skin and he immediately felt even more disgusted by the town, but his attention drew to the ground where a set of footsteps walked into the main room. The floor creaked as he followed the trail, the only light in the room came from outside, there was a lantern on the table next to where the trail ended, to Alexanders surprise the trail led back the way he came and out of the house. He stepped outside and looked down the other houses to the left.

”Why are you even looking for Jack? ” Carol asked.

Why am I… Alexander thought about it for a moment. ”I know it was him. ”

”What? ” Carol replied with a confused expression.

”You said he was at your house? ” Alexander asked.

”Yeah… he should be in the main room, ” Carol answered, still unnaturally compliant.

Alexander was still confused at the immediate compliance, Most non-unified fear me, but she doesn … Ill have to remind her who I am, but first the Eldritch brat.

Vivian walked forward and pulled Carol up by the arm, she flew to her feet easily, and barely resisted. Vivian followed Alexander as he walked a couple houses down. Alexander reached the front of the girls house.

It was unpleasantly silent, the towns folk all stayed quiet as they followed the noble. Why is she so compliant, whats going on… this is such a waste of ti-

”Jack do it now! ” Carol suddenly yelled to everyones surprise.

What! Alexander jumped backwards and summoned his sword in hand, Vivian backed up dragging Carol along, however nothing happened.

Carol burst into a fit of laughter, Alexander glanced at the woman, the front of his head throbbed with anger.

”You are honestly such a coward, you act all high and mighty swinging around your stupid green sword but a kid yells and you
e immediately on the defensive! ” Carol laughed.

”How dare you disrespect- ” Vivian scolded but Carol cut her off.

”Jack isn even here! I lied! I got the purple crystal on the road here… you
e both a coward and an idiot, take away your stupid celestial and you have nothing! ” Carol chuckled.

Alexander felt his blood boil, This lowlife non-unified scum… just called me a coward!

”Coward? Take away the celestial? ” Alexanders tone sounded annoyed but Carol froze when she saw his twisted grin as he started to laugh maniacally.

”Do you think our positions would be any different if you had this power? ” Alexander asked.

Carol felt a chill trickle down her spine when she felt the intent in his voice, Alexander tossed his sword forward to Carols feet. Vivian stepped back, she didn know what Alexander was doing either.

Carol looked down at the vivid green blade as it laid flat against the dried dirt on the ground.

”Pick it up, ” Alexander commanded.

Carol didn know what to say or do but she was visibly confused, she looked at Alexander and then back to the blade.

”Go on, pick up the sword and strike me, ” Alexander gestured for her to engage.

Carols mouth hung open in confusion as she tried to register what the noble just asked.

”You better pick it up quickly, the person you just called a coward is gonna beat you to death, ” Alexander declared as he cracked his knuckles.

Carols face indicated she wasn ready for this, she reached down for the blade, her hands shook all the while. She dared not take her eyes off him.

She gripped the handle of the blade and attempted to lift it, but even with two hands it was far heavier than any pickaxe she ever mined with. She just barely lifted the handle up. Carol couldn lift the blade off of the ground no matter how hard she tried, she dropped the handle and her arms shook from the stress.

”Its a little difficult isn it… this is why you non-unified… ” Alexander walked forward and rolled up his sleeves. ”… should be grateful! ” Alexander roared as he slammed his fist into Carols face.

Carol fell backwards into the crowd of people, they moved out of the way as she fell on her back and grasped her face, and tumbled over onto her front. I have to hold back or this won be any fun, Alexander walked forward, the crowd stepped further and further away from the two.

Carol struggled to her feet, she couldn raise her head as she held her nose, red blood dripped through her fingers as Alexander put both his hands together and smashed them down into the back of Carols head.

She fell into the dirt however Alexander grabbed her leg and swung her into the wall of her house, she slammed into a wooden pillar, only for Alexander to close the distance and punch her in the stomach and caused her to cough up even more blood.

Blood splattered onto Alexanders hand as he continually punched Carol in the face, he left her more and more unrecognizable each time he did, Carol tried to defend herself but it was pointless. The townspeople watched in horror, and listened in terror at the sound of Alexanders fists cracked the girls skull. Franklin covered his eyes as Carol struggled, she made inaudible noises as she was continuously pummeled by the noble.

”Say it! Call me a coward one more time! ” Alexander laughed maniacally as each punch splashed blood across the dry dirt.

The girls face was bruised and battered, several of her teeth had been knocked out, she couldn even keep one of her eyes open. Franklin threw up, others in the crowd held in their reflex to gag at the sight of the beaten girl who was once barely different from them. Alexander grasped Carols bloodied head with his hand, and showed the crowd her distorted face with blood dripping off of it.

”Let me make it clear, this is why you worship the celestial! ” he thrusted her lifeless body forward.

Alexander felt her blood trickle down his arm as he held her above him by the neck, she tried to kick him, but her kick didn even reach, her legs flailed pathetically.

”Go on, beg you maggot, ” Alexander commanded as he grinned. ”Beg for mercy! ” he asked again.

He tightened his grip on his throat to stop her from speaking. None of the townspeople said a word, they just shielded their eyes from the horrific assault that took place. Afraid they would be next.

”Sir we can afford to lose more of the non- ” Vivian said.

”Shut your mouth lieutenant! ” Alexander scolded.

Carols face turned purple, her legs stopped flailing.

”Beg, and Ill let you go, then you can start to appreciate the life I allow you to have! ” Alexander requested once more.

Carols legs stopped and both her eyes went wide, Carol tried to speak but she couldn get the words out, Alexander loosened his grip.

”Now, beg for your pathetic life, ” Carol coughed up more blood.

She looked at Alexander with a cold stare, void of fear.

”I can … wait… for the… for your great celestial to kill you too one day, ” Carol struggled to speak.

She grinned a weak smile with missing teeth when she saw how these words warped Alexanders expression. His face lit up in panic, Why did she say that… that was… that was from the dream! Alexanders thoughts suddenly bounced around chaotically.

”Why… Why did you say that! ” he roared and threw the girl down into the dirt.

Carol fell on her back, she grinned as Alexander drew his blade once more, it ignited in a green flame and he lifted it high above his head.

”Answer me! ” before he brought the blade down upon her.

The blade pierced through her stomach, the green flames burned at her skin. Carol didn scream, her weak smile remained, she had already died before she was stabbed.

Alexander wasn done yet, his head shot up immediately, This is when… This is just like my dream… the boy… the boy.. he… Jack will appear. Where is he… Where is Jack!

Alexander looked back to the celestial, it still stood tall. He turned back to the corpse on the ground, Why did she say that… of all the things he thought as he turned to Vivian and the townspeople to see if they had changed but they hadn .

”Vivian hes coming! ” Alexander babbled.

”Sir? What are you- ” Vivian was alarmed when she saw Alexander turn to her.

Shed never seen the noble like this, his eyes wide with horror, sweat dripped down his skin and his teeth rattled uncontrollably. The boy from my dream… Jack! Hes coming… Jacks… Alexander looked around, back and forth frantically, as he thought back to Carols words.

”Jack do it now. ” Alexander recalled her say.

He turned towards the house and ran to the door and knocked it down. Only to see a green light come out of the door to the basement.

Before he could react the floor of the house blew outwards before the explosion hit Alexander, he was smothered in an intense inferno of green flame and burning gas that burned his skin with an intense heat. Jack! he thought as he flew backwards out of the house, engulfed in flame.

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