Chapter 1: Jack; Vagril 5th, 343SR; 15:08

Another day of mining… well, whatever, this is what we were born into this world for…

The pickaxe slammed into the tall wall of rock lit orange by the lantern in Jacks hand. Several crystals of logorite shone green as the light reflected off of the rays of light produced by the two slaves lanterns.

”So- uh… doing pretty good, huh Ben? ” Jack stuttered as he tried to make conversation for the fifth time.

Jack stood behind him, the bulkier man swung the pickaxe down and a crack rippled through the cave followed by the pellets of dust trickling onto the floor. Jack looked down and noticed the light reflect off drops of sweat, the smell of it stung his nose. Another 8 hours of mining…

Ben raised the pickaxe, and flexed his muscular arms, the sweat ran down against his light brown skin as it reflected off the light, he exhaled before he swung down. Hes pretty strong…

Ben had short black hair, a long face with small features, his expression permanently serious. His hairs really long, I wonder when mine will grow back? Jack rubbed the top of his flat head, brushing his fingers against the tiny amount of stubble that remained after being shaved several days ago. All male slaves in Logos were shaved bald, the women had their hair cut short.

On the ground was a similar shirt to the one Jack was wearing, a dirty white full-sleeve T-shirt, they both wore loose brown pants held up by a simple black leather belt.

The pickaxe went down again and chunks of grey rock and dust scattered around the air, Ben squinted and shielded his narrow eyes to avoid the dust, droplets of sweat leaked down his head. He stepped back huffing, catching his breath as he twisted the pickaxe in one hand. Then with one motion, lifted the axe up, grasped it with two hands, and attempted to cleave as much as the wall off as he could with a frustrated grunt. A metallic thud echoed through the cave as the pebbles sprinkled onto the cave floor, several chunks clashed against the rocks as they rolled onto the ground and settled down on the rough pebbles. Similar sounds could be heard throughout the cave from other slaves mining.

”Why do we have to do stuff like this anyways! ” a voice in the distance echoed through the cave.

Jack turned his head and looked off towards one of the lights in the dark cave where the silhouette of an angel beat the person who yelled with their staff, she cried out in pain with each strike.

”Stop, ow! Stop! ” her voice echoed through the cave, an audible thud could be heard throughout the cave followed by even more painful wails.

There goes that idiot Carol, can just take orders and not cause a commotion… Jack mocked her silently.

”Ben, do you wanna bet who works the next shift on whether we can guess whos getting beat? ” Jack tried to make conversation with Ben once more.

Ben put the pickaxe down, then picked up his shirt and threw it over his shoulder. His brown pants were drenched in sweat and his hands shook from constantly striking the rock. Ben proceeded to fill the bucket with the ore which he had mined. Once he was done, he turned and lifted up his lantern with the other hand and turned around, still having not once looked at Jack.

”I don care, ” Ben responded as he walked away.

Jack stood there, a lonely chill embraced him, as feelings of frustration grew due to the scenario he was forced into.

Well if theres one good thing about Carol shes the only person I can talk to around here… No one else in Logos talks to me…

Jack looked back and saw Carol weakly stand up, she looked at the angel who walked away. Jack could tell even from this distance she was sticking her tongue out to mock him. Jack had been staying at Carols house while the angels investigated his parents home he would later receive. She was the complete opposite of the regular people of Logos. A happy, outgoing girl who would never leave you alone with endless things to talk about. Shes rambled about how crappy the angels are every night since I got here…

Jack leaned over and put his lantern on the ground and gently dragged his shirt over his scrawny body, he left it on the dusty ground next to the lantern. The soothe cold air licked at his skin as he reached for the iron handle of the pickaxe, Vagril just started and its getting this hot out… Im sweating just on my way here… Jack struggled to lift it above his head. The muscles on his back pulled his skin, his thin arms struggled to keep the heavy pickaxe in the air. He pulled the pick down with all his force and slammed it into the wall. As the end of the axe hit the rock it sent a vibration coursing through his weak body, he felt his bones rattle uncomfortably, the vibration took a moment to stop. Jack huffed and readied for another strike as someone approached. The familiar clicking sound of the guards boots grew closer.

”Jack Eldritch? Sixteen years old? ” Jack heard the voice of a young man and turned to see an angel in a guard uniform.

The guards wore white robes which covered their whole body, his face was covered by a white mask with two holes for sight, and the guard held a stack of papers in his hands. They seemed to glimmer in the darkness with that white uniform, it made it easy for Jack to keep track of where they were. Apparently, they
e too divine to even be looked upon…

”Yes? ” Jack replied and reached down to pick up the green crystal, he tossed it into the bucket of Logorite, and the rock clattered against the walls of the metal bucket.

”As of the fifth of Vagril, you will be responsible for the property of your mother and father who were executed for treason sixteen days ago on the eightieth of Grivar, ” the angel explained.

”Oh… right, ” Jack replied.

”Look at me when I talk to you and reply respectfully! ” the wingless angel suddenly blurted out as he placed an empty bucket next to the filled bucket.

”Y-Yes, sir… ” Jack muttered as the angel handed him the key to his parents property, he felt slightly sick accepting it from him.

”Your previous ticket please. ”

”Huh… oh, ” Jack reached into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled white paper, four of the five boxes were filled.

Jack offered him the ticket, the angel snatched it out of his hands.

What a prick… Jack thought before he looked down to examine the key in his hand. A cold piece of thin silver metal with a jagged pattern along its edge, the characters 03 was etched into it.

”Here is your meal plan for next week, ” the angel handed over a small strip of paper with five empty boxes on it.

Jack took the small sheet and examined it, the boxes were left blank, he stuffed the key and the piece of paper into his pocket. The angel lifted the bucket of the logorite and walked off into the darkness, his silhouette was still visible against a different light in the cave towards the exit. The angel turned around and faced Jack.

”You are aware of why your parents were executed, right? ” the angel in white asked.

”Huh? Oh… no… no one told me anything, ” Jack replied.

”They did not recognize their place and were punished for it by the noble, Alexander Rael. They chose to reject the will of the great Celestial and lost their foolish lives for it. You would be wise not to repeat their mistake, do you understand? ”

”I understand. ”

”Good. Now keep mining. ”

Jack stood in the circle of light produced by his torch, he heard the rapid clangs of pickaxes around the cave, his back felt colder than before. He picked up the pickaxe and held it up, his hands gripped the handle tightly before he swung the pickaxe down with all his strength. He grunted in anger as the pick bounced off the wall. He swung violently once more and struck it again, and again.


The hole in the wall was just a bit bigger than it was eight hours ago. Jack had been worn out, he sat on the floor and leaned against his arms, his wrists sore as they rested on the ground. He breathed in and out heavily as he looked towards the dark ceiling of the cave, where sparkles of green light reflected off the faint lights in the room. His palms were callused and his shoulders ached, Jack didn even care that he had been laying in his own sweat.

He turned his head towards the exit of the cave, multiple lights from the lanterns of other workers approached the path lit up by two torches. However, he heard the sound of footsteps grow closer. Please don be Carol, please don be Carol Jack repeated to himself.

”Jack lets go, the shifts are done. Why are you sitting around? ” Carol asked.

Ugh, he thought as he recognized the voice. Jack slowly stood up, he brushed the pebbles and dust off of his brown pants.

”Im not staying at your place anymore, the angels gave me my parents property. You don need to wait for me, ” Jack explained as he flapped his shirt, wisps of dust flew into the air.

”Thats great! ” Carol replied with a giddy tone as Jack pulled the dusty shirt over his head.

”Yeah, it is, I don have to listen to you anymore… ” Jack smiled as he picked up his lantern and turned towards the exit.

Carol wore the typical miners attire, brown pants, and a beige shirt stained by sweat, her skin was rough from working constantly, and her large green eyes were hard to focus on because of a purple bruise on her forehead.

”Well, I was hoping you weren getting transferred. Not like itd matter anyway, ” Carol breathed a sigh of relief.

”I got transferred from Torovince last week, why would they transfer me again? Why do you even care? ” Jack asked multiple questions with an annoyed tone.

”Well Id be sad if a friend had to leave, but even if you left wed always be friends, ” Carol replied.

Jack stopped for a moment, Friend? Is that what she thinks after I said that… He continued to walk after a short delay.

”Was that bruise from earlier today? ” Jack questioned.

Carol adjusted the bangs of her short black hair to cover the bruise.

”What bruise? ” Carol replied.

Jack narrowed his eyes at her weak attempt to hide the mark on her head. He chose to ignore it, picked up his lantern, and walked towards the exit of the cave lit by two torches. Carol followed, they entered the hole and their lanterns lit up the dark narrow interior of the exit.

”Jack, do you hate this place? ” Carol suddenly asked as they walked through the dark hole.

”Nope, ” Jack replied and continued to walk in front of her.

”Your parents hated this place. ”

”I don care. ”

They approached the exit of the cave where an angel on duty awaited them.

”Hurry up you damn maggots! ” the angel yelled.

The female angel wore the familiar white mask and white robes, she yelled from the top of the cave with an iron staff in her hand. As Jack approached the exit of the cave the musty air became pure and his nose was delighted to escape the stuffy cave.

”Jack and Carol hurry up! I would like to be in the comfort of my own home instead of waiting for a couple of maggots! ” the angel spat in a condescending tone.

”If you don want to wait for maggots, stop watching us all the- ” Jack was cut off as the angel swung a metal staff into his head.

He fell to the ground with a thud and dropped his lantern, he rolled onto his front grasping his face tightly, the staff hit the right side of his head, and his skull throbbed from the impact as his thoughts went blank.

”Jack! ” he heard Carol cry out.

He felt tears coming out of his eyes from the immense pain, but at the same time, he felt a metal boot slam into his chest, the air in his lungs lost to the impact.

”Damn maggot! You waste my time and then have the nerve to talk back to me! ” The angel slammed her metal boot on him again, this time into his stomach.

The blow made his breathing difficult. Is this what happened to my mom and dad? was the only thing he thought as he was overwhelmed with immense fear and pain.

”Stop! Hes new here! Please have mercy! ” Carol pleaded as she tried to shield Jack.

The guard pulled away as Jack curled into a ball while he writhed in pain. He gasped for air as he rolled onto his front, his breath ragged and harsh as he grasped his stomach tightly.

”Maggots, ” the angel mocked.

She walked away, following the dirt path which led around the mines and then towards the city of Helios, the capital city of the angels. Bitch… Jack silently cursed as he slowly pushed himself up.

”Are you alright? ” Carol asked as Jack picked up the pickaxe and lantern.

”Im fine, ” Jack uttered in pain.

His chest was numb from getting kicked repeatedly, he felt pathetic as he tried to hold the rest of his tears in. Carol stared at Jack with a concerned expression.

”I hate this place, ” said Carol.

Jack started to slowly walk through the forest towards Logos, the mining town closest to Helios. The dirt path was covered in foliage and surrounded at all angles by trees. His head was numb from the strike earlier, the impact and pain burned into his memory, constantly reminding him of how weak he was. Jack winced and limped every step of the way.

As they got out of the forest, the trees cleared to reveal multiple crop fields that surrounded a small town. The dirt path in front of Jack separated a dry light yellow field of wheat and the field of tall looming cornstalks. The path was lit by lamps stretching between the forest to the town, illuminating the shadows cast by the sun setting in the distance across a field of orange clouds that painted a pale blue sky.

”Its going to rain tonight, ” Carol pointed out.

Jacks pace had returned to normal

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