Chapter 07: She may be young, but the way she looks at her prey makes her a true hunter

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I met the head maid named Siesta yesterday and we had a little discussion.
She seemed to be a beautiful woman in her late thirties and seemed like a very capable lady.
Like an excellent office worker in a maid’s uniform.

But there was a gentleness in her speech and gestures that made her stand out more.

Siesta-san told me a lot about the three, the mother and daughters, I saved.

They were one of the few dukes that existed here in the Kingdom of Laodecia, and like me, they were Class 5 wizards too.

At first, Siesta-san tried to invite me to the mansion where the three of the pretty ladies lived, but I softly refused because I had a quest the next day.
And it’s not like I did anything to be thanked for it.
It was just me acting on my own.
I just felt something sprouting inside me, so I had to act.
Which was why I was kinda afraid to see them again without knowing what this feeling was.

After hearing what I had to say, Siesta-san said in a calm tone, “I must not cause trouble to you at any time,” and lowered her head deeply and withdrew.
She was such a polite lady.

Later that night I slept soundly and without any stress.

I didn’t plan on selling takoyaki today.
This was because I received a quest to defeat the wild boars that littered the fields.

So I summoned my rifle, took aim from a distance and exterminated the boars one by one.

“Well… and there goes 102nd… that’s quite a lot.”

The reward per boar was low, but with 102 boars, my pocket was flush with cash.
Adventurers and wizards tended to be reluctant to take down these speedy boars, so this was a perfect request for me, since I could summon a gun.

We split the 101 bodies of meat among the suburbanites, and I took one body of meat back to the city with me.

“That’s so amazing of you Haruto-san! A quest that usually takes a hunting party several days to accomplish can be done by you in just one day…”

“I brought a lot of wild boar meat, do you want some?”

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“Hwa? I can have some?”

“This is from one animal only, but it’s too much for one person to eat…”

“Y-yes… Okay! But first I have to pay you! Let’s see… it’s 5,000 meso per animal, so 102 will be… 510,000 meso!”

“Oo… 510,000 meso…”

It’s amazing… this was the highest reward I had received after coming to this world.
With this, it might not be long before I could buy a shop.

I handed a large amount of wild boar meat to the guild lady, then left the guild hall and started walking.
Incidentally, the adventurers at the guild hall were going to have a barbecue party with the meat I gave them.
I was a little tired, so I decided to return to the inn.

The light of the sunset was pleasant, and I relaxed my face and looked around.
A couple of grocery stores were getting ready to close, a child was tired of playing and his mother was giving him a piggyback ride.
A couple of adventurers, a man and a woman, were walking.
Everyone seemed to be happy.

“… Let’s buy the ingredients for the takoyaki tomorrow.”

While muttering to myself,

I swallowed down the emotions that were weighing me down.

On the way, I headed to the stall run by the usual light-hearted guy, bought some squid pancakes and nibbled on them as I walked along the road, and then I saw the place where I had set up my stall yesterday.

There was a beautiful girl sitting on a bench.

Pink hair that reached down to her shoulders, pretty eyes that still had a childish look to them.
And perhaps to counterbalance her childishness, the fullness of her b*****s was enough to draw the gazes of men.

She was wearing a scarlet dress, and her eyes were trembling.
It was as if she was wary of the men who tried to do the unthinkable at that time.

Two maids were waiting next to her, comforting her.

Now that I looked at her from the side,

She (Carol) was indeed very beautiful, but seemed to be missing something.

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My face froze at the sight of her sad beauty that seemed to suck me in, and I dropped the squid pancake I was chomping on.

Perhaps because of her beauty, people on the street stopped and glanced at her.
I too couldn’t help but stare at Carol.

But just then having sensed my gaze she turned her scarlet eyes, clearer than those jewels, on me.

Before I was armed, my face was covered in greasepaint.

But the beautiful girl, whom I covered with a blanket, in front of me recognised me in a single look.



Then Carol, who had been sitting there in a sad mood, with her eyes wide open and her mouth agape, rushed at me and looked me in the eyes.

“I’ve been looking for you all this time…”

“It’s been a while…”

“Yes… it’s been a very long time… My name is Carole de Medici, whose life was saved by you.”

Carol politely gripped her skirt and lowered her head.
This revealed two huge ivory-colored bulges and the pink underwear that surrounded them, and to be honest, it was hard to look away from them.

Still I looked away and decided to reply.

“Allow me to introduce myself then, my name is Haruto Takatori.”


“No, it’s fine, you don’t have to call me with -sama.”

“No… you are Haruto-sama… you are my Haruto-sama!” [1]

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“My -sama… but wait, why are there too many people? What’s with the mountain of people!”

I turned around to see a bunch of people looking at us, their eyes twinkling.
Carol certainly stood out.
I didn’t sense any hostility, but if things continue as they were, an accident could happen.
In fact, the two people who seemed to be maids were wary as well.

We should move somewhere else… for her safety.

So I grabbed Carol’s wrist.

”! Haruto-sama!!!”

“There are too many people here.
Let’s move to a safer place.”

“Safe place… sure… I’ll follow you…”

I motioned to the two maids with my eyes as well.
Then, they nodded at me with a smug face? Come to think of it, I saved these two maids too.


I took Carol’s hand and walked at a fast pace.
As I was still new to this world, I was not familiar with the geography, so there was only one place for me to go.

That’s where I was staying.

This was a large inn for commoners that was basically open to outsiders, so there was no harm in bringing them in.

Luckily, the hostess and her daughter had also gone somewhere, and I showed them into an empty reception room.

The two maids looked at each other and then quickly left the reception room to wait outside.

The ones in this waiting room were me and Carol, the duchess’ daughter.
According to the guild lady, the Medici women were revered as the most beautiful women here in the Kingdom of Laodecia.

So I was alone with Carol, the second daughter of that magnificent Medici family.

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To be honest, I had never been alone with such a pretty and beautiful girl because of my job, so I didn’t know how to treat her.

Carol was looking at me with a twinkle in her eyes that was even shinier than the ruby…

I should just say something…

“Are you okay?”

“Yes! Thanks to Haruto-sama, I was able to protect my virginity… eh! No, not that one! No! I shouldn’t use… such slovenly language, but I…”

I couldn’t believe the word virginity came from a girl who only looked about 16…

I chuckled, and Carol brushed her soft pink hair back over her shoulders, blushing.

Then she repeated…

“I am very grateful to you for protecting me, my sister Alice, and our mother.
I’m sure the three of us will repay you for this one day.”

Clenching her fists, Carol’s face contorted as she remembered that time.

I put in a word for her.

“Don’t worry about it.
I’m glad you are safe!”


I tried to tell her that she didn’t need to feel burdened, or if she’s pleased by my conduct, she may help those in need.

Carol shivered.

She stared at me in the eyes , breathing heavily.
Her ruby eyes seemed to suck in something in my mind like a black hole.

… I was about to drown in it.

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