Chapter 05: Ironically, The Shadow of Fate Has Him Right Where it Wants Him

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“The quest to defeat the Nechi-nechi Slime has been cleared and confirmed.
Here is your reward of 150,000 meso!”

“Thank you.”

“Um, Haruto Takatori-san?”

“If you have trouble pronouncing it, you can call me Haruto-san.”

“Haha… sorry! Haruto-san, thank you for always killing the high class monsters! Advanced class adventurers and high class wizards don’t often take on such simple and time-consuming quests, even though the rewards are quite high…”

“I’m glad my client’s worries are over.”


“Well, then.”

“Take care of yourself… Ah! Haruto-san!”


“Good luck taking down the delicious giant octopus tomorrow!”


I greeted the guild hall’s information lady and headed home.
It was already night.

I was a little excited these days.

I’ll tell you why back at the inn where I usually stayed.

I went to a stall run by the friendly older brother and bought some grilled squid, which I chomped down on on my way back to the inn.

After taking a bath, I went back to my room and found some plates on the table.
I forgot to dry my still wet hair and pointed at those plates and chanted a spell.
Well, I didn’t need the spell chanting, I just went on with momentum.

“Summon Soy Sauce ……!”

Then a black liquid was produced in one of the many dishes.

“Oh… this is great…”

I had been working on analyzing summoning magic since the day I got here.
How much can I summon, how many magic items can be summoned, etc… Well, I had a pretty good idea, but last night I made an amazing discovery.

Which was that I can summon ingredients that could only be found in Japan.

I was pretty sure that’s what the angel said.

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”I’m bestowing you with Summoning Magic which will allow you to summon weapons, armor and stuff used by the Special Forces.” [TLN- my bad]

She said “stuffs” which meant soy sauce fell into the category of “stuffs”, this stuff could be anything, but let’s not think any deeper.

I loosened my face, put some soy sauce on the food with my index finger and put it in my mouth.

“Hmm… it’s still a little subtle.
I’ll try to make it better.”

With that thought I cast the spell once again.

“Summon, soy sauce!”

I was a former Special Forces officer and high class Magic Summoner, and I was summoning soy sauce right now… It was a very surreal sight, but I didn’t care about such trivial things to make the slow life happen! Let’s see, did I summon the right tasty soy sauce?

“? This is… just one more thing.”

Like this, I kept summoning soy sauce, the base of Japanese cuisine.
And when I was done, the image of those girls naturally came to my mind.


—I wondered if those three were doing well.

Well, they were women from noble families.
I was sure they would be just fine without me having to worry about it.

… But they were attacked, because there was something wrong?

I saw the faces of the three of them desperately seeking something.

This was just my personal view based on my experience, but I thought I saw something dark in the depths of their expressions.

Although it’s been a while since then, the worries of those three still lingered in my mind.

Well, I was sure after a certain amount of time, it would fizzle out like it always did.

And I would just return to my old self before I died.


Next morning.

I was out in the early morning, enjoying the hunt at the pier, where the delicious giant octopus was said to haunt the area.

“Summon, Carl Gustav recoilless cannon!”

I chanted the spell out loud (in enthusiasm) and a tubular shaped weapon appeared.
I quickly mounted the rockets, aimed at the delicious giant octopus of tremendous size, and fired.


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While making strange noises, the delicious great king octopus sank.
According to the guild hall’s information officer, it moved very quickly and repelled attacks, but that’s when you attack it with a bow and arrow or a sword.

This modern weapon with cutting-edge technology was far more powerful than half-baked magic.
Don’t underestimate modern civilization.

This octopus has been the bane of fishermen for years, devouring all the fish in the area.”

“It tastes so good, but it’s so fast that only advanced adventurers and magicians can kill it…”

While receiving a round of applause I gutted a piece of this delicious Giant Octopus and headed for the Guild Hall.

“250,000 meso… this is the jackpot today.”

After receiving my reward, I immediately visited the armor shop.

“Welcome! Is there anything you’re looking for?”

An old man with a bald head but an impressive thick beard welcomed me.
I always wondered if there was a way to transplant the life force of the thick beard on his chin to that smooth head.
While I was thinking about such unimportant things, the old man in front of me suddenly gave me a jittery look.


As I was tilting my head with a hatchet, the old man muttered something with a meaningful expression on his face.

“Hmm… brown eyes and a well-trained body.
You got a good height… and they say they’ll give you 100 million in reward if you find him… yeah… but it can’t be him.
He’s not wearing a round helmet…”

“What’s wrong?”

“No, no! Nothing! Can I help you with something?”

“Oh, yes.
I wanted you to make something similar to this.”

I quickly took a piece of paper with something drawn on it out of my pocket and handed it to the old man.

“What’s this… all about? Is it a suit of armour? It doesn’t look like armor to me.”

I replied while looking into the eyes of the shopkeeper, who was a bit of a jerk.

“This is what they call a takoyaki pan.”

“Takoyaki pan?”


A few days had passed since the meeting time.
Currently I had set up a small stall in a place where the popularity was so-so.

To sell octopus balls.
[TLN- Bruh… just hurry up and go to the girls already.]

The royal city and downtown were too crowded and there was no space to do business.
So, I set up between the residential area and the downtown area, not in a place where there was a lot of traffic.

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I decided to summon spices and ingredients that were only available in Japan, while the rest of the ingredients (octopus, flour) and other ingredients were procured locally.

Let’s do it.”

I started making takoyaki using the tasty giant octopus I got the other day (by the way, I asked someone who can use magic to keep octopus fresh, so it’s very fresh).

Today was the first day of the event, so we only had enough for 30 people, but we were not sure if we would be able to sell them all.

Because there was no gas, oil was applied to the octopus griddle heated using a charcoal fire and the dough was poured.
Then, when it started bubbling, the octopus was put in.

“It’s been a few days, but I’ve missed you…”

Takoyaki was my favorite food.
But I didn’t know if this taste was still good in other world.

Well, I thought that when I retired from the Special Forces, I would run a small takoyaki shop, so in a way, I realised my dream came true.
If it worked out, I would buy a shop to do it instead of a food stall.
I would split my days between taking quests and selling takoyaki to be more efficient.

While I was thinking about this and moving the takoyaki, two stern adventurers caught the scent and came over.

“Heh? What’s this? I’ve never seen this food before.”

“Hey, man, what’s this?”

The two of them looked at me suspiciously.
The look which was common in a sauna or public bath.

“This is called takoyaki.”

“Tako… yaki?”

“… Is there an octopus in this thing?”

“Yes, there is.
I used a lot of Delicious Giant Octopus, and it’s delicious.”

Then they both thought for a moment and nodded.

“One plate.”

“Me, too.”

800 meso for each, a total of 1600 meso.”

After receiving payment from the two stern adventurers, I put the takoyaki into a container, poured the sauce over it, and sprinkled some dried bonito flakes on it.
Then I handed them the takoyaki.

“Be careful, it’s hot.”


“Let’s dig in.”

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The two of them took a bite of the takoyaki in front of me.
They swallowed the takoyaki while saying “hot-hot”.

And then their expressions changed.

They squealed,

“So Good!!!” x2


“I’ve never tasted anything this good before!!!! Ahh… this flavour… too delicious!”

“Hey, man! I am impressed… didn’t know there was such good food in the world… umm… thanks..
for feeding me such delicious food, thanks…”

“No, no… please stop crying…”

The two yakuza-like guys cried like children and enjoyed the takoyaki with tears in their eyes.

It was a surreal sight.
Was it really that good? Well, takoyaki sure was delicious, but I never expected that.

The people around us who were listening to our conversation suddenly came over here.

“Let’s see, I’ll have one of those.”

“Me too!”

“I’ll have one! No, I’ll take two.”

“Smells good… hey brother, can I have one?”

“Yes, yes… please wait a moment.”

I hurriedly made additional takoyaki to meet the sudden demand.

Many people were talking about how delicious and amazing it was.
It was really a heart-warming scene.

I wondered if those three ladies would say this takoyaki was delicious if they ate it.
Would they smile?

Suddenly thinking about them, I realized that there was only enough takoyaki left for one person.


“Excuse me.
One for me, please.”

This is the last one…”

“Huh? You’re… that person from that time!”

The one who emerged from the middle of the crowd was the head maid I had saved recently.

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