Chapter 03: Haruto Takatori is Haruto Takatori

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After I confirmed that the soldiers who seemed to have been dispatched from the royal palace had entered, I left the mansion of Agnes-san.
And then, after walking for a while, the town full of exotic atmosphere came out.

The time was about two in the afternoon and the sun was shining brightly.

There were shops selling fruits and vegetables, armorers selling weapons and armor, musicians with instruments in their hands who entertained the passers-by with their lively Celtic-like melodies, and even magical street performers.

“As expected of the fantasy world…”

Although I was bewildered by the different environment from Japan, my face relaxed a little when I was hit by the unique atmosphere of another world that I had been longing for.

“Well, let’s go to the guild hall as soon as possible.”

I muttered to myself, then I headed for the guild hall.


“Please tell me your name?”

“Errm… my name is Haruto Takatori.”

“Haruto… Takatori?”

“Well, such a name doesn’t get used here very often, but that’s what I am called.”

“I understand! Then please hold your right hand over the Adventurer Status Creator here!”

Then, a light arose from my hand, and it gathered in one place and moved in front of me.
After a while, some strange characters appeared, so I decided to take a look at it.

“Haruto Takatori, class 5, occupation Magic Summoner… I can read these!”

“C-class 5!?!?”

“Whoa! You scared me!”

The woman at the information desk suddenly slammed the desk with her hand and rolled her eyes.
Then, in a flash, there was a buzz all around me.

“S-seriously… I’ve never seen a class 5 before!”

”Moreover, only nobles who are well versed in magic can become summoners!”

“Super… is he a high class aristocrat or something?”

“If you mess with him, he’ll beat you to a pulp!”

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“He looks tall and well trained.
Far better from aristocrats who are all extravagant and have big bellies…”

“I’ve never seen someone dressed like that before, could it be a noble from another country?”

I decided to ask the woman at the reception desk while I could hear various conversations.

“Is my status on the high side?”

“It’s not just high! This is amazing… class 5 Magic Summoner is strong enough to kill all the monsters and demons that inhabit the Kingdom of Laodecia here!”

“T-that’s great.”

“What made you decide to become a registered adventurer? If you don’t mind me asking, can you tell me?”

“Well, that’s the thing…”

“And the thing is…?”

“I just want to complete quests and earn money.
Currently I have zero money in my possession.”

”Ehhhhh!?!?” x2

Apparently, I turned out to be one of the most powerful Magic Summoners in the world.


So, I was on a hunt for the best of the best.

You get a request (quest) and if you clear it, you get a reward.
I heard from the woman in charge of guiding me that I was very strong.
So I put on my jersey, put on my earplugs, summoned the rifle I used when I was in the Special Forces, and pulled the trigger.

Tang! Tang! Tang!


And a giant boar.

Tang! Tang! Tang! Tang!


There was a giant frog that was over 3 meters long.

They fell one after another, helpless to the bullets I fired at them.

But it wasn’t the case for golems.

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“Tsk! It seems a gun will not work with that kind of hardness.
Then how about that?”

I made my gun disappear and summoned my portable anti-tank weapon.

A solid sense of weight.
Even though not much time had passed since I came to this world, I felt very nostalgic.

“Take the aim…”


“Good… fire!”

A rocket launcher flied at a tremendous speed around the chest of a running Golem.
The result was a brilliant hit.


I nodded in satisfaction as I watched the golem fall to ashes, making a strange sound.

“Cool… I can defeat anything… and with this power, I’ll be able to fight otherworldly creatures…”

I felt more realistic than when I was training.
So, feeling my heartbeat rising, I let my momentum carry me hunting monsters into the night.


After completing multiple quests, I immediately went to the guild hall.

“It’s amazing! You can complete so many quests in just a few hours…”

The reward for defeating the giant boar, giant frog, and golem was 200,000 meso, and the purchase price of the items was 100,000 meso.
The value of the money was about 1 meso = 1 yen.

Incidentally, the client was a man from an agricultural cooperative, and he made the request because the above three monsters were devouring fields and farmland.
It was hard to find adventurers who would accept the request because they were not weak monsters, but thanks to me, the guild hall officials and the other adventurers were happy that the prices of grain and produce were stabilized.

At any rate, I had got enough money to cover about a month’s salary.
Let’s find a place to stay for now.

I left the guild hall thinking, I just walked around the city at night.
Then, an appetizing smell hit my nostrils.

“Delicious Grilled Squids! We got a lot of fresh squid today, so you’d better eat it or you’ll miss out! Hmm~hmmn~hmmmn~”

And a lighthearted man was grilling squid over a charcoal fire while humming a tune.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten anything since I got here.”

I muttered to myself, and my feet moved by themselves.

“Um, can I have one?”

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“Yes, 600 meso!”

“Yes please.”

I took 600 meso out of my money and handed it to the man who was grilling the squids in a sharp motion.

“On it! Just wait a minute!”

The man smiled and smeared the grilled squid with red sauce and various spices before handing it to me.

“There you go!”

“Thank you.”

Steam was rising from the red squid pancake on a bamboo skewer.
I took a bite as I walked.


“Yeah… so delicious.
This is the food of another world…”

It was not too spicy and the spices kept the unique raw smell of squid at bay just right.
Definitely a good one.

At this rate, if you’re not lavish, you can afford to live here.

“Maybe I should set up a shop and aim for a slow life…”

I looked for a place to stay with a smile on my face.


My heart ached as it tightened.

Finding a place to stay, paying for it, taking a shower, and crawling into bed didn’t make this pain go away.

I was all alone after the death of my parents.
Of course, I had relatives and kind friends, but they couldn’t fill the hole in my heart.

Alone all the time.
Everyone else seemed so happy, they had family, siblings, lovers, a place to stay.

But not me, when I got home, all I saw was a dusty, empty room.

It was the same here.

Even if I was reincarnated into another world, Haruto Takatori still remained Haruto Takatori.

I was a fool to realize such an obvious fact now.

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I bit my lip and closed my eyes, but this cruel fact would not go away.


But a scene came into my mind that blew away this painful fact.

Agnes-san, Alice and Carol.

“Thank you… really…”

What she said to me when I took care of the two men and put a blanket on Miss Agnes.

With a s**y, sad expression and moist emerald eyes.

And her daughters, Alice and Carol, were also looking at me in a similar way to Agnes.

“Thank God!”



They said after I put the blanket over the two of them because I could see their underwear.

I still thought about it.

I was so glad that those girls didn’t get hurt badly.


I tried to warn myself that my cheeks would unintentionally loosen, but the corners of my mouth that had been fished out were hard to get back to their original state.

The pain that had been weighing on my mind had somehow faded away, and I began to sleep.

I thought I was going to sleep comfortably today.

But the expressions of those three, a beautiful mother and daughters, were already stuck in my brain and wouldn’t leave until I fell asleep.


Next chapter we’ll have the Mother and Daughters!

Please look forward to it!

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