Chapter 25: What to Admire and What to Jealous of

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In the evening.

White and gray colored trousers and shirt, burgundy colored vest, and a coat with a huge collar covering them.
It was the style that seemed to come up first when I googled “aristocratic men’s clothes”.

With long boots that I was not accustomed to wearing, I clacked on the wooden floor planks and headed for the carriage in the yard.

Elyse and Lindsey were standing politely in the yard, waiting.

”Haruto-sama, this outfit suits you very well.”

“Thank you.”


The quiet Lindsey praised my appearance.
Following her, the childish Elyse chuckled,

“A fine appearance worthy of Lady Alice’s husband! Oh! You’re not married yet, right? Hahaha, I’m sorry.”

“N-not yet.”

Normally, the quiet Lindsey would have intervened here, but the fact that she didn’t say anything showed that she’s under silent pressure.

Agnes-san and the maids didn’t say much on the surface, but when the word marriage was mentioned, they stared at me until there were holes in my face.
During the meal, Agnes-san glanced at me saying that she found a beautiful engagement ring, and so on… Wasn’t it a little too blatant?

Well, of course I was going out with her with that intention, but I hadn’t been approved yet.

By the people of this world.

So the Head Maid Siesta told me that this party would be a chance to let the world know about the mysterious and immensely beautiful Medici woman, Alice’s man.

After waiting in the carriage for a while, Alice in a blue dress appeared from the door.
It was a different kind of dress from the one she had worn at the last party, with a floral base and a scattering of jewels and patterns.
But the shimmering decorations didn’t overshadow her beauty.
Alice, who came here with two maids in tow, caught my face with her cheeks flushed cherry red.

“Alice, you look beautiful.”

“… Haruto looks great too… mou, you’re not a high class adventurer anymore, you’re a respectable noble.”

“… I don’t have a title yet, though.”

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“For now, right? Fufu.”

“Let’s get on the carriage for now!”


That said, I grabbed Alice’s hand and held her back and put her in the carriage and I went inside too and closed the door.

In case you were wondering, Carol and Agnes-san had other things to do.

Elyse and Lindsey, who looked at me with satisfaction, nodded as they sat on the driver’s seat.

“Have a safe trip!” x2

Lindsey, who was next to Elyse-san, pulled the reins while being seen off by the two maids who came with Alice.


We didn’t really talk to each other, we just felt each other’s breath, our eyes, and if we saw each other, we would just laugh.

We eventually arrived at the royal palace, got out of the carriage, and made our way to the party hall.


Hallway leading to the party venue.

Around us, men and women who appeared to be aristocrats were chatting with each other, dressed in gleaming garments.
But as soon as they noticed our presence, their voices stopped.
And then they started whispering.

“Look, look! Lady Alice is walking with a gentleman!”

“Eh, it’s true! He looks kind of uncommon, perhaps he’s not from the Kingdom of Laodecia?”

“A noble man from Laodecia wouldn’t be good enough for Alice-sama’s eyes, right~”


The women were cackling with envy as they looked at us.

The men, on the other hand…

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“Who the h**l is this man?”

“Haa, Miss Alice is with a man?”

“C**p! I’m so jealous!”

“I’ve never seen that face before.”

They kept sending me envious glances.

Well, it was no surprise when you thought about it.
Alice held the most prestigious title, the title of Duke of Leinster, also she was the most beautiful girl in the land.

If Alice and I were to walk down the streets of Japan, we would get the same stares.
So it’s not a problem.

Except for one person.

I sensed killing intent from a blonde guy nearby.


“Thank you very much for coming to this party hosted by our royal family.
I would be more than happy if this party could be a catalyst to strengthen the relationship between royalty and nobility, and to make the Kingdom of Laodecia more prosperous.
Now, please enjoy yourself to the fullest.”

“Amazing … that His Majesty the King Bern could preside in person…”

“No wonder there’s so much royalty this time.”

“This time, I’m going to catch royalty and become close to the throne… uhehehe.”

The party room of the royal palace was overflowing with luxuries and extravagances.

By the way, the person who was presiding on that platform was King Bern.
He was supported by many aristocrats because of his polite language and non-authoritative manner.
He looked like a man in his 40s, but he had an incredibly intellectual atmosphere.

But that king also glanced at us while we were talking, and the other nobles and royalty also seemed to be quite concerned about our presence.

They recognized who I was.
As an adventurer, I hunted high level monsters and sold takoyaki.

They were going to have information about me imprinted on their brains.

I looked at Alice’s face while thinking that.

Alice was…

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She was staring at me with a proud face.
She had been looking straight in my eyes, not caring about the other people around us.

While I was admiring her beauty, comfortable classical music was playing.

Alice suddenly grabbed my hand.

“Gentleman, would you care to dance?”

“I, I’m afraid I’m not very good at it.”

I know.”


Agnes-san had been teaching me how to dance directly in her room.
So, to some extent, I have learned it, but I guess I looked like an amateur to the people around me.

And so we began to dance.

As expected, my dancing was awkward.
But Alice was trying to keep up with me.
Thanks to her, I haven’t made any noticeable mistakes, but I was a little sorry.





”Haruto is my lover, you should behave with more dignity.”

“That’s a lot of pressure.”

“Yes, you’re dancing with me, the heir to the Duke of Leinster’s throne.”


“But Haruto has the right.”

“Right you say…”

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Only Haruto has the right.
The man called Haruto is so strong and kind.
That’s why I won’t let him go.”

“… I’ll protect Alice, too, I promise.”


Alice suddenly stumbled off the steps.
I held Alice in my arms as a conditioned reflex.
And Alice also quickly put her arms around my waist and let out a s**y breath.
As I felt every bit of Alice’s exquisite marshmallow, there was a commotion all around me.

“Kyaa! That’s so cool!”

“I wish I could be protected like that!”

“Damn! I’m jealous!”

“I can’t believe he’s touching Miss Alice’s body… kuu!”

As usual, the women looked at me with envy, while the men looked at me with resentment.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Thank god.”

“…I’ve never made a mistake before, it’s kind of frustrating.”

So Alice puffed out her cheeks and glared at me.

But then, the music stopped being played.

And the blonde guy from earlier suddenly approached me.

He gave me a murderous look before addressing Alice.

“Miss Alice, are you all right? If that man’s awkward lead had damaged your precious body, I, Alan, would be very sad.”


Here comes the last boss!

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