Chapter 24: The Maids Wouldn’t Stop Coveting This Charming Prey

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Elyse, Lindsey and the shy maid with glasses (who I met in the changing room) pushed me into the room and they also went inside.

I was the only man in front of the three women in such a large room.
For a moment it became so silent that the sound of water flowing from the fountain could be heard through the open window.

And the fact that I was puzzled by the suddenness of it all, Lindsey, the quiet maid, spoke up at the right time.

”Haruto-sama, you’ve come to decide what to wear to the upcoming royal party.”

“I-is that so.”

The first thing that came to my mind was the fact that I was suddenly being told to undress and serve, and I couldn’t get my head around it, but the moment I heard the keywords “royal party” I understood.

But it was a little strange.
Normally, with formal wear, you start by taking measurements around the chest and waist, but there were already finished clothes lined up in front of me.

So I tilted my head and looked at the maid with glasses and clothes alternately, and she opened her mouth in a reserved manner, as if she knew what I was thinking.

“These clothes are all made by me just for Haruto-sama… so there’s no need to measure your size.”

“I-is that so?”

Since I’ve heard all of Haruto-sama’s sizes from… Agnes-sama, so…”


It kind of hurt the way Lindsey and Elyse were looking at me, but I didn’t know why…

Well, anyway, she made it for me.

I went through Elyse and Lindse who were chuckling and gave the maid wearing glasses a light smile before speaking.

“I understand.
Then, I’ll try it on.
Which should I start with? Well…”

“Ah! My name is Hagar! First of all, I’d like to ask you to put on this dress…”

The maid, Hagar, handed me one of the gorgeous clothes on the clothes hanger next to her.

I took it and gave her a small bow before signaling her to wait outside with a look.


The three of them never moved an inch.


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Even though I gave them a questioning look, they didn’t want to leave.
Lindsey and Elyse were suddenly breathing hard, their cheeks a little cherry red.
Hagar was looking away, her body trembling.
What on earth were they thinking…

”Haruto-sama, let us help you.”

”That’s right! Haruto-sama’s splendid body won’t diminish no matter how much you look at it, leave it to us! Hihihi… Oh my! I’m being honest…”

“… The other day when Haruto-sama was holding Agnes-sama… and again…”

The three of them approached me while letting out such strange mutterings.

“Ah, uh… wait…!”

Elyse and Lindse looked at me and took off my uniform immediately.
Hagar received my uniform from them.

The only thing hiding my body was a pair of pants.




The three of them gave me such a s**y look, not like the three beautiful noble ladies, but like they wanted something from me.

I looked away, a little awkwardly, but Hagar cleared her throat a few times before speaking.



“Excuse me, may I touch you?”


“… Since I’m going to be making a lot of Haruto-sama’s clothes from now on, I want to make sure that… Haruto-sama’s body is properly and variously confirmed.”

“If that’s the way it is, g-go ahead.”

I said to Hagar a little fearfully as she came up to me trembling and started to touch my underwear then shoulders.
She was bold, despite her appearance.

“You have an amazing body… more toned than a swordsman or knight, yet still lean and balanced…”

“Thank you?”

“Yes… I can’t believe that such a perfect body can be maintained… this body, for Agnes-sama…”

“Hagar-san, are you out of breath?”

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haa… that’s not it.
This is… for making Haruto-sama’s clothes.”

Hagar’s eyes were shaking.
Elyse, who looked at her childishly, made a remark on her.

“Hagar! It’s not fair that you touch him alone! I want to touch him too!”


Elyse suddenly jumped in and started groping my abs.

“Wo, this is amazing…”


I wondered if what Hagar and Elyse were doing had anything to do with clothes.
I thought, and I looked at the quiet Lindsey and asked her for help.

But she…


Lindsey, who was always calm and composed, looked at my body, squeezed her skirt and her cheeks were slightly reddish.

And then, as if decided.

“Eii! Excuse me! Haruto-sama! Please forgive me!”

“Wha—? Lindsey-san!”

Lindsey jumped in and started touching my thighs.


I was surrounded by three maids with bad eyes, endlessly feeling my body.

Seemed like I wouldn’t be wearing the clothes since I have hands all over me for a while.

How long was this going to last? I mean, why were all three of them licking their lips!

The moment I thought that.


A maid who looked like a work-ready office worker appeared through the door.

“Head Maid Siesta!” x3

The three voices harmonized beautifully.

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That’s right.
The one who just appeared in front of us was Siesta-san.

“I know what you’re thinking, but please don’t overdo it.”

Siesta’s sharp words made the three maids back away from me and bow their heads.

Thank you, Siesta-san…

As I muttered this in my mind, all three of them helped me change my clothes in a civilized manner.
I was very concerned about the stares they gave me from time to time, but to tell the truth, I didn’t know how to dress in aristocratic clothes, so I was grateful for their help.

The clothes all fit me perfectly.

The design was not much different from the image that came up when you Google “aristocratic men’s clothing”.
I felt a little embarrassed because I felt like I was wearing a costume, but according to the three maids, this was normal in aristocratic society.

Well, it’s a royal party, so it made sense to dress according to the common sense of this country.

So we took a break and had lunch, and also talked about various things with the maids while trying on clothes to wear to the party.
I also told them about a wide range of topics, such as when I was in the military and whether or not I had a girlfriend in the past.
Of course, the three maids were open and honest about their stories, and I thought I got some idea of what kind of values the women of this kingdom have, even if it’s only a rough idea.

Then, as we were taking a break and zoning out on the balcony, Siesta-san came over and told me about how much the Medici’s trusted me.
Giving me free access to the ducal residence, giving me the right to meet the heir to the dukedom at any time, letting me live in the residence just because I was her lover, etc.
She told me that if this kind of thing probably became known in the Kingdom of Laodecia and neighboring countries, there would be a crazy number of men who would be jealous of me.

But I didn’t care about them.
I would protect the Medici ladies.
When I told her that, the three maids who were listening next to me also came over and they all smiled and said that you were the only man who could make the three beautiful ladies of the Medici family happy.

In the meantime, Agnes-san, Alice and Carol came back.

“Welcome back! Agnes-sama, Miss Alice, Miss Carol.”

Dozens of maids bowed their heads in agreement.

The beautiful mother and daughter smiled at these maids.
And when they saw me, they smiled at me with very bright expressions.

Alice and Carol rushed over to me.
Carol jumped on me.

“My Haruto-onii-sama!”

“Welcome home.

I gently patted Carol’s pink head in her Magic Academy uniform.
And then I looked at Alice, who was giving me a very heavy stare.

“Welcome back, Alice.”


My lover.

”Haruto-sama, did you have a happy time with my maids today? Hmm…”

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I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t talk to me like that… Carol’s hand holding my uniform, it was extra strong.

Alice was also glaring at me really hard before I knew it…

But eventually the sisters saw my reaction and giggled, and regained their earlier cheerful expressions.

“Haruto, I won’t allow you to cheat on me.”

“I won’t do that.”

“I’ll love you so much that you won’t even have time to think of such a terrible thing.”


Alice’s eyes were scary.

“That’s right.
I read in a book that cheating is a man’s nature.
So take your time… plenty to avoid thinking about that.”

“It’s a good thing Carol’s helping us.”

“Dear sister Alice…”

The two sisters looked at each other and then caught my eye.


Agnes-san made the usual bewitching expression on her face when she saw us like that.

We had dinner together.
We talked a lot during that time.

What happened with the maids today, the story of Agnes-san’s business, what Alice and Carol learned at the Magic Academy, and more…

The information about the girls was imprinted on my brain.
I was Alice’s lover, a former Special Forces soldier from Japan who now lived in the Medici family’s mansion and protected them.

After dinner I was still busy.

Agnes-san taught me all sorts of things, as I was not well educated as a nobleman.
She gently shared her knowledge of being a noble without judging me, just as her husband once did, who never blamed her for having only given birth to daughters.
Of course, Alice and Carol were both kind and followed me around.

As I was leading such a fulfilling life,

The day of the royal party came.


Unexpected foreshadowing (maids)

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