Chapter 23: The Joy of the Hunt, the Happiness of Being Protected, and the Three Maids Who Come to Serve You

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Ever since Alice and I started dating, my daily life has changed significantly.
First, my clothes.
I used to wear clothes for advanced adventurers (for wizards), but that was not the case anymore.

When I was in the mansion, I lived in my SDF uniform.
At first I tried to choose clothes from this world, but the two sisters seemed to like my SDF uniform very much, and with shining eyes, they said in unison, “This is the best you look.”

And so…

Right now, equipped with combat gear, I was enjoying a battle with Alice and Carol in one of the remote areas of the Kingdom of Laodecia.

“Take this!”

Carol shot a fireball at me in a high-pitched voice.

Then I was going to…


In the blink of an eye, the high slimes were wiped out.
Her fire magic was not simply a common fire, but fire magic imbued with the destructive power of magma.

But right after this…


Multiple giant lizards charged towards Carol’s direction.


“Carol! Don’t move, summon the M82 Barrett…! Alice! Cover your ears!”


I shouted and summoned my M82 Barrett Objective Sniper Rifle, aiming at the giant lizard’s head and taking care of it from one end to the other.


When the tremendous force of the 12.7x99mm NATO round penetrated the giant lizard’s head, it screamed a desperate cry and immediately collapsed.

“I… am protected by my brother, I’m… so happy ……!”

And after that,


A fire-breathing red dragon appeared from the sky.
Carol, who was staring at me with red cheeks, said to me,

“Red Dragon! That one has the same fire attribute as me, so I can’t defeat it….”

… I had to protect Carol somehow.
For now, let’s use the strong destructive power of this M82 Barrett to guide it over the other side and take it out with anti-tank missiles, just like last time.
The debris would not be a problem if I summoned the sandbags.

I immediately set my sights on the Red Dragon, which flew at a furious speed towards Carol.

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And then Alice, who was next to me shouted my name.



“Let me take care of it.”

“Can you do it?”

She’s my sister.
Besides, the Red Dragon’s fire won’t work on Carol.
So you should be careful with physical attacks.”

Alice then raised her right hand and pointed it towards Carol.


As she concentrated on her magic, a thick ice wall formed around Carol, the fire wizard, and covered Carol.
The Red Dragon unleashed a powerful fire towards the ice wall.
And it was eager to destroy the thick wall of ice with its sharp claws.

But Alice was fully focused on the ice wall and repaired the melting ice.

As expected of her.

Its attempt to hit the ice wall with its claws made a loud noise.

I aimed for the Red Dragon’s legs with my M82 Bullet, just to be safe.

“Alice, cover your ears again!”


After hearing Alice’s voice I then pulled the trigger without restraint.


The dust flew away by the shockwave as the bullet was released.

It hit the Red Dragon in the leg.
Alice’s ice made it easier to snipe the Red Dragon as it was focused on the ice wall.


The Red Dragon sprawled around looking at its already severed leg.
Then, perhaps sensing its life in danger, it spread its wings and flied up.

All right.
It was getting further away from Carol.
This was exactly the situation I wanted.
Alice disarmed the ice spell, and I took out the armor and sniper rifle.

The Red Dragon, realizing the strength of the three of us, was still running away, bleeding from his severed leg, but of course I wouldn’t let him get away.

“Summon Type 91 mobile surface-to-air guided missile launchers!”

I (flippantly) chanted that, and a long form Type 91 portable surface-to-air guided missile launcher appeared.
I then locked onto the Red Dragon and,

“Take this!”

I pulled the trigger.
Then, the missile arced towards the back of the Red Dragon at a tremendous speed.

“It’s a weapon I’ve never seen before… It looks like something out of this world. 

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Alice muttered and stared at the missile with her mouth half open.

The missile hit the Red Dragon in the back, and the Red Dragon fell to the ground with its wings clipped.

And I chanted again, like I expected.

“Summon Javelin…!”

Then an anti-tank missile in the shape of a thick tube appeared.

“Good luck Dear Brother! Carol is cheering for you!”

“Carol… glad you’re okay.”

”Since my Dear brother, Haruto, and Dear sister, Alice, have protected me, I’m safe now!

Carol came up next to me before I knew it and gave me a thumbs-up with a smug look on her face.
After patting her cute little sister-like head, I set my sights on the fallen Red Dragon.
I breathed a sigh of relief that there was no need to worry about debris, and then set the target lock-on.

“This is the end!”

I shouted and fired the missile.

The missile rised suddenly and fell at a tremendous speed towards the Red Dragon.
This was what was called a top attack.
The missile quickly pierced through the Red Dragon’s hard scales and exploded.


The Red Dragon screamed its last and fleetingly scattered with the flames.
I de-summoned all the weapons I had and turned to where Alice and Carol were.
Then I gave them a thumbs up and


Then Carol jumped on me and started to rub her head on my chest.
Then she looked up at me in my eyes.

“My brother is so wonderful… I’ve never felt this elation in my life before…”

Then she smiled at me.
But her round red eyes kept locking mine, trying not to let me out of their sight.

If I wasn’t with Haruto, I wouldn’t be able to experience… something like this.”

I was finally freed from Carol’s gaze by Alice’s voice, but then the mysterious power of Alice’s blue eyes forced me to head towards Alice.

Alice put her hands on her stomach, the corners of her eyes and mouth lifting slightly.

I opened my mouth, trying not to get swept up in the atmosphere.

“Now that we’ve cleared the request, let’s go home.”




“But then again, this ride is very convenient.”

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It’s so much faster than a horse-drawn carriage, and you don’t even need to feed it.”

I was driving Alice and Carol in a SDF high-mobility vehicle through the endless wilderness.

“Well, I need diesel fuel.”



“Yeah, I need an oil called diesel fuel to run this machine.”



Alice in the passenger seat and Carol sitting in the back twisted their heads and asked for a supplementary explanation.
Well, it would take too long to explain, so I just went through with it.

I smiled lightly and opened the window.
Then a pleasant breeze came in.

“The wind feels good, doesn’t it?”

The two of them stared at me, not adjusting their pink hair, which was dominated by the wind.



The girls replied so cheerfully, but they still kept staring at me.
I tried hard to look straight and drive safely, but Alice and Carol didn’t let me.

I had changed my place of living to The Medici mansion instead of a squalid little inn.

And I was so glad I brought Alice and Carol, who asked to hunt with me and protect the peace of the Kingdom of Laodecia, while thinking so I smiled inadvertently.


Medici Mansion.


“Alice! Carol! Welcome back! You too, Haruto-sama!”




I changed from my combat uniform to my uniform and took Alice and Carol home safely (we took a horse-drawn carriage from around Royal Capital).

The two sisters were having a discourse with Agnes-san.

”I had a lot of fun today! With big brother Haruto protecting me, I was able to return home safely!”

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“It’s been so long since I’ve been able to go out without feeling the fear of being abducted or attacked.
Mother, I’m so happy, so happy…”

“Fufu, Good for you.”

Agnes-san gently hugged the two daughters she gave birth to.


The three of them seemed to have been living in fear all their lives.
I was kinda mad that no man had ever come who could give them safety and comfort, even when she was so kind, pretty, beautiful, and had position and power.

As I was making a clenched fist and resenting the noble men of this other world, Agnes-san suddenly spoke to me.



“I’m sorry I asked so much of you today.”

It’s okay.
It was a lot of fun to see Alice and Carol smile.
Besides, they were both so strong that I was more than happy to help.”

“Fufu, Again your modesty… Please take the rest of the day off today.
By the way, tomorrow I, Alice and Carol have things to do, so Lindsey, Elyse and the other maid will be taking care of you, Haruto-sama.”

“The other maid?”


The next morning.

Agnes-san was out on a business matter, and Alice and Carol had gone away for a long day to take classes at the Academy of Magic, so the three of them were not at the mansion.

I finished my breakfast a little late and headed to my room.


Elyse, Lindse and the maid I met in the changing room the other day were standing in front of the door.
Next to them was a clothesline full of gorgeous clothes.

The quiet Lindsey-san looked at me and said, “Haruto-sama, we’ve been waiting for you.”

“What is this?”

I was puzzled, and immediately the childish Elyse-san opened her mouth.

“Haruto-sama, I’m going to ask you to take off your clothes.”

“What? T-take it off?”



I didn’t understand what she was saying, and as I looked at the three of them in turn suspiciously, the maid I met in the changing room spoke shyly.

“I will do my best to serve you…”

S-erving me!?


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