Chapter 18: The Prey Absolutely Can Not Escape From The Red-Blue-Green Threads

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Alice and Carol were lying close to each other on the grass near the fountain, looking up at the twilight sky.

“The sky is pretty, right?”

“Yeah, it is very pretty.”

The girls dressed in wine-colored and blue dresses, had a dejected look on their faces.

“I hope Mama and Onii-sama… can work things out…”

“Haruto is just like us, so I’m sure…”

“Are we… the same, really? So this is an encounter to which I can only say that it is our destiny.”

“Yes, it’s certain.
Because Haruto had the same look in his eyes just as we do.”

I don’t think Onii-sama has realized it yet, but deep within his brown eyes is…”

“A dark feeling of craving for something.”

“Onii-sama’s craving and desires…”

“His noble appearance, different from other filthy and arrogant aristocrats…”

“Is so nice…”

The sunset shone on their contours and the lines of their beautiful faces were tinted red.

Having been thinking of Haruto, of course, their heartbeat was sure to increase.

“It’s frustrating you know…”

“Hm? Why is that so?”

“That I have to maintain my dignity as a noble…”

“That, Dear Sister Alice, is the eldest daughter of the Medici family who will inherit the title of Duchess of Leinster, perhaps that’s why…?”

“It’s disgusting to even think of marrying another man, but if Haruto… if Haruto were to leave me because of some other woman, I… I would…”

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She couldn’t wait to give her purity to him right away.
Her desire to be his woman, giving birth to his child and shouting out loud to everyone in the Kingdom of Laodecia that she belonged to Haruto… she was struggling hard to resist such desires.

But she couldn’t do what a commoner woman would do.
Alice feared that Haruto might choose another woman since she was bound to her position.
He was so superior, strong, and kind that surely the other women would not leave if they were to find such a man.

As she was lost in worries, Carol jumped at her sister’s huge marshmallows.


“It’ll be alright”

“… Why?”

“Because we can make Onii-chan stick to us forever with our big-big love.”

Seeing the shine in Carol’s ruby like eyes, light came to her eyes, she then gently stroked the hair of her odd little sister, Carol and said,

“Carol… you’re right.
And this positivity of yours, it impresses me every time.”

“Because… I am a fire magician.”


Chuckling, Alice hugged her cute little sister gently.
They had always dreamed of having the perfect man in their life.
But the actual man and the man they envisioned were so far apart that they were in a dilemma.
This discrepancy had given rise to discontent.
And this discontent gradually grew to become a big black emotion.

The girls then decided in their hearts.

They decided to pour all of their dark love to Haruto.

Just as they were thinking, Haruto finally came out of the mansion.

His eyes were,

Lifeless, as if hypnotized.
He had the same look as that day, the day when they first saw him, which made them remember how cool he was.

They giggled at the thought, got up and sprinted to Haruto.

“Haruto, where are you going?”

“I’m about to head home.”

“Haruto-sama… are you really leaving?”

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The two didn’t even blink and just stared in his eyes.

“I’ll be back.
You prepared a wonderful party for me today, so I’ll be one to treat you next time.
Carol has eaten takoyaki before, right?”

“Ah, yes! Tako-aki… that was really nice.”

“I’ll cook something other than takoyaki.
I got permission from Agnes-san to use this fountain area.
So you’ll have to try my country’s food here.”

Hearing this, the beautiful sisters looked at each other in surprise, and then caught him off-guard with their bewitching smile, just like their mother did.

“I’ll gladly have everything Haruto gives me…”

“Me too, anything Haruto-sama offers me to…”


“I want to have alllllllllll of it.

“I’d loooooove to have everything of it.”


Haruto backed away a little.
But the two sisters, not wanting to miss out on such an opportunity, took a step forward.

Alice took hold of Haruto’s hand and brought it to her stomach.

“Alice! What are…”

“I want to help you.
I want to help Haruto in any way I can.”

As Harusho was puzzled, the younger sister Carol also grabbed his other hand and brought it toward her soft skin.


“Big brother…” [Onii-sama]


“Big brother, big brother, big brother, big brother, big brother…”

“What are you…”

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“When we had dinner, you said you wished you had a sister like me?”

“Oh, yes…”

“Well, here she is.”

“Carol… my sister?”

“Yes, I am.
Of course, I’m sorry to say that I’m not of your blood, but I’ve always wanted a brother… so…”

“I see.
If that’s the case, then you can call me “big brother” if you like.
Though it’s a bit embarrassing.”

“Onii-sama… My Haruto-onii-sama…”


With that said, Carol grinned even more and put more pressure into Haruto’s hand and brought it close to her.
As if trying to make it a part of her own body.

After a while they regrettably had to let go of his hands.
But they kept him locked with their beautiful jewel-like eyes, never wanting to let him go out of their sight.

Then they both said at the same time.

“I’ll be waiting for you.”

“I’ll be waiting for you too.”

The two of them were not using magic.
But their appearance, gestures, words, looks, scents, and heavy love all came together to entwine Haruto.

“Yeah, I’ll definitely come back.”

Hearing Haruto’s reply, the two let out a sweet sigh and smiled gently.
His words and eyes had now convinced them.

As he left, they kept staring at his back, the way they stared resembled that of maidens in love, but the maidens seem to be harboring some dark and dusky emotions.

And then a voice called out to them from behind.

“Alice, Carol.”

The two of them turned their heads, their eyes wide open.
Then they see their beautiful mother standing there, looking a little upturned.

“Haruto-sama is a man who can make Alice and Carol happy.

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Agnes paused for a moment and regulated her breathing.
Seeing her, the two daughters held their breath.

“Just because you are a duke’s daughter doesn’t mean you should only think about having him do it to you.
If you find the man of your dreams, you must entwine yourself with him until he cannot move, and then you must offer him your love.
Love to the point of debauchery…”

“Yes, Mother.”

“Yes, Mama.”

The three beautiful mother and daughters looked at the path that Haruto took after he was already gone.
He was no longer there, but the red-blue-green threads released by these three beautiful women had caught him exactly where they wanted him to be.

“Alice, Carol, let’s go back to your room and talk about Haruto-sama over a cup of tea.”

“Yes… I would like to know more about my brother.”

“We’ve only spent a short time together, but from now on I’m going to get to know my master very well…”

They were different in height, personality, voice, and eye color.

But the heavy love that this mother and daughters had for him had the same shape.

… They wanted to constrict him gradually.

But they must not bother him.
It would be tactless to simply pour their hearts out to him.

Let him be immersed in the little, deep, black crucible of “their love,” and let him release all of himself, then he and they all will be happy forever.

With these thoughts in mind, the three beautiful women entered the elegant mansion.

The head maid, Siesta, who was watching them from a distance, muttered…

“The royal party will be held soon, I hope Haruto-sama can attend it not as an adventurer, but as Miss Alice’s fiancée…”

After muttering this anxiously, Siesta, the head maid clenched her fist burning with a fighting spirit, entered the gleaming mansion right after them.


“Hahaha… soon there will be a party hosted by the royal family.
There, I will show everyone my excellence, I will get the Duke of Linster’s title and that beautiful woman… How wonderful it’d be! Once I had this power… No Class 5 would be a match for me!”


So hot!

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