ered the room with some knights.

And that pisses him off, Her smile disappeared immediately.

Y-Young lady, How are we sure you are not wasting our time on a lie?! The Viscount couldn take the unusual atmosphere anymore.

Oh, Viscount Cleirigh. why are you the first person to shout? Raine innocently tilted her head at him. Her red eyes blinked like she couldn understand the reason for his outburst.

W-Well… He tried to come up with an excuse.

Of course, I might be lying, but what would an eight-year-old know about managing the north? Besides, father did not give his four-year-old heir the letter but me, viscount, so why are you panicking? Raine arched an eyebrow at him.

The viscount couldn say anything in his defense as he stared at the young lady.

Well, I might have an idea, Raine chuckled lowly.

Knights, arrest the people my maid mentions, Raine ordered coldly.

Alice, at her ladys words, called the traitors out.

Baron Aram,

When Alice called the first name, the man suddenly jumped to his feet and screamed, You are lying! I am innocent, I am innocent!

All the vassals stared wide-eyed at the screaming baron, as they did not expect him to react so violently. Raine was the calmest as she stared at the hysterical baron.

A knight swiftly grabbed the crazy man and knocked him out.

Count Cladeus, Alice called another.

Another crazy person screamed his innocence, and another knight knocked him out.

Viscount Amadeus, Alice continued.

This pot-belly noble sprinted from his seat to the opened door suddenly, but he was no match for the northern knight.

A knight stuck out his foot, and the fat man fell on his chin and fainted.

After that little show, Alice continued until that last name.

Young lady, that is all, She looked at her Young lady seated in the same position.

Hmm, Her hands on each other, placed on her lap, twitched at the thought of killing these traitors as she looked at the almost empty meeting room.

Raine was sure that the number of vassals was twenty, but only eight remained seated, and they were innocent apart from one.

It seems I am doing well, Raine knew that without Dacian, she might not have known that the north had many traitors. The person responsible for them was the emperor with other nobles.

Alice, say the crimes of the next person. I am sure that is not all. The remaining vassals tensed at the young ladys words.

Viscount Cleirigh, who thought he had escaped, fidgeted in his seat.

Or let me say it as this person disappointed father the most, Raine lifted her hand, and Alice placed the paper on it before she retreated behind her.

Embezzlement of the duchys income, slavery and turning commoner ladies into prostitutes, making fake mineral stones and selling them,

My, My, does this sound familiar to you, Viscount Cleirigh? Raine grinned at the ashen pale man on his seat.

Y-You are l-lying, The viscount stood up immediately.

I didn say it was you either, Viscount, Raine retorted.

Viscount choked on his saliva at the fact that he indirectly admitted to the crimes listed by the young lady.

Should I continue, viscount? You can see papers in my hand and not paper, Raine slightly waved the papers in her hand.

The viscount could not say anything to his defense.

Well, that would take most of my time, Raine placed the papers on the table and dropped from the chair as her feet could not touch the floor from the chair.

At least my skills are useful for other things apart from killing. She slightly brushed her cute purple dress with her hands before walking.

I am sure the innocent ones won make a mistake like the traitors, Raine paused her walk and glanced at the seated vassals.

The innocent vassals froze at the red eyes on them.

Like the Grand duke, The resemblance of the father and daughter flashed in their minds.

When my father sends a message about the new management of the north, I will call for a meeting, Raine slightly smiled before leaving the room.

Uniformly, the seated vassals stood up to bow at the young lady but paused as she wasn the Grand Duke, yet they felt the need to do it.

It seems they fear the eight-year-old child.

Raine chuckled inwardly at their actions as she neared the opened door, but glanced at a particular person.

Viscount Cleirigh.

Looking at his clenched fist and hatred in his eyes towards her, it seems she would be expecting something very soon.

Well, hopefully, he would not dull her.

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