that is, your breathing, specific movements, and hiding skills, and enduring any pain of poisons, torture, or anything.

The unknown girl possesses the three critical factors of being an assassin.

Who is she? He narrowed his eyes as the blade moved closer to the skin, forming a tiny cut, and blood flowed out.

The unknown stood behind him with her dagger at his neck.

Ready to talk only? The monotonous childish voice asked again.

You killed most of my assassins. Our leader will notice you soon enough, The purple-haired man grinned despite the threat on his neck.

You seem not to fear death, The unknown girls blue eyes narrowed at him.

Death is my best friend as I have visited it so many times, He said playfully, but his eyes weren joking.

Who hasn almost died as an assassin?

Well, he has, for sure.

I see, then I will be straightforward. I want to take over this organization in the north and eventually east, south, and west in five years, She stated.


You are not going to laugh? The unknown girl arched an eyebrow at the silent man.

Why should I laugh when dead bodies surround us? Besides, my life won be boring in the Persian empire anymore, The Purple-haired man replied.

It would be funny for a little girl to dream big like that, but for this blue-eyed girl, who reeks of blood, he felt something big would happen in the Persian empire.

Besides, Hands drenched with human blood can achieve it, especially if that person with eyes like hers.

Dead eyes.

Whats the catch? The unknown girl asked, removing the knife from his neck.

How did you know I would make a deal? He was surprised at her sharpness.

Whats the catch? The unknown girl repeated her question.

Tell me your identity, He demanded after seeing her attitude in not answering his previous question.

…..I am closer than you think, The unknown girl gave a clue as she turned her back to leave.

Immediately, she felt a faint force behind her and turned with her dagger, blocking the sword aiming for her back.


Close, She thought, looking at the smiling purple-haired man.

The atmosphere was deadly between the two assassins.

Struggling with the little dagger of the girl, he said, if you had died by my sword, you would not be worthy of the position as my leader.

Standing upright, he removed his sword and introduced himself with a smile, My name is Dacian, little master, or should I call you mistress?

The deadly atmosphere disappeared like an illusion of his action.

Hes dangerous. Her blue eyes squinted slightly.

I will stop by later, clean the mess, Putting her dagger in the sheath on her waist, the unknown girl ignored the smiling man and left without a sound.

Heartless, Dacian smiled at the disappearing girls back.

Now, who to clean this mess, He murmured, looking at the dead bodies of beautiful ladies left by his new little mistress.

Meanwhile, the unknown girl entered through the window of a room that seemed to be for a noble family. She dropped the sheaths of her daggers on a dressing table.

Staring at the mirror that revealed her blood-red eyes, she removed the black hood with her black clothed nose mask and mumbled, That was close.

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